pp infinite

So after getting a chain of 203 Vulpix, I ran out of pp on literally every pokemon and fucking died

I hate chaining in Sun/Moon

That said, someone on reddit recommended I use Smeargle, so for anyone interested in the method, here’s what you do:

  1. Get into a wild battle with a Smeargle, outspeed it and use False Swipe. The wild Smeargle will sketch False Swipe. Catch the Smeargle.
  2. Catch two Trubbish at Malie City – Outer Cape and breed them to get a Level 1 Trubbish. Level up this Trubbish to at least level 3, when it learns Recycle.
  3. Get into a battle with a Smeargle, leading with Trubbish. Make sure you outspeed him and use Recycle, the Smeargle will sketch it. Switch to your own Smeargle and sketch the Recycle on that wild Smeargle.
  4. Sketch the attack Skill Swap from Carbink in Poni Canyon (if it has it, I’m not sure) 
  5. Sketch the attack Feint Attack from Meowth in Malie Garden (if it has it, I’m not sure)
  6. Give your Smeargle a Leppa Berry

Basically, what this does is make it so Smeargle has infinite PP, so the only thing you have to use is potions. Once it uses the Leppa Berry, just use Recycle and you’ll get the berry back, which will be used again the next time it’s needed!

Feint Attack is great because it doesn’t miss, and it’s Dark type, which can hit every type of enemy

False Swipe is used to get everything but ghosts down to 1hp (I’m not sure if there’s something else that does this that isn’t normal type..)

And Skill Swap is used to tell you what ability the opposing pokemon has, since everything after ~22 pokemon has a chance of having its hidden ability