What if

Rowan never finds Aelin. What if Maeve is forever one step ahead. What if he has to return to Terrasen alone and with a failure weighing his shoulders down. What if we still get Aliens pov. We get both of the their pov. And we can read moments when he was barely a footstep away from her. What if she is pregnant? What if she loses the child? What if she is never free from Maeve until she is old and grey. What if one day she is freed. She is brought to the castles of terrasens doors and when they are opened the strangers do not recognise her.

Except for an a middle aged lady with elides face and lorcans height. What if she screams for manon. The last surviving person from the wars. What if she sees Alien, old and dying and just cries. What if Aelin, with her dying voice asks for her mate. What if she begs for him. For her family. For every person who had fought for her. What if Manon has to tell her that they are dead. That Dorian had such beautiful sons with her but no magic could keep him alive forever. That Chaol and nesryn returned to the east and never came back. That aedion and Lysandra died living the lies Aelin had set for them, never able to produce a terrasen heir but madly in love. What if she speaks of how Evangeline died an old lady and how elide died a mother. What if she tells of how Lorcan died with her, his heart broken one too many times.
And yet again Aelin asks for her mate. So Manon brings her to him. Lying in his chamber bed, as greying and dying as her. What if Rowan sees her and just, he can’t do anything and Alien cries and she mouths sorry to him a hundred times over. What if Manon leaves and Aelin crawls into Rowans bed. What if she tells him once more of what she has been through and he holds his hand to his heart. Never letting it go as he kisses her. And he holds her as they cry. And eventually they fall asleep. And forget to wake up again.

And great I’m crying.

Eu quero ser o motivo do sorriso de alguém. Quero dormir e acordar tendo a certeza de que sou amada de verdade. Quero me lembrar porque me apaixonei, quando existir uma discussão. Eu quero ter medo de perder alguém por besteira. Quero me sentir protegida quando algo me atingir. E quero proteger a pessoa que é a minha felicidade. Só desejo sentir o amor que fazem muitas pessoas lutarem para não perder, aquele sentimento puro e sincero que poucos têm a sorte de cultivar e florescer. Mesmo que no fim não sobre nada além de saudade. Se for amor, terá valido a pena.
—  De amores rasos eu já estou cheia.

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Do you have a list of your favorite romantic comedies directed by women? If not, would you be interested in making one? Or just naming a few of the less well-known ones?

Yes! Rom coms are actually one of my favourite genres. I see way too many people saying “Oh rom coms are a tired awful genre” but that’s only true of studio rom coms which tend to mostly be horrible and sexist. There are a lot of indie writer/directors keeping the genre alive. 

I made a list of 14 rom coms for Valentine’s. Also for people who are in the mood for drama I also have a list of 14 romantic dramatic films

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so if 1 person is talking about their suffering/oppression/whatever tumblr thinks the appropriate response is SO WHAT AT LEAST IT'S NOT AS BAD AS WHAT THIS PERSON OF X BACKGROUND IN AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT CONTINENT HAS SUFFERED OMG YOU SHOULD BE GRATEFUL YOU"RE SO PRIVILEGED. like i had absolutely 0 knowledge of ireland's troubles it's not something w studied in school and i'm guessing it's not in the us either so the least they could do is educate themselves, *sigh*

empathy/tumblr is such a notp, SUCH A NOTP. also idk I studied irish history in a fairly summary way in high school but we had a specific british history curricula separated from regular history - like, you’d do it along with everyone else without going too much in depth in regular hours, but we had like six hours of english language per week in the last three years of HS and we’d do three literature and three history. so since we did ONLY FUCKING BRITISH HISTORY FOR THREE YEARS we did irish history as well because it went hand to hand with it and we had an entire didactic section or unit or whatever it’s called just on the famine…….. in italy lol. (nvm that I read a comic book where the protagonist lived in london and at some point he had a story with an irish girl tied with IRA and that’s how I learned the troubles were a thing. spoilers: it was a horror comic ops but let’s say italian comic industry is fairly ahead of the times when it comes to educate you on recent history.) anyway from what I gathered our system is atypical so obviously not everyone might know but good lord GO ON WIKIPEDIA AND READ SOMETHING ABOUT IT instead of…. saying to go eat a potato which is the equivalent of a lot of things they wouldn’t say about *nonwhite people TM*