The Quinx Were Always Terrifying

This is our introduction to the Quinx, half ghouls in everything but name and appetite. Despite being essentially half ghouls, they lack the menace that has surrounded the introduction of half ghouls in the past. Kaneki has a gentle personality to be sure, but even within the first few chapters before any of his major trauma set in he was still doing things like this.

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what's gonna happen to papa iii?

well, kids, era iii is coming to a close after a long run and we’re all getting ready for the introduction of papa iv. i have two different theories for how the replacement of papa iii is gonna go down and both have some solid evidence behind them. ultimately though i don’t have a damn clue what Thigh Fat has in mind, though, so this is all just speculation that myself and @silverthurible have been thinking up for the past several months.

theory #1: papa iii is gonna fucking die dude

this one is my personal favorite because i love papa iii so much the only way i can live with him being replaced is if he fuckin DIES

thurible and i base this theory mostly off of the fact that papa iii’s character is apparently very largely influenced by king gustav iii of sweden.

his costume is the giveaway, with papa’s suit being almost a direct copy of a suit famously worn by ol’ gustav:

 gustav was also known for being extravagant and very fond of the performing arts, which fits papa iii’s very Extra, theatrical personality. 

he was also a freemason, and that aligns with how square hammer is loaded with masonic imagery

SO THE REASON I MENTION ALL THIS IS BECAUSE…….gustav iii was assassinated. by a bunch of men in masks!!!

i don’t know why you’d want to kill this sweet angel devil pope. maybe sister imperator wanted to get rid of him for being too goofy and had him killed. maybe he suddenly went mad with power and the ghouls brought him down. or maybe…..i will touch on the sub-theory here:

theory #1.5: papa ii is going to kill him

hey remember zenith?

so like what if this song, zenith, that’s about the fall of the advanced civilization that we see in era 3, is hinting at something? 

like what if it’s hinting that papa ii is going to come back and do a Bad Thing, bring about the downfall of that empire, and become papa iv?

papa ii is on the cover art. papa ii is also in all the booklet art for meliora. this could just be a result of papa iii’s design not being available to the artist at the time that the pieces were done, but hear me out here: 

cain and abel, dude


papa ii, the firstborn brother, the Cain, is jealous of his younger brother, papa iii, the Abel. so he fucking kills him and becomes papa again. 


theory #2: papa goes to jail


i don’t have the image on hand right now but remember that photo from the He Is video shoot, with the papa double in that white suit? i’m pretty sure that costume is intended to look like the suits worn by benny hinn, a televangelist pastor who’s been involved in some legal investigations for being corrupt and pocketing the money generated by his religious organization.

combining that with the lyrics to cirice, which can easily be interpreted as a corrupt religious figure attempting to brainwash his followers (can’t you see that you’re lost without me) era 3 could potentially end in papa iii being investigated and sent to jail for being a corrupt religious figure.

which would be fucking hilarious with the current lawsuit drama and also it would be the exact kind of goofy shit that turtle fudge would pull, i think.

IN CONCLUSION: i think iii dying is more likely than him going to jail but honestly all of this is just tinhatty overthinking and i have no idea whats gonna happen to papa iii but this shit is fun to think about

Minotaur & the Origin of the One-Eyed King

So, @kanekikenunot and I were talking a few days ago about the possible symbolism between the original OEK and the Minotaur of Crete, and I wanted to expand on their post about it.

**just a warning, the two stories don’t coincide perfectly because there’s a lot of holes due to possible deception and backstabbing between V and the Washuu, so take all of this with a grain of salt

As the story goes, King Minos was given an impressive bull to sacrifice to Poseidon, but decided to keep it for himself. When Poseidon found out, he forced Pasiphae, the wife of Minos, to fall madly in love with the bull. They consummated, and the Minotaur was born. Being an unnatural beast– half human and half bull– it grew to feast on human flesh.

Horrified, King Minos ordered the carpenter Daedelus to construct a massive labyrinth built beneath his palace at Knossos, and banished the Minotaur to it’s tunnels.

The Washuu Estate and the ruins of Knossos.

