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Can't believe you managed to singlehandedly ruin an entire fandom w/ just one fic, that's a skill bordering on superpower honestly. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility :'D (ps your art is fab, thanks for sharing it with us all!)

omg true!! lol!!! (thank u very much!)

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I’m poopin

Goodbye, 피 땀 눈물! 💞
  • Chances are slim but can we reach 100m on BST before tonight's comeback please? Idk I feel sad to let this era go. We will now be visiting another mv and talk about it for days, months even. There will be another set of mindfucking conspiracies and theories, and new bighit's bomb which will surely make us turn into ashes. I am so grateful for this era as there are so many new ARMYs who entered the fandom because of BST. This era conquered countless new awards and achievements. This era embedded yet another beautiful tattoos in our hearts. This era molded new lessons and values as for our being human individuals. Dream high, do not be afraid to have high ambitions, do it with determination and effort, and surely your fantasy will turn to reality one day. This era is simply.. beautiful. I appreciate it so much. But it also makes me quite glad that BTS is going to be a step closer to further success, with us ARMYs of course. I'll stream a little more of BST before tonight's awaited comeback. More power, BTS! 💞
  • PS: Dont forget to stream, vote and download their music okay? Let's do our best to support them.
  • 안녕히가세요, 피 땀 눈물 💞
  • Chimchimdooly

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Jess, why not acknowledge you are God? Why not celebrate your omnipotence? Rejoice in the the flock of sheepers whose every opinion and action you control? Look, at this point you being THE creator and all-guiding root of all shipping that has ever existed is about as widely known as it is that Tony is Cait's super secret SO. If people are going to suspend all logic and hold you responsible for everything in this fandom, embrace the power! PS-- When is Jessmas and is it a bank holiday?


(August 1st and yes it is. Everyone is invited to my house in the middle of the Canadian Tundra. Be there or be square.)

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Part 1/3: Sad Anon speaking, but not sad anymore, thanks for the answer, I'm calmer. I'm just a bit worried and anxious for the season to start but that's normal me :) . Even though there is a small chance, I still think there must be smth re Jonsa. Me and my stubborn mind, I suffer but don't give up. Analyzing some things, I wonder why Kit/Sophie have been in many pics together lately? Why does Kit insist on telling J/S relationship is just sibling rivalry or Sophie's answers always lead to...

Part 2/3: the betrayal subject matter? I get the trust issues hype (even if it’s total BS) bc they used this plot and let it open in the last season to tease fans bf S7. But, why when asked ab J/S, Kit rounds and rounds and always comes up with smth re siblings, he isn’t clueless (not the producers or Sophie are), everybody knows the meaning behind this specific question, they don’t wanna know ab the brother/sister squabble but understand the odd interaction J/S had in S6 that made people…

Part 3/3: get romantic/UST vibes. WTH happened? The million dollar question! Giving more thought to that, I think J/S scenes were filmed that way on purpose, and the producers know why. Not just shippers with their shipping googles noticed this peculiarity but many others viewers and the press saw it too. There must be smth more to it than just siblings who weren’t that close in the past and now interact weirdly bc they (specially Sansa) have power struggles. PS: Hope you don’t mind my long ask.

Hi Anon, happy to hear you’re not sad anymore! And I don’t mind the long ask, but I’m not sure I can contribute that much to what you said... No, scratch that, apparently I did have a lot to add to this :’)

I think we’re all anxious atm, especially over here in our corner of the fandom! I know I’m still worrying about the leaks. I believe at this point that they’re partially legit, but incomplete and parts of them might be complete BS. There’s definitely a lack of context and such in some of them…

But we’ll find out soon enough! Iirc there wasn’t even that much info on episode 1 and 2 in the leaks and GQ mentioned we’ll be surprised, so I’m looking forward to the first episode!

I think in hindsight we’ll be able to make sense of all the things Kit and Sophie have said in interviews so far… I don’t even know whether Kit has actually been asked about romantic Jonsa in an unmistakably explicit way?

I know Aidan Gillen implied it could happen in an interview right after season 6 and the reporter wasn’t even necessarily asking about a romantic relationship… And Sophie answered a question about Jonsa at the Emmys, which was at best ambiguous with something like: “Things could happen, they’re cousins and it is GOT!” (not an exact quote, I know…)

But now, as you’ve pointed out, they’re still getting ambiguous questions, but all they’re ever saying is “sibling rivalry!” and “tension!” and “power struggle!”.

I’m sure I could analyse these interviews and find clues in them, despite Sophie trolling and Kit’s excellent lying skills, but I honestly can’t be bothered to do that :’)

If Jonsa is never going to happen, they could just say it right? I mean, while there was a lot of media coverage on it right after season 6, the ship hasn’t exactly become mainstream, it’s still limited to a niche of the fandom…
So there wouldn’t really be much damage in completely denying it imo…

But they keep distracting us with this Starkbowl narrative… And what do we even know about the Winterfell storyline? Not all that much… We haven’t even seen any pictures or footage of Jon and Sansa together? Why is that? 

(Tbf, we haven’t seen any pics or footage of Jon and D@ny either, but that’s to be expected, I believe…)

We’re being distracted with Starkbowl and J0nerys leaks and I feel as if this must all be leading somewhere.

D & D decided to change Sansa’s storyline back in season 2, when they were discussing endgame and upcoming important plot points and twists with GRRM. The only point in doing that I can see is to bring Sansa back North earlier on in the narrative and to spend more time on her relationship with Jon. 

That’s why the argument that Jonsa was deliberate, but only because it’s a red herring sounds so weak to me. If it was a red herring, they should have made it a bit more obvious, because not nearly everyone picked up on it. 

And if the only reason for Sansa to develop her relationship with Jon is to make it more of a shock when she betrays him, that would first of all be bad storytelling. It not only defies the logic of Sansa’s storyline, of returning to her roots and reclaiming her Stark identity, having learned the value of home and family. It would also be incredibly stupid for the producers to be hyping it the way they have been since the last episode of season 6 aired. If Starkbowl happens, it won’t be the shock they’d want it to be, because they’ve been pushing the narrative for a year!

Back to Jonsa’s romantic potential: I agree that it’s very hard to believe that none of the romantic/ambiguous language, non-verbal cues, settings, lighting, … was deliberate… But if it was, I think the safest course would be to deny any romantic set-up. There would still be people who’d dismiss it, but at least they would have given us a fair warning.

There are moments when I’m afraid that we have been misinterpreting all the signs and that we’ve been reading too much into it. Or that Jonsa really was only meant to be a red herring. Sometimes I tell myself I’d better get over it, because it’s never going to happen… But if that’s the way it’s going to play out, I’m telling you that I’ll experience that as a form of betrayal, because I feel as if I’ve been led to believe that Jonsa will happen. 

Project Bunny (4)

Authors note: Welp this is the night to finish things so I pushed myself to finish this despite my horrible writing skill. This chapter isn’t really fluffy at all….more like how G gets bunny to be cooperative…possibility of another if people actually like this…

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