i feel like recently the only text posts ive been making are me apologizing for being online so little but here we are

Meta Knight: “Welcome. Please feel free to-”

King Dedede: *snoooore*

Meta Knight:  “…Feel free to sen-”

King Dedede: “Nova, Meta Knight! Quit being a loser and let the super..Uh… Awesome guys run the place!”

Meta Knight: “…”

Kirby: “Well poyo~ We’re here to answer all of your questions now! And submissions of food are always welcomed, poyo~” -^.^-

Bandanna Dee: “S-so yes, please send me and my friends some asks, our inbox is a little empty right now, heheh..”

Meta Knight: “I abandoned my own account for this? Why do I let you people-”

Kirby: “Aww.. Don’t be such a grumpy-grump, Meta knight poyo!”

King Dedede: “…Or have that stick shoved so far up your-”

Bandanna Dee: “Ask us questions!” 

Meta Knight: *Much inner lamenting*


  “Oh, yeah! Forgot to show you, poyo!”



Krillin watched as the blob vacuumed a nearby block embroidered with a star, that manifested from hammerspace a second ago, and held its form within his elastic body. He grew a few inches, to boot.

“Whoa! You just… you just swallowed that whole thing!! How’d you do that?!”