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I just need the fluffiest fluff of them taking care of each other after terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Dear Anon,

This arrived, just before I posted my CC-Remix fic on AO3. Like, I was talking to my beta about the summary.  The remix fic had the working title of Phil’s Horrible No Good, Very Bad Day for at least a month before this came in!

Needless to say, if you’re not my beta, I hope you only use your powers for good.


PS Yes, this is a sequel to Phil’s Horrible No Good, Very Bad Day.

Phil woke up, warm and his face smashed into Clint’s chest. Clint’s arm wrapped around him. Phil sighed, nuzzling in a bit closer.

“Awake, huh?” Clint murmured. His voice heavy and think with sleep.

“Yeah,” Phil murmured, debating on falling asleep.

“Don’t go back to sleep, I gotta pee,” Clint said, nudging him gently.

Phil grumbled, but slid deeper into the couch to let Clint up. The other man slipped out, leaning down to kiss him, before hobbling over to the bathroom.

Clint came out, but instead of laying back down, he sat. He tugged Phil into his lap, letting him settle.

“Not tired anymore?” Phil asked.

“Ordered some food.”

Phil turned to frown at him.

Clint waved his cell phone. “I ordered online!”

Phil snorted, rolling to lay back down.

“I pee and talk to you all the time, why does it matter if I’m on the phone?”

“It’s disgusting,” Phil replied. “Plus I can choose not to respond.”

Clint sighed, and Phil rode the rise and fall of his chest.  "What’d you order?“

“Couple of things from different places,” Clint said with a slight shrug of the shoulders.  

Phil narrowed his eyes slightly.  "Clint? Why?“

"Because you look worn out and I… I wanted to take care of you, but I wasn’t going to ditch you to cook.” He glanced away, mumbling else.


“I like holding you.” Phil caught Clint’s mumble that time, thought it was only slightly more improved than before.  His voice was clearer. “Just let me take care of you, okay?”

Phil relented with a nod of his head.  "You’re injured.“

"It’s not that bad and you get to take care of me more often.”

“True,” Phil agreed with Clint kissing Phil’s smirking lips.

“I set you up for that one.”

Phil hummed his agreement and let him fall back onto Clint’s lap.

“So what happened?”

Phil hesitated, before launching into the full story.  Clint would wince whenever Phil described an injury.  Halfway through Clint reached out to hold Phil’s hand, thumb stroking over the back of it.  When he finished telling the tale. “I’m really glad you’re home. Makes the day better.”

Clint’s smile spread across his face.  "Yeah?“

Phil nodded.

Clint leaned in to kiss him again as there was a knock on the door. Both of them looked at the door before looking at each other.  Clint smirked, kissed him quickly, before lifting Phil up to go to the door.

Phil sat up and could hear Clint talking to several people. Spoiling him, is what Clint was up to. Phil shook his head, but he smiled to himself as he got up to see the bathroom.  That would give Clint time to set up whatever he wanted.  

Phil made sure to take his sweet time and when he came back out Clint hadn’t disappointed.  The coffee table now contained fried cheese curds, macaroni and cheese, brats, and some sort of bread.  Phil drove for the fried cheese curds, because those needed to be eaten hot. He bit into one and made a happy noise.  "Clint?”

“Putting away desert,” Clint called from the kitchen. He reappeared with two bottles in hand. One he offered to Phil. “Wisconsin beer.”

“I love you,” Phil said around another bite.  

Clint grinned, kissing Phil’s nose, before sitting down next to him.

“Where did you even find these in New York?” Phil asked, letting Clint have one.

“That’s my little secret,” Clint replied. “Besides, if I tell you, you’ll be there far too often.  Do you remember last time we visited Manitowoc?”

Phil looked away, thinking about how many different cheese stops they’d made and how much cheese curds he’d indulged in and how much grief his SHIELD approved dietician had given him.  "Fair enough.“

"Yeah, they’re not my secret weakness, but I can get them for you when you’ve had a shitty day.”

