powwow music


I don’t know why

You never tried 

to tell me I was the one for you

I’m telling you

My love is true

and you’re the only one for me


Rebel Music: Native America | Interview with A Tribe Called Red

We interviewed First Nations electronic music trio, A Tribe Called Red, on the changing landscape of Indigenous music and cultural identity.

Last Time
Big River Cree
Last Time

Another music post, this one is for my love if she is even still wanting to speak to me. Just listen to the lyrics closely my dear, please. 

“Come for a walk with me, one more time

One last time

I need to ask you something I never asked you before. 

I want you to be by my side for life

I want you to be my wife.”


I told you

I love you

So many times

Why can’t you believe me?

I just wanted you to know

My heart belongs to you


The Black Lodge singers specialize in creating powwow songs for children. They adapt popular kids’ songs into powwow music! So, if you’ve every wanted to dance to the Mighty Mouse theme song at a powwow, here is your chance!