A post from the lovely Lauren who is with on a work placement:


On Thursday night I lost my Pozition virginity.

It was my best friend Helen’s eighteenth and we were going to go out for a meal to Pizza Express with a few of our friends from college and then those of us who are 18 were going to go to Poz to meet up with some more people from Bishop Burton (including the college rugby team, mmmm!).

A few of us started pre-drinking at Helens and were already half-cut when we go to the meal, much to the other girl’s amusement. The meal was nice, although slightly overpriced-£3.95 for a cider black! Horror! During the meal we found out that Helen and I would be the only ones going out after, as the other girls who were 18 didn’t have any ID or money. Tut!

We arrived at Pozition at around 10.45 and started on my new favourite drink-Cherry Sourz mixed with lemonade! Nom nom nom! We were then ambushed by lots of people dressed in army gear, who turned out to be the people we were meeting from college. Rugby boys in tank tops smeared with army paint… I was thinking could the night get any better?! Yes, yes it could. As one of the boys from Tonga (who was just plain beautiful) put his arms round me and planted a big kiss on my cheek! I think I died and went to heaven. My boyfriend does not know this! Haha!

By 2am we had disappointedly sobered up slightly despite drinking our weight in Cherry Sourz. And that was when the stalker first made his move. We were sat resting our poor aching feet when an unusual man who appeared to be by himself walked up to our table and said “can I stand here?” obviously we couldn’t say no as that would have been very rude so he stood there and that was when the questions started. “What’s your names? How old are you? I thought you were at least 20! Do you go to Hull Uni? Where do you live? Oh I live near you! Who are you here with? Do you go to Hull Uni? Do you have boyfriends? Do you go to Hull Uni?” he then randomly walked off in the middle of his fourth “Do you go to Hull Uni?” question.

We thought we had seen the back of him until we were upstairs on the R&B floor stood at the bar ordering more Cherry Sourz and lemonade. Helen was facing the bar and I was stood on the side so I could see the whole floor, that was when I saw a figure appear out of nowhere which stood directly behind Helen, who was completely unaware of the creepy man breathing down her neck. I tapped Helen’s hand and discretely nodded my head to make her look behind her. She turned and ended up facing the odd man. He said something to us but neither of us could hear him over the sound of “TO THE WINDOW, TO THE WALL!” so ignored him and watched him walk off to hound some other girls which were way too good for him.

Towards the end of the night we had thought we would never see him again. We were back downstairs dancing when someone approached us and started copying what Helen was doing. It was dark but we could make out that our stalker had made a return. I tactically held my clutch bag at shoulder height until he got the message and cleared off for the last time that night.


-DON’T pay nearly £4 for cider black

-DO let sexy Tongan rugby players kiss you

-DON’T let unusual men stand near you; they WILL stalk you for the rest of your night

-DO wear wedges/heels to see above overconfident odd men

(Lauren, 18, Work Placement)

I lost my shoe... My watch and £5

I went out last night in the wonderful city that is Hull. I was staying with my brother, dont get chance to see him much and decided to go out. Me, him and 5 of his friends. I didnt have high hopes at the beginning of the night because it started with the worst take away ever, i was sick before drinking even began!
We went to a club called ‘Spiders’ it was… different. Downstairs you found yourself mingling with the scariest, most extreme goths/devil worshippers/emos ect ect i’ve ever seen (i thought people grew out of this at 15??) all spectacularly dressed in huge leather trench coats, studs, boots and copious amounts of make up (the boys that is). Me been dressed in chinos, a shirt and cardigan felt like a huge elphant in the room. However, when we ventured upstairs i was greeted by Morrissey singing

“Two lovers entwined pass me by, and heaven knows i’m miserable now.”

which comforted me in knowing this is were i belong in this strange place. The DJ set also included The Faces, rolling stones, the strokes, Mumford and sons and James Brown.
I consumed way too much alcohol and woke up this morning on the sofa with one shoe, and no watch. I checked the cameras and there was a changing point in the night between 12:52 - 12:59 where my shoe was no longer to be seen. My immediate thought was a goth stole it, but i dont know what they would find interesting about a checkered canvas shoe, unless they wanted to perform some sort of curse on me…
All in all it was a great night, and i finally got to use my 'Pozition’ membership which entitled me to one free drink! Yay… Llloyd My brothers friend also thought i looked liked the drummer from Delphic, so introduced me to everyone as the drummer from Delphic, i had my photo taken about 8 times.