“Stark.” Phil surmised.

“Yes, Tony is involved, because Tony is my friend.  He likes you, too, you know.”

Phil nodded, not terribly surprised. He smiled.  "Thank you for all of this.“

"You’d do the same for me, have done,” Clint replied.  "Just glad that I finally get to return the favor.“

Phil chuckled, grabbing another fried cheese curd and popping it in his mouth.

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Hi Jeff, I'm a Goku Gamer - that means I always believe in myself and win all the games. We are a community of hundreds and we Power Up our gameplay, as it were, to dominate the competition honorably and fairly. Would you like to joib our group and become a powerful Goku Gamer too? ps found this page by searching for "goku games" and you seemed like a perfect guy to join us! or if any of your fans want to become Goku Gamers :) we have a facebook group too! Thanks :)

I’m poopin

Goodbye, 피 땀 눈물! 💞
  • Chances are slim but can we reach 100m on BST before tonight's comeback please? Idk I feel sad to let this era go. We will now be visiting another mv and talk about it for days, months even. There will be another set of mindfucking conspiracies and theories, and new bighit's bomb which will surely make us turn into ashes. I am so grateful for this era as there are so many new ARMYs who entered the fandom because of BST. This era conquered countless new awards and achievements. This era embedded yet another beautiful tattoos in our hearts. This era molded new lessons and values as for our being human individuals. Dream high, do not be afraid to have high ambitions, do it with determination and effort, and surely your fantasy will turn to reality one day. This era is simply.. beautiful. I appreciate it so much. But it also makes me quite glad that BTS is going to be a step closer to further success, with us ARMYs of course. I'll stream a little more of BST before tonight's awaited comeback. More power, BTS! 💞
  • PS: Dont forget to stream, vote and download their music okay? Let's do our best to support them.
  • 안녕히가세요, 피 땀 눈물 💞
  • Chimchimdooly

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Jess, why not acknowledge you are God? Why not celebrate your omnipotence? Rejoice in the the flock of sheepers whose every opinion and action you control? Look, at this point you being THE creator and all-guiding root of all shipping that has ever existed is about as widely known as it is that Tony is Cait's super secret SO. If people are going to suspend all logic and hold you responsible for everything in this fandom, embrace the power! PS-- When is Jessmas and is it a bank holiday?


(August 1st and yes it is. Everyone is invited to my house in the middle of the Canadian Tundra. Be there or be square.)

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I've thought about this waaaaay too much lol but a lot of the vampires seem to have powers that have to do with their mind and what not. but do you think that there are other vampires with different powers? and if vampires can ONLY have mind specific powers, why? ps. i luv ur blog A+ yus yus

For the most part they do seem to be mental powers. I’d say this might have had something to do with the hypnotic stuff you see in older vampire stories, but SM has said she wasn’t into vampires and didn’t research them, so it might be more of a coincidence. 

She said instead that she was influenced by comic books, superheroes, X-Men, etc. You’re right that they are mostly mental powers, and even the ones that she says aren’t (like Jasper’s) still have that component, that they affect minds and bodies but not the physical world. They are divided into mental and physical powers mostly based on whether Bella’s shield can block them or not. Alice is confusing in that her gift is mental but it’s in her own mind, so Bella can’t block her because Alice isn’t going into Bella’s head. She doesn’t see the thought process that lead to Bella’s decisions, just the future outcomes. 

Then you have Benjamin, who is an extreme outlier in terms of powers. He doesn’t make you think or feel or believe things, he actually changes the physical world by manipulating the elements. 

I used to see in fanfic powers like, being able to time travel, or being able to turn someone human, or being able to restore fertility or whatever, which I suppose would also be on the “alter the real world” level. Siobhan, maybe, can do it a bit too with her ‘wishful thinking’ that bends an outcome to the way she wants it. So there are probably a few more out there, but I think it’s mostly the mental sort of talents since the theory is they spring from personality traits and quirks they had as humans, and there probably aren’t a lot of humans who, like Benjamin, can actually control fire, let alone turn back time.

