Handmade Swords: Dagfinnr – Day Finder — Dragon Slayer’s Sword

  • Maker: Jake Powning
  • Medium: hilt – bronze, blackwood; blade - pattern welded 1075/8670m; scabbard – quilted maple wood lined with sheered sheep fleece, bronze
  • Measurements: overall length 113cm / 44.5 inches, width at the strong 5cm / 2 inches; blade length 93cm / 36.6 inches; hilt length 20cm / 7.9 inches; weight 1548g / 3.4lbs

This is a dragon slayer’s sword, it represents years of research into myth and Germanic material culture and is the culmination of a 20 year career as a swordsmith. The blade is constructed from two nine layer twisted strands in the core and an edge of over 600 layer forlded steel.

Source: Copyright © 2016 Jake Powning


This is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. He is so patient and sweet and grannie is so funny. 


Handmade Swords - Vardhllokur (Spirit Song)

  • Maker: Jake Powning
  • Medium: steel, oak, birch, bronze, silver
  • Measurements: overall length 86.4 cm; weight 1.275 kg

Vardhllokur is a pattern-welded Viking sword with ancient bog-oak grip. The scabbard is yellow birch with Mammen style ornamentation while the hilt is bronze with silver and copper wire accents.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Jake Powning Swords

Matt/Liam Hux  - watercooler romance

Matt always feels a little out of place when he’s at work. Which is probably not that strange, considering he’s just a lowly staff techinician and his post is at a police station. The Canadian equivalent of the FBI, even. He supposes it is nice enough. The police officers that have their offices here are usually very amiable and treat him and the other on staff like they were comrades. The pay is decent too, way better than he would have gotten anywhere else. His day are usually not very busy, just the occasional paperwork when one of the policemen breaks something or when another one calls his office because of technical errors. 

But then, one day he gets a call he has been dreading. It’s from Constable Liam Hux, of the hacker/intel department. One would think that those supposedly IT savvy guys could handle their pown problems, but contrary to popular belief, they are the worst. And Hux is worst of them all. Matt uses to steal glances at him by the watercooler sometimes. He’s incredibly handsome, with steely grey eyes, sunkissed skin with freckles and copper hair, but his stunning looks can’t make up for how downright terrifying he is. Granted, his understaff is useless, making Hux justified in yelling at them. Still, Matt is dreading meeting him as he makes his way to the constable’s office. 


Handmade Swords - Firbeg

  • Maker: Jake Powning
  • Date: 2008
  • Measurements: overall length 53.9cm; weight 443g

The scabbard of the sword is carved from wenge (wood), the fittings are made of silicon bronze, while the blade is 360 layer 1080/8670m. The design and ornamentation featured are based on the Celtic La Tene period, although not a copy of a specific artifact.

Source: Copyright © 2015 Jake Powning

Swords - well, not really...

There are master swordsmiths like Jake Powning

JT Pälikkö

Al Massey

…and Patrick Barta

There are companies like MacDonald Armouries

Albion Swords

Raven Armoury

and Arms & Armor

So what do they make a TV series about?

Irish Mike and his Big Giant Swords


At least it’s funny: Mike doesn’t take himself at all seriously, he’s got a gift for the gab and I can hear a definite subtext about his customers (“…the demand for ridiculously oversized weaponry is very high in the land of the civilian Humvee…“) but hey, they’re giving him money to do something he enjoys.

Just don’t watch this show thinking you’ll learn about swords. What Mike makes are Sword-Like Objects, and that’s not the same at all.

But you will definitely learn that an X and his X are soon X, that there’s X born every X, and nobody should X a gift X in the X…


The Frostrune game gives away a Viking sword… so maybe you’ll all interested in trying to grab it!

You can enter their competition to win a real sword, custom made for The Frostrune game. Also, if you have a Steam account, vote for their game here.

The sword is currently in production, but you can read more about its design and the process of which it is being made on their blog here.

The sword was designed by the one and only Jake Powning - I’m sure most of you are familiar with his brilliant work - and made by Nils Anderssen.

All you need to do is log into the app by following THIS LINK. You can use your Facebook or e-mail account and you’re registered to win an authentic sword from The Frostrune! That’s all! 

Good luck, everyone! :)


Arctic Fire 2016 Announcement

It’s official! Arctic Fire 2016 is a go and will be re-creating the fabled ‘Hoard of Grendel’!

The smiths list is the following (in no particular order):

You can follow the progress on Artict Fire’s Facebook page and/or on each smith’s page. The event is going to take place in July 5th-8th, 2016. 

Arctic Fire 2016 will be live broadcast and later available on YouTube.