powerpuff girls 2013

I don't understand why people are so negative and against rebooting old cartoons!

Seriously, why is it such a big fucking deal that Powerpuff Girls is coming back in September? Sure, the art is different, but so what? POWERPUFF GIRLS, DUDE.

Also, what’s with all the hate against Teen Titans Go! ? It’s a spin off of the art style in old comics that came out around the same time as the original series while it aired on Cartoon Network. I find Go! hilarious, because it’s cutesy and still have the original cast.

People just need to shut the fuck up and keep their opinions reasonable until the show is out and they can watch it, and critique it correctly.


The New Powerpuff Girls

Okay I think we all need to cool our tits. I honestly don’t see why EVERYONE is hating on this new design. It’s a NEW design. The characters are being reimagined. Of course they’re not the same, especially since Craig McCracken supposedly isn’t part of the project. No one hated Lauren Faust when she completely recreated the look of the 80’s My Little Pony with Friendship is Magic, in fact quite the opposite actually. I grew up with the powerpuff girls; I was Buttercup on the playground in frist grade. I personally think the new design is cool. I think it’s modern and i think the choppiness is fun. We should be grateful the show’s coming back AT ALL! And we should be happy that maybe a younger audience can enjoy the girls just as we did. So let’s just all shut up, aight?