AU where Darna is actually just a Snow Quartz rebel warrior who got corrupted and left behind by Homeworld. The only way for her to rematerialize again is when a human named Narda swallows her gem and allows her to use her gem powers to save the Earth.

PS: also the reason why Narda gets whiter skin when she turns into Darna lmaooo

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Bentley Bentayga (2016) - Luxury-packed powerfull SUV - Luxury-sport SUV news / HD wallpaper

The Bentley Bentayga combines unparalleled luxury with effortless performance and everyday usability.

With an all-new W12 powertrain, the Bentayga is the fastest, most powerful, most luxurious and most exclusive SUV in the world. It offers a true Bentley driving experience and showcases innovative technology features.

Designed, engineered and handcrafted in Crewe, the Bentayga’s styling is pure Bentley. Sculptural with an elegant, timeless execution, it perfectly balances athleticism with confidence. From the four round LED headlamps and large matrix grille, to the distinctive power line and muscular haunches, the Bentley DNA is apparent throughout.

The Bentley Bentayga boasts the world’s finest automotive cabin, with unrivalled levels of precision. The detailing in metal, wood and leather - including meticulous tolerances between elements of trim - is the epitome of modern British luxury. This level of perfection is only achievable thanks to the exceptional craft and skill of Bentley’s colleagues in Crewe.

An all-new twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre W12 engine is at the heart of the new Bentayga. The mighty 12-cylinder unit combines efficiency and refinement with ultra-luxurious levels of power and torque. With 608 PS (600 bhp / 447kW) and 900 Nm (663 lb. ft) delivering a 0-60 mph time of 4.0 seconds (0-100 km/h in 4.1 seconds) and a top speed of 187 mph (301 km/h), the Bentayga is the world’s most powerful and fastest SUV.

Wolfgang Dürheimer, chairman and chief executive of Bentley Motors, comments: “The Bentayga is truly the Bentley of SUVs. It redefines luxury in the SUV sector and offers a genuine Bentley experience in any environment, thanks to a combination of unparalleled attention to detail, go-anywhere ability and cutting-edge technology. With this extraordinary car we are looking forward to an exciting period of strong growth and sales success for Bentley. The Bentayga is the next step in our brand’s bold future.”

The Bentley Bentayga will make its full public debut at the 2015 IAA Frankfurt Show. Customer deliveries commence in early 2016.

Innovative Features and Advanced Technologies

A suite of state-of-the-art driver assistance systems and infotainment features designed to enhance safety, comfort and convenience make the Bentayga an innovative, advanced and connected luxury SUV.

It offers the widest range of on- and off-road drive settings of any vehicle via Bentley’s Drive Dynamics Mode and optional Responsive Off-Road Setting. Up to eight modes are available, allowing drivers, at the simple turn of a dial, to select the perfect dynamic set-up for any surface or road condition. This versatility is complemented by Bentley Dynamic Ride (electrically activated 48V active roll control) and Electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS).

Responsive Off-Road Setting allows the customer to select the appropriate vehicle settings for a wide range of off-road surfaces, while the Driver Information Panel displays information on pitch, roll, wheel articulation, steering angle, compass bearing and altitude.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) including Stop & Go, Predictive ACC and Traffic Assist enables the driver to maintain a set distance to the vehicle in front. Predictive ACC uses the navigation data, sensors and cameras to predict upcoming corners, city boundaries and speed-limit changes and can then modify the vehicle speed accordingly, improving both comfort and fuel economy.

In urban environments, there are a number of driver aids available on the Bentayga. These systems - such as Traffic Sign Recognition, which detects a wide variety of traffic signs and displays information to the driver; Rear Crossing Traffic Warning, which uses radar technology to detect crossing traffic when reversing out of a parking space; and Top View, a system which uses four cameras to display an overall picture of the vehicle’s surroundings - combine to enhance everyday usability.

