Mob is going to lose his powers

Hold up!!! There be spoilers below!!










So I genuinely believe that Mob is gonna lose his powers and here’s a few points as to why:

1) Whenever Mob does something like accidentally bend spoons his dad chimes in by saying ‘Ah, that’s just puberty!’. He makes it sound like it’s part of growing up that will pass. Almost like it’s something HE went through. This could mean he’ll gain better control as he gets older buuuttttt…..

2) There are few adult espers. Remarkably few. Mob even mentions it. Interestingly the ones we have met were ones who never 'grew up’ mentally and emotionally. They still held the idea that they were special and better than others. They never really became adults.

3) Mob using his powers exhausts him more than it used to. It takes more energy and he has actual physical symptoms if he over exerts himself.

4)???% has NEVER been around this long. It has never used this much power or even for this long. Regardless of what ???% is, it still uses Mob’s body as a vessal. Wherever ???% gets its power, Mob’s PHYSICAL body is the conduit. And Mob has very PHYSICAL problems if he uses too much energy. If nothing else ???% may burn Mob out.

The next few points are more my thoughts but I feel they belong

5) With this new update and Ritsu reaching 100% himself could almost be a 'passing the torch’. Mob has been the strongest esper for so long but while he’s gotten weaker Ritsu has gotten stronger.

6) Mob has made it clear he no longer wants his powers. A lot of loose ends have been tied up these last few chapters but this one remains.

7) While we never really are told what the actual CAUSE of psychic powers is…generally in this genre it has something to do with the brain. And Mob did take a bit of damage to the head recently….

8) Mob has been able to feel, even display, more emotion than he was at the beginning of the series. And without reaching 100%. He’s grown up.

9) This isn’t directly related to this topic but something I’ve found interesting is that it’s been implied that a spirit manifests when it has unfinished business (until it either accomplishes it or is corrupted). The family who wants to spend more time together, the biker with a grudge, a student with regrets that haunts a girls’ school, and a spirit that, for whatever reason, wanted to become a god. I’m interested if this will come into play at some point.

It’s entirely possible that Mob may not lose his powers. They might become weaker or nothing may change at all.

But at this point Mob may finally get what he truly desires.