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It makes me sick that young, scared, pregnant women will now have to fear for their lives when they get abortions (on top of everything else they are dealing with). Without legal, widely available abortions, we are all one accident away from being trapped in a life we don’t want.
—  A Reddit user’s post concerning the planned parenthood shooting and abortions,

Tsunemori Week - Day 4 : Happy Birthday Akane!!

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The book in her hand is a present from Kougami, based on a headcanon of mine in which Akane took interest in finding out more about Kougami’s liking to old literatures.

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Fuck you for making the shooting in my city your political issue. Thanking the PP workers? How about you thank the officer who lost his life responding to the situation. I have never seen anyone so insensitive. From the bottom of my heart, fuck you.

I didn’t make it political. The moment the terrorist set Planned Parenthood, the people in that general area, and the community overall as his targets is when this tragedy became a political issue.

You clearly have internet, so how are you unaware of the history of “pro-life” terrorism (oh, look. pro-lifers killing people has its own wiki page)? Did you not hear about the series of people who tried to fire bomb Planned Parenthood in different states from July to October just this year? We have a decades long history of Planned Parenthood, clinics, etc. and the people in it and nearby it being put at risk, injured, and murdered. Just look at the list of doctors who were murdered for doing their jobs.

I’m sorry that the cop lost his life. But we already have masses that recognize his heroics, and there’s barely a whisper of thanks to Planned Parenthood staff & volunteers, abortion providers, and all reproductive healthcare workers for constantly putting their lives on the line to help others. This isn’t erasure. This isn’t comparing. This is thanking other people who are also risking their lives to help others but are rarely recognized, given a media shout out, or given a memorial.


Tonight, political attacks on Planned Parenthood went a step further, in the form of a domestic terrorist attack on the United States. 6 hours ago, a gunman carried out a shooting at the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Following the shooting, a 5 hour siege commenced. The gunman has now been taken into custody alive. No information has been released on the identity of the shooter, but witnesses say he was a white male. At least 11 people have been transported from the scene of the shooting with injuries, including 5 police officers from various agencies. There are reports of at least one officer being fatally wounded, but this has yet to be confirmed by any credible sources. There are also reports that there could be other injuries or fatalities inside the building that have yet to be discovered due to several suspicious items the shooter placed inside the building. The scene has not been cleared yet and is still considered active. New York City has stepped up security at Planned Parenthood locations around the city as a precaution, although no threats or plots have been discovered.

Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization that provides reproductive health services and sexual education. Recently, a fresh round of protests and political attacks have aimed to defund the organization over abortion services.


The two civilians killed along side UCCS police officer, Garrett Swasey, during the terror attack on a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic have been identified.

Jennifer Markovsky, 35, was a mother of two who was at the clinic with a friend on Friday when the gunman opened fire. She is described by her father as someone who would help anyone.

Iraq War veteran Ke’Arre Stewart, 29, was also killed during the attack. According to a life long friend, he was also accompanying a friend to the clinic when he was gunned down. Stewart was a father of two and served in the United States Army until 2014.

Nine others, including 5 police officers, were also injured in the attack.

The governor of Colorado has ordered all flags lowered to half-staff in honour of the victims. Flags will remain lowered until further notice.

The Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood where the shooting took place is currently closed, but is expected to open as soon as possible with no changes to routines or procedures. In a statement, the organization said they will not be intimidated and will continue dedication to providing healthcare for millions of people.