The Bentayga is also available with Park Assist - a system that detects suitable parking spaces (both parallel and perpendicular) before autonomous steering takes over to support parking manoeuvres, even in narrow and tricky spaces.

Other innovative systems available on the Bentayga include Electronic Night Vision, which uses infra-red technology to identify potential obstacles ahead, and a Head-Up Display, which reduces driver distraction and increases safety.

The Bentayga’s all-new, cutting-edge 8" touch screen infotainment system boasts class-leading navigation technology, a 60GB hard drive, and a choice of up to 30 languages.

Rear seat passengers benefit from the introduction of the Bentley Entertainment Tablet - a removable 10.2" Android device with 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth for effortless, high-speed on-board connectivity.

Customers can choose between three different sound systems for the Bentayga: Bentley Standard Audio, Bentley Signature Audio and Naim for Bentley Premium Audio. The latter is the most powerful system in the segment, with 1,950 watts, a network of 18 speakers and super-tweeters for unrivalled recreation of the highest audio frequencies.

Sculptural Form, Sharp Lines and Elegant Execution

The Bentley Bentayga’s wheel arches, fenders and bonnet deliver a balance between sportiness and SUV presence. The ultra-sharp Bentley power line and muscular rear haunch display a taut tension in side profile, as part of the largest single-piece aluminium pressing in the automotive world. Trademark Bentley features such as the large matrix grille and B-shaped wing vents afford the Bentayga a modern, dynamic elegance.

The grille is flanked by four distinctive floating all-LED headlamps. The lights sit flush within the seamless superformed aluminium front fenders. Innovative design features, like the discreet headlamp washers contained within the outer lamp’s body-coloured centre, demonstrate remarkable attention to detail.

To emphasise the go-anywhere nature of the Bentayga, the Bentley design team have integrated a stylish skid plate into the lower section of the front bumper, just below the floating wing motif.

At the rear, within the segmented tail lights, a new ‘B’-shaped illumination graphic is incorporated that affords the Bentayga an instantly recognisable and striking night-time signature.

A combination of advanced design, innovative engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies - including the use of lightweight aluminium - has enabled a total weight saving of 236kg compared to a traditional body construction.

As standard, the Bentayga comes with a panoramic glass roof. Making up almost 60 per cent of the total roof surface, the 1.35m2 glass feature is split into two panes. The front panel tilts and slides, and the whole glass surface can be obscured via an electric, full-length roller blind.

Either side of the glass roof are aluminium roof rails that combine two different finishes - a high-gloss black base and bright anodised top section.

A new range of bespoke Bentayga alloy wheels are available, ranging in size from 20" to 22".

The World’s Finest Cabin, Handcrafted at the Home of Bentley

Step inside the new Bentayga and you find the finest automotive interior in the world, with handcrafted wood and leather throughout - engineered with precision to deliver absolute perfection.

The attention to detail in metal, wood and leather is the epitome of modern British luxury, and is only achievable thanks to the exceptional skill of the workforce in Crewe.

The Bentley Bentayga’s cockpit sets new standards for both luxury and precision, with meticulous tolerances between the exquisite veneered woods and metal elements. The dashboard takes the iconic Bentley 'wing’ design as its inspiration, with the beautifully finished surfaces flowing gracefully from door to door over the top of the instrument binnacles, down under the centre console and back up around the passenger side fascia and foot well.

The hand-selected veneers form pure and elegant surfaces throughout the cabin, and each of the 15 pieces are shaped by Bentley’s artisans from a choice of seven different veneers, and finished with trademark Bentley attention to detail.

Highly polished, handcrafted metal elements adorn the dashboard, centre console and doors. Trademark Bentley knurling on the drive mode selector, gear knob, iconic bulls-eye vents and organ pulls adds sophistication and tactile refinement.

