They look at each other, their burdens lifted slightly, their pain not gone but mellowing. Words unsaid. - The Prom script | They both smile. Two old soldiers. - The Yoko Factor script | They are both pained and comforted by the powerful bond between them. - Forever script |

FrUk-ing Elevator

Francis heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that the elevator was empty. The meeting seemed to have dragged on and he wanted nothing more than to go home and crawl in to bed. He was tired, ignoring Arthur took all his energy. His nights were plagued with the Englishman, whispering to him, fingers lightly touching his neck, brushing the hair from his brow, trailing down his face… He dreamed of a world where he could curl his hands around Arthur’s tie and pull him in to a feverish kiss. He wondered what Arthur would feel like against him, what he would taste like. Je t'aime, je t'aime, je t'aime, he would breath in to the kiss. T'es l'amour de ma vie.

Just as the doors were sliding shut, a hand shot in between them, springing them open again.

Arthur slid in to the elevator, nodding at Francis in acknowledgment. He straightened his sport coat with a forceful tug. Non, non, non. This can not be happening.

As soon as the elevator started to move, Arthur turned to face Francis and stepped closer to him, reaching out to finger the hem of the Frenchman’s suit jacket. He cocked his head and smirked up at Francis, continuing to close the gap between the two men.

“What…?” Francis choked, startled. He took a step back only to have Arthur step with him until Francis’ back was firmly up against the wall of the elevator. The fingers on the hem of Francis’ jacket moved to walk up his abdomen, chest, then skirt up his neck, and finally came to rest just under his jaw. His other hand pushed into Francis’ chest, further pinning him. And, mon dieu, Arthur’s knee slid between his legs.

Arthur tilted Francis’ head up, exposing his neck and he leaned in. Francis swallowed hard, biting his lips together for fear his heart would jump out of his chest, up his throat, and right out of his mouth. He could practically feel Arthur smirking, his blood in a battle over which direction it should flow: to deepen the blush rising in his cheeks, or…

Arthur tapped his fingers on Francis’ chin and danced up his face and into the Frenchman’s hair, probing until it found the ribbon that tied his hair back. Francis felt it tug and give, his hair falling free.

And then the elevator stopped moving, Arthur pushed himself away from Francis, dangling his ribbon in front of his cocky smile. The doors opened and Arthur adjusted his coat, pocketing the ribbon, and calmly exited.

Francis clutched at his chest, his heart racing. He stood for a moment unable to quite process what had just happened. He continued to stand in shock as the elevator doors closed, leaving him in silent solitude.

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Hi Jeff, I'm a Goku Gamer - that means I always believe in myself and win all the games. We are a community of hundreds and we Power Up our gameplay, as it were, to dominate the competition honorably and fairly. Would you like to joib our group and become a powerful Goku Gamer too? ps found this page by searching for "goku games" and you seemed like a perfect guy to join us! or if any of your fans want to become Goku Gamers :) we have a facebook group too! Thanks :)

I’m poopin


In case you missed it…
Now with subtitles!!!
Let us all blame Himchan for this. He did this (bathroom break on live TV) before so, naturally, his kids think it’s okay. I mean, the power of parental influence. :)

Ps. Did you see Gukkie’s glare? Lol

I love this group shot. It’s so adorable and it looks like they made Ringo the right size X3.

Note: The PS Game guide states that both Ringo and Bu-ling are in their 6th year of elementary school. Also, Ringo is the only one that Bu-ling doesn’t address as “Onee-chan”.

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Has Damien considered using the therapy sessions for learning how to control his power vs abusing the therapist? (Ps: I loved the mini episode??? I love how much of a foil Mark is to Damien wow thank you)

He has used his therapy to gain more control. He was able to influence Dr. Bright to teach him how to gain control but the more time they spent together, the easier it was for her to resist. I forget in which episode this is, but Dr. Bright mentions that even if she could help him gain better control, she wouldn’t. So he just uses his ability to pester her for fun (that’s how he sees it anyway). 


Arme Thaumaturgy Ainchase “Arme” Ishmael {Elsword}

…So. About this asshole. Essentially a celestial created for the sole purpose of fulfilling his holy mission to restore the el, as assigned to him by the Goddess Ishmael… Yeah. Ok, doesn’t make him asshole material necessarily. But the complete disregard for his and the emotions of others does. He’s extremely blunt, doesn’t like to feel emotions, hates loud noises and messes, and is extremely terrified of death but also has these periods of time where he wants to stop existing for a while. Not to mention that if he doesn’t care about you, he’ll just call you by some shitty and probably really rude nickname.

So in short, local autistic angel is an asshole.

If you get close to him though, he will be… Uh. Extremely. Protective of you. Not to mention nag you because he cares deeply about your well being, he might take it a bit far, but just call him out and he’ll be like ‘Wait what am I really doing that??’ but he’ll only do that if he really cares about you. 

So yeah get your asshole angel dad today! For the low payment of coming into my inbox/IM and plotting with me!

Yeah I also apologize in advanced for his behavior.

Game Feeder - Star Wars Episode I: Jedi Power Battles
Hello and welcome to the second episode of Game Feeder! Game Feeder is a show where I have a friend on and they get a "taste" of a game of their choosing. Ba...

This is the second episode of my series “Game Feeder” where I have a friend on the show and they get a “taste” of a game of their choosing. It’s a first impressions show where the twist is it’s a different guest each time! In this episode my friend Michael and I take on Star Wars Episode I: Jedi Power Battles for the original PlayStation!