Supernatural Powers of The Signs

Aries:  Biokinesis; The power to heal or perform other biological manipulation, such as stopping a human heart

Taurus: Animation; the ability to bring souls back from the dead

Gemini: Clairaudience; the ability to hear sounds coming from the spiritual realm

Cancer: Telepathy; the ability to read the minds, thoughts and feelings of others

Leo: Power Absorption; the ability to absorb another beings powers, leaving them defenseless and drained

Virgo: Psychometry; the ability to see an objects history by touching it

Libra: Glamourization; the ability to make others see what you want them to see

Scorpio: Necromancy; the ability to communicate with the deceased

Sagittarius: Bilocation; the ability to be in two places at once

Capricorn: Astral Projection; the ability to separate one’s astral body outside of one’s physical body

Aquarius: Atmokinesis; the ability to manipulate the weather (creating storms, tornadoes, fog..)

Pisces: Therianthropy; the ability to shapeshift or make your physical body unrecognizable

Asexual Powers MasterList

This is a notice from the Asexual Initiative so as to help asexuals who are not sure of their abilities in a quick and orderly fashion.

Important Information

What are the powers of a ____?


Chapter 2/12 - EXO Planet Recruits A/U: Chanyeol (Pyrokinesis)
“I’m taking my chances with him. He was the enemy’s toy afterall. They raised him, developed his powers and took it all away when they didn’t need him anymore. He spent all these years getting those powers back, so this kid clearly has an agenda. He wants to kill. To destroy his creators. He’s been raised to believe the only form of justice is annihilation. If we can’t change his mindset, he’ll eventually become our enemy.”

Summing up the shows

Supernatural: Two brothers start hunting the occult end up in a soap opera that never ends

The 100: Showing that teenage girls make for far better rulers then old white men

Orphan Black: A precious little hobbit finds out she has sisters in the most unusual of ways. Also French bisexual puppy

Agent Carter: is perfection. Is everything

Legend of Korra: The Anthropomorphic personification of an uber powerful god like creature is going through her teenager years and doing all the usual things. Stopping communist, starting civil wars, bringing down tyrants and falling for a girl

Arrow: Up to season 3 a fun modern super hero show with a lovely core family. From season 3 aka the post Sara Lance period utter crap that barely keeps it together

Hawaii 5-0: There should be no laws for the police. The only way to get things done is to give them absolute power and let them do whatever they want

Sense8:  What will happen if instead of internet friendships we got telepathic friendships.

Legend of the Seeker: Basically Xena although the lesbians are not just implied but shown

The Flash: Precious cinnamon roll gets superpowers ends up doing well until the end when he screws up enormously

Faking it: Ever tried to help your best friend with something only to end falling in love with her,realizing you are a lesbian and embarking on a complicated and ridiculously weird journey

Dead Like Me: bored sarcastic aimless teenager is killed by a falling space station. Becomes a grim reaper. Is still a bored sarcastic aimless teenager but slightly more angry

Person of Interest: Ok here is the plan. We pretend that this show is your usual procedural with a  slight twist and then we lay down for a while till the network doesn;t suspect anything and bham. Social issues, well developed female characters, anti goverment messages, discussing humanity and so much more

Once Upon a Time: What happens if you combines amazingly rich and iconic characters with incredibly talented and charming actors and with horrible writers

Carmilla: Tiny curious gay hobbit falls for an useless broody lesbian vampire

Community: An accurate representation of college

IZombie: A sarcastic tiny zombie solves crimes by eating the brains of murder victims and absorbing their memories and personalities. Also has shirtless Arthur. if you have loved Veronica Mars you will adore this

Leverage: Hardened criminals look at how fucked up our society is and go “ Holy shit come on’ and start fighting for the people by taking down corporations and other assholes

Lost Girl: It’s like Buffy but the main characters uses her vagina significantly more. Especially on women

Fringe: Say why not break the universe and watch as things get really weird? Also there is a cow as a supporting character

Sherlock: An anti social …sociopath  whom everybody tolerates for no obvious reason gets a grumpy doctor to obsess over him. He solves cases that are so badly written that you cringe when you say them outloud. Is a crappy show but the actors are so charming and talented that you can’t help but watch it

Orange is the New Black: Tumblr chick goes to prison remembers how much she loves girls, realizes that she is engaged to a pie fucker

