The full team of Boom Studios Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Pink from MegaCon 2017. Had a blast being a part of this amazing team, a first for me. I look forward to wearing the suit again! (I’m the Blue!)

Morphenomenal Photo Credit goes to @victorieuxphotography 

When they are getting ice cream they normally go on an adventure to get some. When they get there they start fighting about the colors.

Kim and Zack argue against Trini and Jason saying they should be able to get any color they want, whereas Jason and Trini argue against Zack and Kim saying they should get their respective colors… And Billy is just sitting there, a Red ice cream in hand.

In the end the Boys get the other guys colors, Zack gets blue Jason gets black Billy gets red, and the girls switch their colors, Kim gets yellow and Trini gets pink.

After getting ice cream they walk around the park, and while Trini is talking to Billy and Zack, Jason urges Kim to finally ask Trini out, stating they are both head over heels in love with each other (why else would they both get each others color).

Trini then walks over obliviously asking Kim, “Out of all the colors you could’ve gotten, why did you choose mine?” and Kim, being smooth af, replies with, “Because I love eating yellow.” Trini then turns into Jason’s suit color, Zack doubles over laughing, Jason slowly claps at her, and Billy is confused.

If someone uses this idea credit me. I will find you.

Headcanon: Zack enjoys the time he spends playing chess with his mother, even though he always loses to her every time without fail. When Billy discovered his liking of the game he demanded that they play against each other. Zack won. Though, the rest of the rematches they play have been very mixed; they discovered they are fairly evenly matched.