This program is the ultimate tool in order to study the behavior of Monochromatic Homogenous Plane Waves when traveling through different mediums. In this first version of the program, only mediums with no loss are contemplated, but it is indeed capable of calculating complex impedances, which appear when there are mediums with a thickness that is not a multiple of the wavelength. For any imaginable case, this application draws the Standing Wave Diagram and specifies the impedances and reflection coefficients for every discontinuity.

The program has a very simple interface and is really easy to work. It is recommended to use it for the subject named ‘Fields and Waves in Telecommunication’ (COTE), a part of the Degree in Telecommunications Engineering of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM)

For any doubts regarding the application, please e-mail us at: poyting.slp@gmail.com.

Note: If when downloading the application, a security warning appears, it is because we do not own an editor certificate, due to our limited resources, please ignore the warning. The program is 100% malware free.

Poynting offered some words of caution. Writers need to mature before they publish. Vladimir Lucien won this year’s Bocas Prize with his first collection of poetry, but had begun submitting work to Peepal Tree several years ago. Those, however, were ‘Derek Walcott poems, not Vladimir Lucien poems,’ Poynting said. Writers need to read great writing, but those influences must be assimilated, not imitated.

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经过若干次迭代,2014年11月18日它们第一款互联网POS机——旺POS,领先硅谷的创新公司 Poynt三个月开始量产发售。



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– So do you want to take a leap of faith or become an old man, filled with regret, waiting to die alone?

[ Authors ]
Andrea Aiello, M. V. Berry
[ Abstract ]
In the helicity representation, the Poynting vector (current) for a monochromatic optical field, when calculated using either the electric or the magnetic field, separates into right-handed and left-handed contributions, with no cross-helicity contributions. Cross-helicity terms do appear in the orbital and spin contributions to the current. But when the electric and magnetic formulas are averaged (‘electric-magnetic democracy’), these terms cancel, restoring the separation into right-handed and left-handed currents for orbital and spin separately.

Altanta, GA-based group Poynte just released a video for “Hold On,” which can be seen in the player below. Guitarist Brett Davis comments:

“‘Hold On,’ to me, is a song that should light a fire for our generation. Everyone these days, they’re settling for mediocrity and forgetting that this nation was built by those that chased their dreams. Peop… Read More/Discuss on Metal Underground.com