Teen Wolf: ridiculously buff boys in their mid twenties play teeangers who are constantly shirtless due to being werewolves. Women tend to get screwed over a lot. Guilty pleasure for a lot of people

Rizzoli & Isles: Come for the cool female friends who solve crime together stay for your lesbian headcannon

Penny Dreadful: You know how sometimes you imagine crazy things like Frankenstein and an American Werewolf getting together and hunting down Dracula with the girl who is being stalked by Satan? Yeah…you should watch this show. It has Eva Greeen and Billie Piper

Game of Thrones: Blood and Boobs. Also ice zombie(so far we haven’t seen female ice zombie boobs but it’s just a matter of time)

Merlin: A world in which  emotional readiness of Arthur is more important then continued genocide and the destruction of a poor precious woman who only wanted the good of everybody. Yes I am still bitter

Vampire Diaries/ Originals: Here we have some incredibly toxic people and relationships. Worship them

Haven:X-Files the small town version

Happy Endings: It’s like Friends if black and gay people existed there. And if Friends had much better writers

Outlander: A woman from the 20th century travels back in time to the year 1743. Can’t stop herself from constantly telling people to fuck off

Elementary: An accomplished woman helps a broken detective gets his life together and shuts the shit out of him down when he is rude. She finds detective work fun and becomes a detective herself. Natalie Dormer appears halfway through the show and fucks you up with her perfection

Misfits: What will happen if you get superpowers

Being Human: A werwolf, a vamire and a ghost decide to become roomates. Yes it’s exactly as hilariously awesome as you think  P.S : You will end up crying a lot

Powers: The first realistic representation of what the world will be like if things like Superheroes and Super villains have existed for decades

Doctor Who: Starts out with a sad ancient alien teaching his humans companions that everyone is special and everything matters . Halfway through it suddenly changes to pointless stunts that make no sense but look pretty

The Signs as witch/wizard powers

Aries - Aries allows strength-based abilities, like fire manipulation, and plain strength manipulation

Taurus - Taurus uses endurance or power-based abilities, such as enhanced endurance/stamina. As an element they can have earth manipulation.

Gemini - has replication type magic, and uses air as an elemental force

Cancer - Cancer has things like ability constriction and manipulation of others. Also can use water manipulation and aquatic respiration 

Leo - Leo can control animals minds, and has superhuman senses, and enhanced reflexes. their element is fire

virgo - Virgo can heal and regenerate. Their element is earth

Libra - Libra has the power of enhanced intelligence, and their element is air.

Scorpio - Scorpio uses poison like powers, and controls things like poisonous insects and reptiles. They use water as a element.

Capricorn - Can use earth powers, manipulate the ground and environment

Sagittarius - They have enhanced crafts as a magical skill, which means accuracy, hunting and creating things like potions. They control fire

Aquarius - Aquarius has water type magic, with water ice and sometimes air as a power.

Pisces - Pisces has water magic and illusion, which can confuse others minds in what they see.

The Signs Powers and Struggles (FOR A STORY)

Aries: strength/speed
Struggles with: ADHD

Taurus: ability to blend into surroundings when sitting for a long time.
Struggles with: anxiety

Gemini: projection
Struggles with: bipolar

Cancer: empathy
Struggles with: nervous breakdowns

Leo: lion changing ability
Struggles with: insecure

Virgo: ability to tell when someone is lying and what the truth is
Struggles with: Aspergers

Libra: ability to balance others out
Struggles with: social anxiety

Scorpio: seducing powers
Struggles with : addict

Sagittarius: really awesome aim
Struggles with: running away

Capricorn: time changers
Struggles with: Depression

Aquarius: ability to control water
Struggles with: trouble following rules

Pisces: ability to project their dreams or thoughts
Struggles with: focus problems

List of Official Superpower Names

This isn’t a massive list of all superpowers, abilities, magic, and whatnot. But it’s a start, listing the most common ones, some variations of them and a few unique ones. Sometimes I tend to forget what a certain ability might be called, or I can’t think of an alternative name for it. So this list is a way to make it easier on me and it helps as well to remind me of what other powers there are, that I can try out for my original characters.

It is recommended that you take advantage of the CTRL+F function on your keyboard. It will make searching for a particular superpower much easier. Also you can click on the footnotes for further information on the powers, such as their limitations and examples of characters with the particular ability.

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