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Pokemon au. I can see it now. Armin, jean, Eren, and Marco enter a pokemon contest. Jean brings poynta. Eren brings balbasaur. Marco brings in a chansy. And there's Armin standing with his garados. Finny's friend wants a shot at a beauty contest! Hahaha!!!! Everyone would panic, while Armin just sits there and chills.

It’s not a common occurrence for the little town of Shiganshina to have large pokemon like Simon (pronounced Seamon).

Introducing new characters! 

Marco grew up with a wealthy corporate family in Trost City and is often left alone, so they have a person family pokemon, Nanna. She’s been in the family ever since she was a Chansey and often took care of Marco in his infancy, giving her the name “Nanna”. When Marco’s parents decided that he should move into the town of Shiganshina with his aunt and uncle for a change of pace (because he was clearly not happy with the busy city life), he took Nanna with him. He likes to call her Nanna Chansey when he was small and now calls her Nanna Blissey when she evolved.

Jean is the son of the town’s local pokemon ranch owners. Their family mostly tend to horse type pokemon that needs caring when they’re either abandoned or recovering from an injury. They have national trades with other businesses over at Trost City, so Jean and Marco already knew each other before Marco moved into town. His ponyta, Monty, is the first pokemon his parents allowed him to take care of in the ranch. He has a well known friendly rivalry with the son of the town’s doctor (both specialized in human and pokemon care), Eren.