Spooky Scripture

Such words meant to enchant

Placed on the unsuspecting faint of heart

Overlook the vat of brew

Offensive words to conger up misfortune

Know the ingredients to place within

Yet, the words hold the true power

Sing a wicked song out loud

Cry of lament against someone who harms you

Rip up items of clothing, hair and personal effects taken

Ignite the flames of heated loathing

Preside over what may come next

Tricks of the trade make the actions all the more satisfying

Use knowledge of the black arts

Raptures of black smoke begins to rise

Evidence evaporates as the spells power unleashed is now applied

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image: Spooky Spots Around the World

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❝ gee ! it sure is BORING around here ! ❞

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If he weren’t sexually attracted to the blond man and sex wouldn’t have been a possibility with his words, Tao would have ran to the chopper and vacay-ed in Hawaii until Frankenstein stopped being bored and there was no danger of getting killed.

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  ❝ FRANKENSTEIN! ❞  It’s the first thought on his mind when he left the bar, and when he stumbled up the stairs, leaving Roctis and Janna behind in the car with a drunken wave that nearly had him losing his balance on the sidewalk. (At least he manages to get to the door.)

Frankenstein. The reason he wanted to leave early, and go straight back home, before Janna convinced him to stay a bit longer and celebrate. But then he had taken Janna up on the opportunity for free drinks, and in the end (as always) he went way too far. It’s just that they had been free, and Janna was so nice to him, and she spent so much time listening and talking to him, and… and free drinks—

Urokai must have dropped his keys three or four times, or maybe more, because everything is swimming around him and nothing feels real. It’s only been a few days since Frankenstein… since Frankenstein

 … surely to the sea…. Darling, so it goes, some things are meant to be — take my hand, take my whole life too…!  

Delighted humming gives way to song. And fucking God, he needs to stop, if Frankenstein sees what a cheesy mess he is right now, he might have second thoughts about this whole marriage business. Finally the door opens, and he shoves his way in, slamming it shut behind him and toeing his shoes off inside the door. Inside Frankenstein’s house… their house! 

Frankenstein isn’t in the lounge, as Urokai hoped. Oh, well, no matter! He doesn’t even bother with the lights in the living room, instead stumbling through the darkness (nearly tripping himself over on the coffee table along the way) and fumbling his way up the stairs.

 Frankenstein!   He finds Frankenstein sitting in bed, awake and busying himself as always, and without pause leaps right into the bed with him — falling facedown, right into Frankenstein’s lap. ❝ Frankenstein! What’re you still doing up so late!

Urokai lets out an uncontrolled bout of laughter, and pushes himself up so that he’s seated on Frankenstein’s lap, and manages to sling his arms around the other’s neck. He probably stinks of alcohol, but he needs to be here right now. Needs to be as close to Frankenstein as he can possibly get. Drinking only makes his want for affection stronger; Frankenstein should know that. He’s at his fucking worst right now.

I love you. ❞  He leans in, pressing sloppy kisses to Frankenstein’s cheek. ❝ I fucking love you. Oh my God, I love you so much. Do you have any idea how — how much I… 

Urokai trails off there, what exactly he planned to say completely lost in a fit of giggles (as if neither of them had any idea what he was about to say next, of course). Because God, this is such a big step for the both of them, and Urokai’s scared, so scared… but at the same time, this is the best thing that’s ever happened to him. He’s never felt so happy. And fuck, he hopes this isn’t just temporary, because he has long fallen past the point of no return with Frankenstein.

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“It’s not what it looks like.”


“So you weren’t just looking in the mirror with your phone out in order to take selfies but actually doing some work on it?” he questioned. He only came to ask Frankenstein if he needed anything since he was about to head to the store, and long and behold you see the other on the mirror, phone out and M-21 had a sinking suspicion that there was a click from the camera but he could’ve heard wrong. 

“The kids told me about the selfie you gave Rai that time, so you weren’t taking anymore?”

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❝ here i come, rougher than the rest of them . ❞

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God, Tao was going to fucking die. Just like all the other days when they were training to control the Dark Spear with Frankenstein. Even with his modified and enhanced body, stabilized further with his recent association of the demonic entity, Tao was only a few steps from whining like a little scrawny kid in gym class. Pathetic, but nonetheless true. He could be killed any moment now and he wouldn’t be surprised. 

He flew everyone to the remote island for several hours, then got stabbed the moment he stepped off the chopper, and now he was fighting for his right to live against his insanely strong boss. Great. This was just the kind of break he needed. Training in the Union was hell, but Frankenstein was fucking Satan right now that Dante’s Inferno wouldn’t stand a chance and could be put out by a cup of tea the blond fucker made for Raizel on a sunny day in Ye Ran High.

He didn’t also have a choice though, right? This was his fate when he joined the household and swore to get stronger for everyone, for the future. He also needed to train to control the Dark Spear (a decision which he was half-regretting most of the time and two-thirds-regretting at the moment), so it wasn’t at all a matter of choice; it was a necessity at this point. But what Tao wouldn’t give to be in his room back in Korea right now, tweaking small gadgets while listening to Kpop, and not have a power-giddy blond chasing him with a weapon that was designed to eat souls into Dark Spear purgatory or whatever.

So he picked himself up, huffing out a heavy breath as he turned on the electricity in the wires once more. He was done mentally bitching. Tao was going to start collecting his resolve and the last bit of his strength at the coming barrage of attacks headed his way.

“ Yo boss. If I somehow still managed to stay alive after this… ”  He called out, voice still breathless as he stretched, warming himself up.  “ … you gonna raise my paycheck? ”

What he wouldn’t give to see Takeo punching Frankenstein in the face with a gun.

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M-21 had debated this ‘talk’ of his for a while now, he was pretty much letting things go along, going with the flow really and hoped that he did a good job. He didn’t know the first things about being a parent and the closes individuals who fit the description was both Raizel and Frankenstein. As far as he knew a parent watched over their child, fed them, gave them clothes, spent time with them, looked out for their health and pretty much gave them a comfortable life. That’s what they have been doing to not just him but to everyone in the household. They watch over one another and make sure everyone is well, there are still many scars that need to be healed from each one but they were pretty much a family now. Raizel see’s them that way, and so does M-21. Still he couldn’t help but have this feeling in the back of his mind that he wasn’t doing a good job at being a parent like he should be, hell he wasn’t even much of a talker so sometimes it was a battle against himself to be a bit more social. Not that he hates it but he wasn’t as comfortable.

He was glad that he arrived home first before everyone else, they were most likely running some errands before going back so he was certain that there was some time for him to talk to Frankenstein who was most likely already there, though how should he start this conversation he wondered? He made his way to the lab, Frankenstein was most likely down there checking data and whatnot, so perfect place chat, yet he didn’t know what the first step was. He was so determined and his mind set on this conversation but for some reason seeing the other, no words came to mind.

What the Hell M-21, come on this is Frankenstein, he’ll give you an honest answer. Why do I feel nervous all of a sudden, what the hell. “Hey Frankenstein, have a minute, I’d like to talk to you about something if you don’t mind? Though if you’re bust it’s okay we can talk later.” 

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