3x custom frankie stein dolls. The swim frankie gets the outfit from the power ghoul…the alive frankie gets a new wig ( i really thinking now, that see looks better ;-)) and the i love fashion gets a new batz-monster high mix.

Hope you like it ;-)

mg :-)

Awkward hi

Please send me a message if you’re into one or more of these things:
- Pretty Little Liars (I almost ended season 1 so no spoilers please)
- American Horror Story (Season 4 isn’t on Netflix *sigh*)
- Shingeki no Kyojin (manga and anime)
- Tokyo Ghoul (only anime)
- Your Lie in April (I’m at like episode 12 so no spoilers)
- animes like AnoHana, Angel Beats!, Hetalia, Another, Corpse Party
- Free!
- cats
- Dan Howell
- Phil Lester
- Phan
- PewDiePie
- JackSepticEye
- Youtubers
- Youtube
- music - Fall Out Boy

So yeah, say hi to the awkward me

semepede asked:

21 w/ hidekane?

21: Jealous Kiss

Kaneki was cute. There was no denying that. Especially when he was gushing over one of his books or something that happened during the day. He would talk to Hide, wide-eyed and honest, over a cup of coffee in one of his favorite cafés. Hide, leaning his cheek into his palm, would nod and listen. Still, he would take the time to scan the room around them. Despite Kaneki being a powerful ghoul, he could sometimes be really oblivious to his surroundings, and being aware of surroundings was something Hide excelled at.

Kaneki may not have noticed the cute lady staring at them curiously, but Hide certainly did. Her gaze was not innocent in any way as she looked Kaneki up and down. Yes, his boyfriend was hot, even before he got all muscly and strong, except now he drew more attention.

Kaneki stuttered in surprise as Hide aggressively pressed their lips together, but quickly relaxed and sighed into the kiss. “What was that for?” He asked when they separated.

“You looked so adorable. I couldn’t resist.” Hide’s eyes slid back to the lady and found her gawking down at her phone. Good.

Blushing, Kaneki took a sip of his coffee and continued his story.

Send me a ship and a number!

anonymous asked:

Kijima mostly reminds me of that "Apple" ghoul. Do you really think V can have people inside the CCG?

Yeah Kijima does look a bit like Applehead.

As for V very little is known about the group. It has been hinted at however that V is a massive organization possibly one with controlling interest over the balance of power between humans and ghoul’s. If that’s the case it would weird for them not to have “agents” inside the CCG.

Hello! I just wanted to say that requests are open, so please ask me to draw somebody for you! 

I’ll be drawing things from the following fandoms: Hetalia, Tokyo Ghoul, Shingeki No Kyojin, Haikyuu, Free!, Fullmetal Alchemist, Pandora Hearts,Avatar and Pokemon’s gijinkas .

I can also color them with watercolors. That’s all!!
Ken Kaneki Deconstruction

A common interpretation in tokyo ghoul is that white hair kaneki represents the ghoul side of Kaneki and black hair represents his humanity but I think that’s a gross over simplification of Ishida’s writing?  Like he’s half-ghoul and half-human when he has black and white hair so those parallels aren’t as deep as Ishida could go with that distinction?  Like when Kaneki is getting tortured, his inner monologue explains that when Yamori injected him with those drugs that inhibited his ghoul powers that the only part of him sitting in that chair getting violated and tortured was his human side.  So I think that white hair kaneki rather than being his fierce ghoul side is actually the susceptible and desperate side to Kaneki which is just as valid as being his true self as his black haired incarnation which I think embodies his desire to be a good person and make something of his life he can be proud of according to what his mother instilled in him.  Then in :Re where we have Haise I think more than anything Haise is a reconciliation of black haired Kaneki and his desire to be a good sweet person.  The Centipede personality is the only original personality that survived the battle with Arima and I think again that version of Kaneki represents his sucsuptibility and desperation to be strong and useful to his friends.  For example, Centipede ONLY showed up in :Re when Haise was afraid he wasn’t strong enough  to save them from Serpent.  PLUS he was dressed in his torture room clothes, not his battle suit which is the only time he wore a kakuja mask.  His time in the torture room is where Kaneki experienced the most self-reflection and revelation and when he first became a kakuja was when he felt deeply confused and had just been shown how weak he was compared to Shachi that in order to satisfy the other part of his soul that was weak and afraid and wanted to be strong is that he had to embrace his ghoul side which is why Haise’s perception of the other side of himself has a kakuja mask and wears chains from the torture room.  Haise being afraid of Centipede/Kaneki just shows how deeply disturbed Kaneki is as an individual.  Given that the two factions of his own being were to be aware of each other shows that they would be in natural conflict and instead of coalescing into one self-accepting person they have a relationship where they feel one HAS to dominate the other for the body to survive which I think is not the totally correct thing to do because the kind caring and loyal version of Kaneki is JUST as valid as the version that resolved to become strong and heartless.  And then when Haise finally looks at Kaneki he sees a child because that same Kaneki in the torture chamber was just as small and prone to danger as that child, but seeing a child lowers Haise’s suspicions and fears which again shows how disturbed Kaneki is for a part of his brain to try and trick another part of his brain to gain dominance over the entire brain.

