Kara facing some baddie that knows who she is. He’s taunting her, going on and on about how she’s wasting her time and powers helping people and then pretending to be human by being a “shitty reporter.”
Before Kara can do anything, Lena flies in out of nowhere with a bat and starts hitting him.

Lena hefts her bat over her shoulder and smiles at Kara.
“Who’d have thought, a super and a Luthor, working together. Dinner later?”
Kara nods, dumbstruck.
“You’re my favourite” Lena smirks, and struts off, leaving Kara to wonder what just happened, and to lug the unconscious baddie off to the DEO.

aah that moment when you sit down to draw with a wonderful clear image you’ve been itching to get down for hours and there’s no distractions and the tablet’s working and POW it all goes skipping merrily off into the Lands of the Lost I frigging guess because it’s sure not here anymore 

time to draw some still life and remember how Shapes Happen 


I’ve been raised to be a strong independent woman.
My mom has always told me I don’t need anyone else but me to be really happy, that’s the same thing society keeps saying to me. Actually, I can say I’m confident, I truly believe in myself and my capabilities but I would have never been the person I am without Riccardo.
He’s my best friend, my lover, my half. “My half” doesn’t mean I wasn’t complete but that together we are something bigger, better, it’s like a single soul inhabiting two bodies. Being deeply loved by him gives me strength, while loving him deeply gives me courage.
In this world there are so many people looking for love but so few people who are willing to open themselves to accept others. Please, don’t be afraid of love.
Let’s spread some love in the cyberspace :)
IG: Fredamily

You know those guys where literally everything they do just seems so sensual unintentionally and they just give off this vibe that makes them seem really flirtatious? Yeah, that’s Jungkook.

A blessing and a curse, but my god, control yourself.