Dating Kitty Pryde Would Include...

anonymous requested: could i request the same headcanons for Kitty Pride (xmen) ? only if you’re not too busy though ! thanks~ ^__^

  • Her always phasing through walls to sneak up behind you and give you a hug
  • Her constantly trying to impress you with her powers
  • Lots of slow, tender kisses
  • You loving the way she looks in her X-Men uniform
  • Constantly being worried about her when she goes on missions
  • Always holding hands
  • Lots of late night talks
  • Poking fun at how short she is
  • Sneaking around Saint Xavier’s at night
  • Her always taking you out on extravagant dates because you don’t get to go on many
  • Stargazing
  • Watching lots of Netflix when she gets back from a mission
  • Always kissing each other’s cheeks
  • You always being in awe of her intelligence