In the scope of Tokyo Ghoul, the story of the Minotaur offers a possible explanation of the One-Eyed King’s origin.

For one thing, the 24th ward is frequently described as a labyrinth. However, Nishiki revealed in ch128 that the OEK dug the 24th ward himself, making him King Minos, and Daedalus, and the Minotaur. 

This lines up with my theory that the original One Eyed King is actually a relative of V and the Washuu– one that was most likely the result of a shameful affair between noble families; a human and ghoul. Their shared offspring was miraculously born (possibly during a time when food was scarce, when alternatives were necessary), and with it’s single kakugan, was itself proof of their adultery. 

The poor half-ghoul child was most likely hidden away the same way Eto was.

And, like Eto, the future king most likely lashed out once it was old enough. A human parent could fear for their own life, or that their “monster” child would be targeted. A ghoul parent would would find that their half-ghoul offspring was eons stronger than themselves. Both sides would have to worry about their secret being revealed, and so eventually the Minotaur, who’s true lineage was that of nobility (a one-eyed “king”), needed to be quelled.

Now, King Minos in antiquity had been demanding young sacrifices from Athens as revenge for the death of his human son, which served convenient in keeping the Minotaur at bay. Eventually, the secret son of Athens, Theseus, offered to go along with the sacrifices and kill the monster. 

So here’s where things get super tricky. I’ll break it down like this:

  • King Minos = the founder of V, human
  • Minotaur = one-eyed half-ghoul, result of V and Washuu
  • Theseus = head of the Washuu clan

Theseus eventually defeated the Minotaur by decapitating it, and left for Crete to become king. 

That sounds like the end of things, but with Furuta’s statement about “sustenance for the throne” alongside the doppleganger motifs (two one-eyed owls, two rabbits), I believe that the Washuu and V wanted to create a new “Minotaur” in order to continuously gain support from the humans who believed that they were being protected from the One-Eyed King.

The Washuu were thrust into a position of political power among humans and ghouls alike– and they enjoyed it. So long as the masses didn’t discover that they were responsible for the initial creation of the first One-Eyed King, and so long as they played their cards right, they could continue to forever create enemies and acquire more wealth.

V and the Washuu may have come into power over a stupid secret: an affair which created a Minotaur.

V knew their secret, however, so they rung up a deal: they would share their power in secrecy, with knives at each other’s backs, and soon their efforts to create a new OEGhoul brought about the demi-human warriors like Arima, to be sicced on whatever “enemies” they could find until quinques were invented.

The original “Minotaur” may have survived “Theseus” (remember, if the Washuu are like Rize, they have some seriously powerful regeneration), or a new one-eyed ghoul may have been created or found. 

Either way, the original OEK was most likely a Washuu by blood who was driven into the ground by it’s own family, then used as a stepping stool to their power. It’s anger towards the CCG is something still harbored to this day, which is something shared between itself and the likes of other natural OEG’s like Eto. 

  • Jet Star: I currently have seven empty notebooks and I have no clue what to do with them. Suggestions?
  • Party Poison: Put power pup in it.
  • Jet Star: I am currently taking suggestions from everyone except for you.
  • Fun Ghoul: Put power pup in it.
  • Jet Star: I am currently taking suggestions from everyone except for the two of you.
  • Kobra Kid: Put power pup in it.
  • Jet Star: I am no longer taking suggestions.

anonymous asked:

If you look at Kaneki and Touka from a visual perspective they seem to be a yin yang with their cloths and hair are inverted.

Yin and Yang are generally considered to have feminine and masculine counterparts. 

Touka is feminine (she’s literally pregnant right now), while also being masculinely coded in a few ways. She looks very similiar to her brother, displays masculine traits like strength, decisiveness, and specifically in areas where Kaneki lacks.

Kaneki is literally a king right now. He’s the most powerful ghoul in existence, and climbed to the top of this succession after inheriting this position from his aging father and defeating him in a show of strength. He also fit in very well in the masculine hierarchy of the CCG, he rose to the second highest rank within three years. 

