powerpuff warriors

Current status of a lot of cartoons right now:

Gravity Falls: Honoured death after saving the Universe
Over the Garden Wall: Lived intensely, died young
Steven Universe: recovering from the (Steven)bombing
Star vs the Forces of Evil: In coma after the Great Castle Nuke
Rick and Morty: Planning to break out of hiatus jail
Miraculous Ladybug: Might have killed half the fanbase and is now in hiatus jail
Adventure Time: Somebody please hand me a report I lost track of what’s going on here

Returning titles from ancient times:

Samurai Jack: “In the year -1 000 000 000, Jack might not have been here. In the distant future that is Aku, Jack was here, and he tried to change things.”
Powerpuff Girls: there’s something really different about you but I can’t put my finger on it and it’s really unsettling but whatever
Teen Titans Go: away. Please.
My Little Pony: in hiatus jail due to overdosing a foal with Mary Sueness

Internet celebrities:

Bee and PuppyCat: not quite existing in some interdimensional rift between eternal hiatus and imminent cancellation
Bravest Warriors: showed signs of recovery after a long time in the UPS. We hope for the best.

Episodic comedy middle school students:

Gumball: still the classroom’s clown that occasionally offends someone with darker humour
We Bare Bears: still the adorable nerd with a furry obsession
Clarence: still the kid that gets good grades even though they don’t pay attention to the class because they’re too busy laughing at the classroom’s clown

And then there’s:

Uncle Grandpa: That weird middle aged man in a trenchcoat selling illegal stuff at the shady alley next to the Toon School that manages to stay out of jail for unknown reasons
Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents: used to be cool kids but bought the stuff from the trenchcoat man and now they’re addicted hobos
The Other Kingdom: some weirdo who escaped Live-Actionville, Nickelodeon and is trying to take Star vs.’ place, what are you doing here please go away


Fan promo from Toonami: Pre-Flight.

Powerpuff Z Warriors. Nice job Rachel E. S. !!