ahHH it’s about time I made one of these, isn’t it? I hit 400 followers just now (thank you sweeties~!) and I’m so happy, thank you all!! These are all the totally rad people on here that I love a lot of course >v< If you don’t see your name on here keep in mind I follow over 550 people, and I got kinda confused by my own list haha.. 

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so i guess this is the first appearance of amy rose in the comics! but im not sure about the name amy rose and rosy rascal or is that just how someone calls her as, maybe sonic, i also remember her appearance in the game where she gets kidnapped by metal sonic, also metal sonic has his first appearance in this issue :0

(again, sorry if youre not into this sonic stuff, please tell me if you want me to tag my posts blabbering about this sonic comic!)