PPG Movie, Serious VS Funny

Another PPG movie factoid. When we started the film I was encouraged by CN to make the movie for “25 year old guys.” So we upped the seriousness and action and down played the funny. By the time we finished there was a regime change at CN and the new heads of the Network were upset we didn’t make a poppy, colourful kids movie.

This is why I stay in TV and avoid features, too many politics in movies.


Speaking of the PPG movie, I was doing a bit of spring cleaning and I came across a box of these crew jackets I had made for everyone who worked on the film. Most projects have a production number assigned to them for billing and business purposes and PPG-801 was our production number for the movie. Mike Lazzo at CN said it was the best crew gift he ever received. 


PPG Movie- Tag Scene

Ah yes the Power Puff Girls stepped their game up in the movie.


Logo comparison, from top to bottom:

  1. Whoopass Stew logo
  2. The Powerpuff Girls original logo
  3. The Powerpuff Girls Movie and Post-McCracken logo
  4. The Powerpuff Girls Z logo
  5. The Powerpuff Girls 2016 logo
  6. The Powerpuff Girls (PPGmac) film and TV show logo
  7. The Powerpuff Girls 2 logo
  8. The Powerpuff Girls 3 logo
  9. The Rowdyruff Boys spin-off film and brand logo

Nothing special. This is just made to compare official logos to mine, or each other.

Faust’s Writing Credits

Someone on Twitter, kind of a smart alec, was questioning why I liked Lauren Faust’s work so much and why I felt she should be in charge of a project (ignoring the fact she’s done so twice to huge acclaim). I pointed out that she was a writer on a LOT of projects and after looking back over them, a lot of them were some of my personal faves, if not the best in the series. At the very least they’re some of the most remembered.

So I thought I’d share the love by showing off her Writing Credits. XD

The Powerpuff Girls: (written and/or storyboarded)

Equal Fights


Moral Decay (with Craig McCracken)

Stray Bullet (with Shellie Kvilvang )

Keen on Kean (directed with Craig McCracken)

Monstra-City (with Carey Yost)

Twas Fight Before Christmas (with Craig Lewis)

The Powerpuff Girls Movie (with Charlie Bean, Craig McCracken, Paul Rudish, and Don Shank)

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends:

House of Bloo’s (Storyboarded with Craig McCracken, Brian Larzen, Chris Dent)

Store Wars

World Wide Rabbit

Who Let the Dogs In?

Everyone Knows It’s Bendy

Sight for Sore Eyes

Frankie My Dear (writer and storyboarder) (One of her Faves)

Mac Daddy (writer and with storyboarding by her and Chris Dent)

Go Goo Go (writer and co-director with Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle)

Crime after Crime (writer and co-director with Robert Alvarez and Paul O'Flanagan)

Land of the Flea (written by her and Adam Pava and co-director with Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle)

A Lost Claus (One of her Faves)

Cuckoo for Coco Cards (written with Cindy Marrow)

Challenge of the Super Friends

Bus the Two of Us (written with Meghan McCarthy)

The Big Cheese

Good Wilt Hunting (One of her Faves)

Cheese A Go-Go (written with Darrick Bachman)

Something Old, Something Bloo (written with Kirk Thatcher)

The Bride to Beat (written with Chris Savino)

Affair Weather Friends (written with Cindy Morrow)

The Little Peas (written with Darrick Bachman) 

Pranks for Nothing (written with Darrick Bachman) 

Destination Imaginination (written with Tim McKeon) (Won a Primetime Emmy!)

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

MLP Bible (One of her Faves)

Friendship is Magic (Part 1 & 2)

Ticket Master (with Amy Keating Rogers)

Wander Over Yonder

The Egg (written with Craig McCracken)

The Fugitives (written with Johanna Stein)

The Prisoner (written with Greg White)

The Troll (written with Greg White)

The Hat (written with Johanna Stein)

The Little Guy (written with Ben Joseph and co-director with Craig McCracken)

The Liar (written with Mike Chapman, Francisco Angones, and Amy Higgins)

Super Best Friends Together:

All 5 Shorts

Them’s Fightin’ Herds:

The New Story, Characters, and Setting

Prologue - Powerpuff Girls Reboot

—The City of Townsville! Residing in the state of North Carolina, the city seems peaceful and wonderful from an outside view.  Many, if not all the civilians (or “Townsies” as I’d like to call them) are very positive and multi-cultured people. They always bear a smile on their faces no matter the weather outside, and are always looking for each other.

But when you look deeper within the city… that is when you learn the bad side of Townsville. Crime has become a concerning issue ever since last year’s election, with the police force becoming weaker and weaker, and the criminals becoming tougher and tougher. No matter what the justice system tries to put an end to the rising crime rate, it just can’t stop the crime rate from constantly growing.

The people have seeked the US Army for help, to ensure that the issues are solved sooner than later; but the Army was nothing like the police force. They knew they were fighters of the outside world and not the world within. However, Commander Ballistic didn’t completely ignore the issues. He assigned his childhood friend and mad scientist named Professor Utonium to create a group of supersoldiers to answer the Townsies’ call on stopping the issue of crimes. He gave him the main source material, the Chemical X, to add on the ingredients for supersoldiers.

…And although the Professor agreed, he had a more personal plan in mind, which may intervene with his work of supersoldiers.