• Spiderman:*is like 15 years old*
  • Bucky Barnes[immediatley stopping]:ohh mY GODdd who the hell even brought him here?? what if I huRT HIM!!!
  • Steve Rogers[dropping 65 tons at him]:lol whaddup kid I'm a Brooklyn bitch

So I was rewatching the Celebrity Bromance episode when I noticed something..When the fan approached Jungkook with a snack,he was very flattered and very kindly accepted it…

However,when he later wanted to open the snack,he didn’t open it the way it should be opened,aka like this

…but ripped it from the side.

Why?So he wouldn’t rip the fan’s message and it would remain untouched 

….Jeon Jungkook everybody..he…he is a good soul…