At the same time he’s coded feminine. Kaneki cares much more about personal relationships and finding fulfillment through emotional intimacy, he’s pure empathy, he uses a female ghoul’s specific kagune for his strength. 

Kaneki and Touka also complement each other backstory wise. Kaneki lost his father before he can remember, and is damaged by an incomplete attachment to his mother. Touka lost her mother before she can remember, and is damaged by an incomplete attachment to her father. They both disapprove of the way their parents treated them as lower priority than everything else. 

Kaneki has a tendency towards selfishness, Touka has a tendency towards self harming selflessness. They foil each other really well and are complimentary. They have the potential really, to either aggravate each other’s flaws, or bring out the best in each other. It’s my sincere hope that they’ll be able to bring out the best. 

That’s also literally all I know about Yin and Yang. Sorry, this happens to be a weak spot of mine. 

I really don’t wanna start a drama but i feel like i need to go out in defense of Kaneki this time? I’ve seen so many comments blaming him for what’s happening right now, that Touka will die because of him and i’m just… completely shocked? He’s not in a karaoke right now having fun with his friends while the rest of his friends are being slaughtered. He’s trying to get them the food that they need to survive and live another day. It’s true that this probably wasn’t the best moment to do this mission considering that Yoriko’s execution day was very close and Kaneki already expressed his concerns about it, but this mission was something they had to do sooner or later, and I think it was important for Kaneki to go with them. As a king, i’m not sure if it’s right for him to sit and start giving orders without moving a finger, he needs to be at the front and show his people that he cares enough to risk his own life for them, people need to see him working hard to provide them all the supplies that they need.

Kaneki left the 24th Ward in the hands of the most powerful ghouls of Goat: Yomo, the 0 Squad, The White Suits, Miza, Hinami… he made sure to leave Touka well protected, while he went out to the outside in the company of the “less” powerful ghouls like Banjou’s squad, Nishiki, Tsukiyama… so it’s not like the 24th Ward is completely unprotected.

And as for him not going back after having these weird bad feelings… the truth is that they’re just feelings. We do know what’s happening in the ward because we are the readers, but there’s no way for Kaneki to know what’s actually happening in there, and he can’t end this mission just because of his feelings, it’s very unprofessional and stupid, because they really need the food, so I think Kaneki’s decision to carry on the mission is the best thing he could do. What’s happening in the 24th Ward it’s not entirely his fault. He could have done things better, of course, but I don’t think this has anything to do with his mental issues or anything, let’s top blaming mental illness for every bad decision he makes. This was just a result of Furuta being a better strategist and let’s remember that Kaneki never chose to be the king, he’s just trying to do his best to protect the people he loves, as any of us would do in his place. 

Eden, Matthew and Milton


In the latest chapter, Tsukiyama makes a conspicuous reference to the garden of Eden. As I’ve made a post about before [x] there are other places in Tokyo Ghoul that can be considered a lost Eden, such as Anteiku to Kaneki.

The meaning of the name Anteiku is unknown, however it can be written as  安定区 in Kanji which literally means “peaceful ward” or “harmony zone”. It is a place, unlike the other wards that encourages nonviolent ghouls to live in harmony with humans. It’s a small paradise far removed from the world, and represents an ideal lifestyle that its inhabitants try to live, it is Eden.

Chapter 126 where Anteiku begins to make its last stand against the CCG is even named “Original Sin” after the first betrayal of mankind which caused them to be forced out of Eden.

In this regard though, Tsukiyama refers to the ability to simply dwell on the surface as a lost Eden. Even though beforehand, ghouls were hunted down same as ever, just with less efficiency.

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Chapter 141: The Eve of Parallels

So as @i-b-a-r-a-h-i-m-e told you in our answer to a recent ask, this chapter is crucial for the development of numerous characters, mainly for Hina-chan :,( 

So in this meta, I will try to explain my personal thoughts on the chapter for all the characters involved, and here I want to say that I do not share Viktoria’s opinion on HInami’s part in TG. For me she has always been of great importance and despite being used as a plot-device several times, her development and personal road are not to be neglected. Now here are my thoughts about these characters!

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