Pixel Art tutorials, references and examples!

Hello my eager pixel-art comrades. In anticipation for the Pixel Art prompt, here I will share with you some of the best pixel art tutorials I’ve come across, as well as my own methods, and share with you a variety of pixel art techniques/styles!

Tutorial for crisp, cell-shaded videogame sprite pixel art

A method for pixel environments. Think of using the pencil tool like a paintbrush

This whole thing is quite video-game focused but this is a good example of something similar to my own method (And actually all of these tutorials are quite nice, a bit long winded but lots of good examples)

Part of Minimalist Pixel Art tutorial by one of the Dino-run artists

To show you how much variety there can be! Just listen to your heart :3 Level of detail, crispness vs paintery, just try a bunch of stuff! Click any of the images that aren’t full res to see it full res.

SPRITERS RESOURCE full of thousands of ripped sprites from video games. Great to study! Includes characters and environments, props, and everything in between!


My own proccess and tips
Click the image for the full thing

Some settings you should check before starting:
Make sure you are using a hard-edge pencil tool. You can find it by clicking and holding on the paintbrush. I also personally prefer to turn pressure sensitivity off when doing pixel art (this lets you just tap with your stylus to get 1 pixel at a time if you need it)

Make sure anti-aliasing is off for the paint bucket, lasso and wand tools if you plan on using them.

To increase the resolution of your final art without loosing that sharp-edged, pixelly goodness: do the following!

Also, if you plan on doing something isometric (fixed perspective) I strongly recommend just grabbing an isometric grid off of google images to work off of. I also have one as a PSD if anyone wants it.

I hope this helps and goodluck! Don’t hesitate to ask me any more questions or for more specific tutorials cause I can probably find you more resources.
- weremagnus