Funko - Fallout Mystery Minis!

12 figure blind box line up includes (bottom photo): 01. Vault Dweller, 02. Tunnel Snake, 03. Power Armor, 04. Ghoul, 05. Supermutant, 06. Raider, 07. Mysterious Stranger, 08. Black Widow, 09. Nerd Rage!, 10. Wired Reflexes, 11. Cyborg, & 12. Grim Reaper’s Sprint. 

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(Hmm. Y'know, I'm very curious to learn a little more about Souta's not-dad, Naota, so let's do that. Though, I may also have to be selfish and ask a silly question about Haruka as well~) ★ Do you remember interacting with Naota at all as a child, or did you just watch curiously from the shadows as he interacted with Mai? Do you wonder where he is now? ★ Have you ever stumbled upon Haruka doing something that you don't often see him do or noticed a quirk of his that he doesn't really admit to?

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★ Do you remember interacting with Naota at all as a child, or did you just watch curiously from the shadows as he interacted with Mai? Do you wonder where he is now?

“Who?” The name, it didn’t sound too familiar. But with the mention of Mai it helped speed up the process of shuffling through memories. Had his mom ever mentioned a guy called Naota? Maybe the name had slipped once or twice, but his memory was foggy and he couldn’t pinpoint when or where it had come up at. 

“Oh I-I think I remember..A man use to c-come and give Mai a b-box every now and again. H-he’d never s-stay long, s-so maybe he was just a d-delivery man? I-I was s-scared to go up to him b-but Mai always s-seemed happy when he came around.”

★ Have you ever stumbled upon Haruka doing something that you don’t often see him do or noticed a quirk of his that he doesn’t really admit to?

“Hmm..well I-I’ve got him dozed off at his desk a f-few times. D-do you mean something like that?” Which was such a cute sight to the ghoul. He never wanted to wake the boy up, knowing he needed the sleep after so much hard work. Instead he’d find a throw to drape across him, or if he felt brave that he wouldn’t wake him up, move him to the couch for a more comfortable position. “He’s s-sleeping face is really cute, l-like a angel.”

“As for q-q..quirks…M-most people might n-not realize it but he can still b-be childish sometimes. It’s cute to s-see that side of him, I l-like it. It’s n-not really a quirk b-but his s-smile is beautiful! He doesn’t smile often wh-when others are around, s-so seeing it makes me smile too.”

Here she is and she’s very posable, can’t stop finding new poses for her arms, the comic book inspired outfits are adorable, and she may have the most manageable hairdo of all the dolls.

My one complaint is that Mattel barely uses Wydowna for anything outside Power Ghoul comics, a couple wordless cameos in the 3D specials, and a guest appearance in the Ghoulfriends bookseries.

Is animating something with 6 arms in flash for the webseries really hard?

Plus I ship etoken because Kaneki is the main character and Eto is the other most important character in the series so.

Also they’re just so cute. Just look at how cute each of them are and then imagine how cute they’d be together. Reading books and being nerds and being the most powerful ghouls in the series and wrecking everything in their way and wow so cute.

tokyo ghoul tarot cards → the empress: abundance and creation

Touka has another card in the deck as well, but I felt like Touka is very much an empress in her own right and that’s why I also chose her for this card, particularly in her ghoul form. It’s alluded to in both the manga and the anime that at one point Touka was a very influential and powerful ghoul and that’s one of the reasons that I chose her for this card. Not to mention, the way she’s kind of mothering to Kaneki at first in the way she kind of forces him to eat and tries to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.

On the sweet Irony of the rivalry between Tatara and Houji and the tragedy of Seidou!

Entershikari So we know that Houji was a brilliant Ghoul Inspector who was sent to china to fight a powerful gang of Ghoul there the Chi She Lian Gang.

On the process he killed and made into Kagune two of Tatara subordinate among them Fei.

And now in :Re we’ve learn that Tatara captured Seidou and give him to Kanou in order to make him an owl.

So both Houji and Tatara transformed the subordinate of the other into weapons.

I love how every character has a cool backstory and that everything is somehow connected and tragic.

credits :  Entershikari reddit

Dread Ghoul

Dread ghouls are “only” cannibals and leaders of the same, instead of the rulers and villains who alter whole societies.  Still, they’re more powerful than regular ghouls, and a dread ghoul can compel lesser ghouls as easily as any ghast.  The character of a ghoul lord will leave a stamp on their minions, providing you with an easy explanation for why a group of ghouls acts the way it does.  A dread ghoul might even be a figure of terror to other ghouls, able to effortlessly dominate them when nearby, and rumors of one could drive normal ghouls to flight, pushing them into areas they don’t normally venture into.

Instead of being called up into the sky as he had imagined, a taiga giant shaman who led his warband into the service of the dark spirits who came to him in terrible whispers found himself dead of ghoul fever when he devoured a ghoul in one ferocious bite.  Now a ghoul lord, the shaman commands the remaining ghouls and the living and dead of his warband as he wages a fierce war to displace and consume the wendigo known as the Wind’s Calling Teeth, hoping to gain power over both sky and nightmare in the process.

Already cannibalistic and prone to eating other humanoids besides, dire corbies aren’t prone to ghoul fever.  The influence of a drow ghoul lord changed that, adopting the crow men as her servants after slaying a half-dozen and leaving them to rot and fester. Her dominance has suited them well, stabilizing the small flock and forcing them into a pecking order.  One has even learned to read.

After feeding on one of his fellow slaves to survive, the azer wizard Wasirigoth escaped from an efreeti chain gang.  Fleeing into the magma-soaked borderlands of the Elemental Planes of Earth and Fire, the azer’s transformation into a dread ghoul came when he slew one fellow azer, then another.  The malik, increasingly agitated at the escapee’s violent predations on his lands, is willing to pay mortals to deal with the problem.  He might even be willing to grant a wish without excessive tampering.

- Advanced Bestiary 86-88

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My Opinion on;

Character in general: Takumi is a straaaaange OC; you’ve got him written well. He’s a good mix of violent and over-the-top, with a heaping of grounded-ness about him. A powerful Ghoul with well-thought set-backs and shortcomings. 
How they play them: Her character; she plays him how she likes.

The Mun: Been RPing with her for years. 10/10 recommend.

Do I:

RP with them: Duh.
Want to RP with them: Well.

What is my;

Overall Opinion: Fucking great.

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty