i’m kind of pissed off right now and i’ve been incredibly behind on this so i’m not even gonna bother making things right now. Day 12/30: Your least favorite scene:

i don’t have a least favorite scene… only the moments in scenes where benji’s seen being left out. he’s like this adorable puppy and ugh i just can’t watch those moments because i end up making weird cooing noises

Day 13/30: An unanswered question you have:

why was chloe running in the beginning? also, not really a question, but i guess why didn’t the writers venture deeper into the whole beca/benji thing like when he was running after her after semifinals. ok that’s a question but sadkfhlakjls i can’t put it into the ‘right’ words. I JUST WANNA KNOW WHAT WENT ON WITH BENJI/BECA’S FRIENDSHIP BECAUSE HE SEEMED TO GENUINELY CARE ABOUT HER I JUST EJSAKDLHF GOD DAMMIT

Day 14/30: A headcanon about your favourite character:

i’m gonna be honest here and say i don’t fucking know what headcanon means and i’ve been on tumblr for like the past two years. but i just urbandictionary’d it and i guess i’ve accepted the fact that beca and benji have a really like lovable/brother-sister kind of relationship?