Sumptuous front seats, individually handcrafted in Crewe and featuring 22-way adjustment including adjustable cushion and backrest bolsters, provide superb support and comfort for all conditions. This cosseted feeling is further enhanced with a six-programme massage system, seat heating and ventilation.

Whether selected in four- or five-seat configuration, all of the leather seats in the Bentayga are available with contrast stitching and a quilted diamond design applied to the 'shoulders’ and bolsters, echoing the design of a finely tailored British hunting jacket.

Bentley specialists individually select only the finest bull hides, all of which are sourced from cool European climates, naturally tanned and never over-printed.. Customers have the choice of 15 colours, in three duo-tone and one single mono-tone colour split.

The four-seat configuration makes the ultimate statement in design, comfort and luxury. The two individual rear seats adjust in 18 different ways and include massage and ventilation functions as well as footrests. The veneered rear console hides additional functionality such as cup holders, generous storage areas and USB charging sockets.

The opulent feeling is completed by the fixed back, dividing the interior cabin from the boot. Also trimmed in the signature diamond quilting and including a ski-hatch, it creates an enclosed rear cabin space that sets new standards in the SUV sector.

A full-length panoramic sunroof with acoustic interlays allows ample natural sunlight to highlight the surfaces and detailing.

Activate the hands-free tailgate and not only is a large, practical storage space revealed, but also another of the Bentayga’s unique features - the optional folding event seat. Ideal for those wishing to stop for a moment and enjoy a spectacular outdoor environment or pursuit, the innovative leather-trimmed folding seat matches exactly the style of the cabin seats and integrates seamlessly into the rear of the car with characteristic attention to detail.

All-New W12 - Efficiency with Unrivalled Power and Torque

At the heart of the Bentley Bentayga is the all-new Crewe-built W12 TSI engine. This 6.0-litre twin-turbo unit combines efficiency and refinement with the luxury of unrivalled power and torque.

It is the most technologically advanced 12-cylinder engine in the world and develops 600 bhp (608 PS / 447 kW) @ 6,000 rpm and 900 Nm (663 lb ft) from 1,250 rpm to 4,500 rpm. These mighty outputs result in equally impressive performance figures. The Bentayga is capable of dispatching the sprint to 60 mph in just 4.0 seconds (0-100 km/h in 4.1 seconds) on its way to a top speed of 187 mph (301 km/h).

The new W12 uses both direct and indirect fuel injection. Switching seamlessly between the two technologies, the combination of these systems maximises refinement, delivers low particulate emissions and maximises power and torque delivery.

An impressive efficiency figure of 292 g/km CO2 is made possible in part thanks to Bentley’s Variable Displacement system, which shuts down half of the engine under defined conditions. Intake and exhaust valves, fuel injection and ignition are all shut down on defined cylinders, with the engine running as a six-cylinder for improved efficiency.

The engine is mated to an eight-speed automatic gearbox. The transmission and four-wheel-drive system has been strengthened to handle the demands and high torque levels of off-road driving.

In Bentley’s advanced application of Start-Stop technology for the Bentayga, coasting is also available, as the engine rests not only when the vehicle is stationary but also at 'near to stop’ speeds.

In 5th to 8th gear, when the driver releases the throttle (at motorway cruising speed, for example) the car will open the torque converter, dropping the engine to idle and simply allowing the car to roll or 'sail’. When the throttle is reapplied, or the car starts going downhill and detects an increase in speed, the transmission is re-engaged.

The new W12 sees a 11.9% efficiency improvement compared to the existing powertrain. The Bentayga will also be available as diesel and hybrid variants in the future.

Genuine Luxury with Go-Anywhere Ability

Never before has a vehicle so coherently combined genuine luxury with go-anywhere driving ability.

