‘no offense but not even niall lynch gave a fuck about declan’

lmao if niall lynch dictates your standards i feel sorry for you. i mean are you seriously telling me i shouldn’t care about declan lynch because this egocentric piece of shit who dreamt himself a wife and proceeded to neglect his children, this fucking asshole, you’re telling me i should value his opinion? are you telling me you are? are you telling me a neglected kid who despite all the hate directed at him still cared about his family and tried to protect them has no value because his piece of shit father didn’t give a fuck about him? HONESTLY?

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Torn between wanting to be a dark beauty that's teased (me now sorta) And a (bleached) lightskin that's also beautiful

This goes out to every brown person that’s struggling, wants to alter their skin color, has been teased, ostracized and/or doesn’t feel comfortable in their own skin. White people have brainwashed us and ours into believing fair skin has a greater value than darker skin. 

Melanin is amazing

Melanin is beautiful

Melanin outwardly expresses your inner god/dess, no matter what shade

Dark or light

Everything in between

Your skin was created with no expiration date in mind

You’re a child of the earth

Born to slay

Acknowledge your beauty!

Even when no one else will

Dark skin is gorgeous, the brown paper bag test shouldn't be what defines us anymore! Acne scarred brown skin, burned brown skin, scarred brown skin, rough brown skin, it’s all amazing! You have the choice to bleach and damage your skin in the process, but please don’t. At least give it some time? Idk how old you are but I remember when I was like 12 I wanted to bleach my skin soooo bad. Nobody really teased me for being dark because my skin is like right in between dark and light. I’d pour milk in the bath tub because I heard Cleopatra did it to get lighter? I’d put lemons on my face, I’d stay out of the sun and soon enough one day my younger brother started calling me light skinned. I didn’t think I was light skinned at all but I was obsessed and he just fed the fire when he said that. My parents taught me that I was beautiful but they never emphasized that my skin was beautiful. Please if you haven’t already, do some research on what bleach does to your skin. I know it’s linked to skin cancer and scarring but there's definitely some other stuff. Your skin is gorgeous dear anon, gorgeous. 

Also everyone else, if you see a dark skinned/brown person in public go up to them and tell them that their skin is beautiful!!! Honestly a lot of guys have a hard time with their dark skin but don’t speak up about it nearly as much as the ladies do so don’t for get them! Women may hear that they’re beautiful all day everyday, darker women and men are forever fetishized, but it could make a world of difference if you’re more specific about what’s beautiful, not even with just skin.

Do say:

“Wow you have lovely dark eyes”

“Melanin on fleeek!”

“You’re a very pretty color”

“I really like your hair girl! How’d you do it?”

“You look really good in that color!”

“You should be a model, they need more models or your complexion”

“Ya hairline tight and that melanin’s poppin”

Don’t say:

“You’re pretty for a dark skinned girl”

“Does your hair feel like pubes or???”

“You’d look really cool with lighter eyes”

“You look like me if I got really dirty lmao”

“I like how your hair isn’t like normal hair”

“Omg the inside of your arm is such a nice color!”

“Zzayum zzaddy, you a Mandingo or what?”

*Anything sexual/cat calls*

It feels really good when people give you genuine compliments and not back handed ones. We’re on the winning team and you need to let it be known! This doesn’t just apply to black people, I know that Asian girls and Indian girls get a lot of hate from their families and friends for having darker skin. If you need an incentive how about doing it to take a step towards effacing white privilege by changing the beauty standard our selves?

And to all the idiots who have ANYTHING negative to say about this: