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Urie plays a game.

(I bark. I bite)

Or, 5560 words of Urie Kuki/Washuu Matsuri one-sided pre-slash


I want to feature this manga so badly! Bungou Stray Dogs is definitely the next big thing! (It kinda reminds me of Tokyo Ghoul and Psycho-pass). The story is exhilirating (even though new characters pop out every now and then) and as of this month, it has 22 chapters. The sharpness and details of the art is really beautiful (kudos to Asagiri-sensei). What’s more…there is going to be an anime adaptation to be released this year! The PV is AWESOME! This is something to look forward to!

TG Spoiler discussion

With the past chapter I’m almost certain now that the idea of the “One Eyed King” was just a lie put into place by Eto in order to bait someone under certain circumstances to become a “One Eyed King”(essentially an incredibly powerful ghoul that may even surpass her). Given that she was involved with pretty much every crucible Kaneki faced in the story, she’s basically been grooming him since the accident to be the One Eyed King. Whatever reason she had for doing this (probably combating the CCG or V) there’s no denying Kaneki is going to be a much more monumental factor in the Human/Ghoul relations than we realize.

The One-Eyed King is...?
"The parent organization that eventually became CCG was founded 
over 100 years ago, in response to the appearance of an extremely powerful one-eyed ghoul. Powerful enough that humanity had to 
join hands to defeat it. In the past, the appearance of the 
one-eyed ghoul was a portent of great change." 
- Eto, Tokyo Ghoul :re, Chapter 61

How old is Furuta? Mid-20s maybe? His birthday is on February 29th, which is Leap Day. Leap Day occurs every 4 years. For argument’s sake let’s assume he’s 25 years old.

25 X 4 = 100

The One-Eyed King was defeated, but was he actually killed? One can lose a battle, but still survive. If I missed something let me know.

Maybe Furuta is the first One-Eyed King and Kaneki is to be the 2nd One-Eyed King?

The other night mo-cchan pointed out the number 5 on Arima’s sleeve in the last panel of Chapter 61 and how the roman numeral 5 is V. This reminded me of Souta’s trump card, the 5 of Hearts while all the other Clowns are 8s.

The number 5 also symbolizes man, human. Which makes me wonder if Souta is a human member of V and him & Furuta are two completely different people involved with V. Besides, when you look at the shape of Souta’s head he doesn’t even look remotely like Furuta.

I dunno. Just throwing my thoughts out there as I try to figure this out. Take it with a grain of salt.

Sorry for rambling.


Arima is the most mysterious character in Tokyo Ghoul, so him having ties to the most mysterious organization isn’t that much of a long shot. If you’re wondering what this has to do with kaneki, the Manager was a member of V at one point so they obviously recruit powerful “ghouls” so the reasonable thing to believe is they have set their sights on Kaneki for recruitment.
The one thing that’s never changed about Kaneki is his lingering ambitions to crush Aogiri, think about it ; doesn’t V have those same ambitions?

Kanou and the OEK

Could Kanou have tried to make one-eyed kings ? (yes, with an s)

To make powerful half-ghouls that could take the lead in destruction of the “twisted bird-cage”

Maybe Kaneki is the only ok product (not a failure) because he is both a decent human and a decent ghoul, he thinks by himself and is somehow a good (potential) leader ? Also the torture didn’t make him lose his mind like Seidou or Karren (although it really wasn’t good for his mental health)

The failures : without considering the ones who died or became monsters because of the surgery, Seidou is pretty much broken, Kurona doesn’t really have the power to lead people and Amon… is MIA)

Eto is grooming the only one who wasn’t a failure ? Maybe ?

tg re 61: so the one-eyed king is...

…basically just a figurehead - a one-eyed ghoul who’s strong enough to cause change.

at this point, it could be arima and/or kaneki.

one-eyed kings seem to be something that could be changed??? CCG and Kanou can both be on a race to create a OEK (or create the most powerful one-eyed ghoul, who could then be a king). so arima could be a OEK from an older generation, and haise is going to be the new OEK once he’s able to defeat arima. or something.

in any case, KISHOU-SAN. *___* if someone could tell me why i like arima so much, that would be much appreciated. hot megane shinigamis asdfghkjl


Look who I found at my local target omg, i hadn’t found her there before and I was so shocked to find her..but I’m thinking of selling her bc I’ve only planned on purchasing the signature doll of each mh character and some variations (sweet screams, power ghouls, scary tales and gloom and bloom), if anyone is interested in her you can let me know but idk if I could ship her to anywhere but Australia :(

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More wandering, more squandering.

damnedflame asked:

“The world runs on power. Everything is determined by the superior power.”

Tokyo Ghoul sentence starters || Closed

“Well, I suppose that bodes well for us then, doesn’t it?” Sasuke had dropped by the classroom unexpectedly after school. At first he had been hesitant, almost backing out twice, but now Iruka had him pinned down with a steaming cup of tea. 

The probationary ninja had made it all the way here for one reason or another, and Iruka was not about to let him chicken out at the last second. “Going by that logic, unity is more powerful than chaos, and love is more powerful than hatred.” The teacher is not sure he agrees with the statement, but he humors Sasuke, giving him the opportunity to clarify or correct Iruka’s response and, hopefully, guiding the young man to whatever point it was he was trying to make. 

❝Y’know what’s really annoying? I just remembered we had a set of raider power armor sat back at base, that I’ll never get to wear. The only chance I ever got to wear armor, and I quit before I could get it.❞