The development programme for the Bentayga has been the most exhaustive in the Bentley brand’s history, ranging across five continents. From the dirt and gravel of South Africa and the dunes of Dubai, to the muddy fields of Cheshire, and from -30°C in the frozen North Cape to searing 50°C desert heat, the Bentayga’s ability to perform on any surface and even in the most extreme conditions has been proven.

The Bentayga has also driven more than 400 laps of the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit, as part of developing the dynamic performance of the chassis and fine-tuning the relevant control and stability systems. The unique features of the Nordschleife, including the high level of topographical change, variety of surface grip levels and wide range of cornering speeds, made it the perfect place to develop the fastest, most powerful SUV in the world.

The Bentayga introduces Bentley Dynamic Ride - the world’s first electric active roll control technology that utilises an unrivalled 48V system. Inherent in larger vehicles with a higher centre of gravity, this system instantly counteracts lateral rolling forces when cornering and ensures maximum tyre contact to deliver class-leading cabin stability, ride comfort and exceptional handling.

While conventional anti-roll bars present a compromise between body control and ride comfort, Bentley’s adaptive and reactive system provides variable torsional resistance, allowing the Bentayga to be both dynamically capable and comfortable for all occupants at all times. The pioneering use of a 48V system results in silent, instantaneous responses and sufficient power on hand to deal with all road surfaces.

Electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS) is also featured on the Bentayga. The new system improves feedback to the driver, while providing isolation from steering kick-back both on- and off-road. EPAS also features a variable rack ratio, permitting light and fast steering while manoeuvring at low speeds, as well as a more subdued response for excellent stability at high speeds.

The Bentayga offers class-leading ride comfort, steering feel and handling thanks to the partnership of a highly sophisticated chassis and Electronic Stability Control (ESC). In addition to advanced, multi-mode Traction Control (TCS), the Bentayga also features Hill Descent Control (HDC).

HDC automatically regulates the vehicle’s speed on steep declines, allowing the driver to concentrate fully on steering and obstacles ahead. It can be pre-set at speeds between two and 30 km/h (going in either direction) and works on gradients greater than five per cent.

As with all Bentleys, the Bentayga comes with multi-mode air suspension. The Bentayga driver has four different modes to choose from: High 2, High 1, Normal and Low. High 2, for example, can be manually selected when tackling more severe off-road surfaces. Customers can also lower the rear suspension via a switch in the boot, to ease loading and trailer hitching.

Bentley Personalisation Options and Mulliner Bespoke

The Bentley Bentayga redefines personalisation and bespoke luxury. Paint, leather, veneer and lifestyle options are unlimited and tailored to the individual.

The standard palette alone comprises 17 exterior paint colours, with up to 90 hues available in the extended range. There are also 15 luxurious carpet options, seven different handcrafted veneers and 15 choices of interior trim hide, which means that customers are able to specify their own choice of luxury finish. In addition, customers can choose between a new range of bespoke Bentayga alloy wheels, ranging in size from 20" to 22".

Six lifestyle-orientated specification packages will be available from launch, including two styling packs. In addition to these options, the Bentayga is available with the widest range of lifestyle accessories ever offered by the Bentley brand. For example, customers with an interest in watersports may wish to specify the Load-Assist Tray and Wet Gear Stowage options.

As with all Bentleys, the Bentayga can also be handed over to the highly skilled and dedicated craftspeople at Mulliner, who will respond to bespoke customer requirements.

At launch, the Bentley Bentayga is available with an exquisite integrated Mulliner Hamper Set, complete with refrigerator, bespoke fine Linley china cutlery, crockery and crystal glass, and storage area for dry goods. For comfort in the great outdoors, sections of the hamper can be removed and used as seats.

A bespoke mechanical Mulliner Tourbillon by Breitling clock can also be specified. The most complex of watch mechanisms, the Mulliner Tourbillon is automatically wound periodically by a dedicated high-precision winding mechanism within the car. This masterpiece is machined in solid gold (customers can select from either rose or white gold), with a choice of either a mother-of-pearl or black ebony face and decorated with eight diamond indexes.