Dolls for Sale

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On re:

I cannot hate Sasaki.
He is the happiness Kaneki has always deserved. And I would hate to see his confidence and new aquaintances disappear. In a way, I like him more as a character and I am proud of his growth.
And I also just know that his memories will start to come back when he sees Tsukiyama. And I know that when he comes back, he can’t be Kaneki anymore. He will be more confident, he will be more powerful, he can still fall in love with Touka and theres a good chance he will be smart enough to still fight. He can still be the strong Kaneki everyone is waiting for.
And his place in the CGC, it gives him power. Many ghouls they get rid of are really a blight on their own communities. He can shift the focus. Just imagine what he would be capable of for his own kind by working quietly from the inside.
He can eventually dismantle them.
Sasaki is just as much growth as being tortured by Jason. Sasaki is the realization and the embodiement of ‘you are the one who belongs in both worlds’ . Regardless of whether he is Kaneki or Sasaki or both, this is where he is headed.

Now this, this is what we are waiting for.

roymustangy asked:

i feel you touken is my biggest notp ever and the reason it's so terrifying for me is because i can like SEE it becoming canon and kaneki and touka just don't have that spark for me and it seems forced and eauaugh

omg yeah same i really don’t want it to be canon, but i could see it heading in that direction, unfortunately. in my opinion (not to go all hidekane and compare ships or whatever) i just think the most important relationship for Kaneki is his relationship with Hide. Even if it would just be as friends, it would still have so much more meaning than Touken. Because Kaneki is a ghoul, and Hide is a human that accepts him no matter what. To be honest, the most powerful relationships in Tokyo Ghoul (and the only canon ones, for that matter) are the ones between humans and ghouls. Yoshimura and Yukina, Nishiki and Kimi, and Hide and Kaneki are so important. Those are the relationships that show the most unconditional love. And there are parallels between Yoshimura/Yukina and Hide/Kaneki. I feel like the main point of TG is to show how stupid prejudices are, since humans and ghouls are pretty much exactly the same besides a few biological differences. Just like in our world, they discriminate against each other for stupid reasons that are beyond their control. And I feel like :re will have Haise (or Kaneki) try to act as the bridge between the ghoul world and the human world. Now that he has friends on both sides, he could try to “make the world right.” What person would be better to do that with him but Hide. Hide and Kaneki’s friendship would show everyone that ghouls and humans can coexist in peace. He is just so so so so important and I don’t know where I’m going with this anymore. But yeah I just don’t feel like Kaneki and Touka are compatible? They both care about each other, and that’s for sure, but when Kaneki cares about people, he pushes them away. He pushed Touka away to protect her, and she got mad at him for that. He pushed Hide away even more, but Hide didn’t care and accepted him anyway. Which is why I like hidekane so so much, it is full of acceptance and it is the definition of unconditional love. (Not trying to compare Touka and Hide, i love them both). I just.. meh. Touken isn’t my cup of tea. But I just feel like it might become canon because TG ended with Touka saying “I believe in him. I believe that he will return to Antieku,” and of course they’re opposite genders and basically everything ends with the main male character and main female character liking each other. Despite their interactions and the possibility that touken could be canon, i just don’t see any chemistry. Kaneki needs someone who will accept him, make him feel good about himself, and never make him feel alone. Truly, the only person capable of making Kaneki feel actual happiness is Hide. (I feel like i really compared touka/hide i didn’t mean to, i’m just trying to explain why i don’t see the “spark” between kaneki/touka)

castitatli asked:

gently laces a flower within her hair. but oh, she wasn't alone! one could say that they were destined to be flower sisters, with matching flowers as well.

    the blonde’s hair is pinned up by bobby pins and flowers, and her irises showed the bright, vivid colors of a rainbow as she continued to pluck flowers from their stems, using her gift to bring them eternal life, so laei could treasure them for time to come. she delicately touches the petals before tucking them in the other girl’s hair, creating a careful, living circlet.