so you want to be friends and make some friends huh?

well, be my guest… be my guest, please be friends I won’t protest, if you’re looking for some lovin friend, Brianne would be my guess, 
if you don’t, or you won’t, don’t blame me, if you’re alone,
Still there’s plenty more to choose from
lots of fishes, there’s a forum!
We like LIGHTS, and her songs,
so of course we’d get along!
And everybody here is LIGHTS obsessed!
So go and meet new people,
we are not that evil,
be my guest 
be my guest
be my guest!

I don’t know what you’ve heard, but bad rumors are absurd,
there are members with some embers,
who feel wronged with what’s occurred, 
They won’t leave, but won’t stay,
they can’t seem to leave LA!
It just seems like normal flaming,
kids with grudges who need blaming,
It’s ok, you’ll be fine
stick with me and you’ll in time
see that overall you won’t think any less!
Or you can join my friends,
it’s your choice in the end,
so be my guest,
just a test, need your effort I must confess
be my guest, 
be my guest
be my guest!

summer months are boring
and if lightsy isn’t touring, 
and our LAS may just pass us and be cured, 
there are so many others things we could be doing,
so many other things we could endure, 
TC will go empty,
forum chat will be unkemptly
and any news will have ground to a standstill,
But that’s ok, it’s why we have each other,
people we can talk to,
And burn time when we have to trudge through

Never fear, wutwut’s here,
Shannon’s Boxxy, that’s quite clear,
Ellye’s accent isn’t absent,
nor is Gray with all his beard,
If you want, join my friends,
Sarah Ma, and Madison,
Or if you want Winston then tell him,
but my group is more than welcome.
Mona’s cool, Leena’s too,
Zet and Ligers both can do,
and of course, let’s not forget Mars, Kails, and Jess!
It’s really up to you,
what you decide to do,
so be my guest
be my guest
be my guest
be my guest,

be my guest
be my guest
fourteenth time, you know the rest,
we’re like family we’ll support you,
and be there if you’re upset,
if you’re sad, we’ll be there
but like family, fights are fair,
keep your face up, sing the last thing,
be a friend is all we’re asking.
Tour by tour,
show by show,
LA’s there and good to go,
Join us now if you clearly feel so impressed,
It’s just to pass the time,
and make some friends in line,
be my guest
be my guest,
be my guest,
please be my guest!