Mafumafu the Dried-Up Clam (062615 ~ 062815)

@uni_mafumafu: 沖縄最後にゆりんくんと音楽を流してドライブ  そしてあの世界的名店で豪華なランチをしました  世界は愛に満ちあふれているね

Mafumafu: “On the last day of Okinawa, I went on a drive with Yurin-kun while playing music (in the car). And we had an extravagant lunch at that world-famous restaurant. The world is full of love, isn’t it.”

Mafumafu: “Both Kiniro Mozaic & Ore ga Iru have ended aaa----h Irohasu--- Irohasuuuu aaaaaaaaaaaaaah I can’t go on any longer;;;;;;; I feel too sad so until summer anime starts, I will be live like a clam that has been pushed up to shore it’s all over-poyo;;;”

(Note: After tweeting this, he changed his name to say “Mafumafu @ Dried-up Clam”)

Zips: “Alice & Karen, Irohasu & Komachi-chan have all gone away but next season there’s Nyanpasuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so don’t go off living like a clam”

Mafumafu: “From this empty feeling that comes when anime ends, I am about to give up on life”

Amatsuki: “TeleMas (THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls) 2nd Season”

Mafumafu: “It’s already divine”

Mafumafu: “”I will continue this lifestyle until I die” VS “I’ll quit my job, believe in the miracle that a trillion yen will flow out of my fingers, and do a stoic finger-snap” I have been placed in between this crossroad in life (decisions) & can’t sleep at night…”

Eal: “That can’t be… (Can’t do finger snaps”

Mafumafu: “”In order to devote myself fully to finger snaps, I’ll quit my job!!!!!!!”

Eal: “Wait I need to go consult this with my wife”

Mafumafu: “Mafu: “When will you arrive-?”
luz: “I’ll arrive at 20 o’clock (8 pm)”
Mafu: “That’s in 2 minutes www I’ll rush so wait a bit!!”

~20:10 In front of Family Mart~

Mafu: “… He’s not here”

~Several Minutes Later~

Mafu: “Ah, you came you came! He-y!”

luz: “… I lost my wallet”

Mafu: “””


I’ve been listening to this on loop while doodling dress designs and it’s making me so upbeat and happy.