powerpoints in comics sans

college gothic
  • someone in your class mentions communism. they speak about it at length. you are in biology class.
  • you text your mother. she does not respond for 3 days. you text her again and then realize that it has only been 2 hours since your first text.
  • freshmen travel in packs. what are they afraid of.
  • your class is in room 153. the numbers start at 201. you cannot find the first floor.
  • someone is talking about communism. it is not the same person as last time. this is an english class.
  • your transcript says you have an A in philosophy 3310. you do not remember taking this class. what did you learn? what did you do?
  • you meet your elevator buddy. you do not speak. you never do. you ride in silence. one day, they are not there. you miss them.
  • your advisor refers you to the registrar. the registrar refers you to admissions. admissions refers you to both the registrar and your advisor. you have spoken to two people who do not exist and one who has been dead for ten years.
  • the boy who sits next to you wears the same clothes everyday. you think this is strange but when you mention it, he tells you that this is the first time he has worn this outfit. you realize that you have lived this day before.
  • you pass someone sleeping in the quad. he has always been there. stop looking at him.
  • someone answers, “communism.” it is not someone who has been previously mentioned. the question was, “what is an example of the art of ancient greece?”
  • you have a doppelganger on campus. you have never met them. they know all of your friends.
  • the seniors speak only to professors. their eyes are dead. they have given up the safety of the pack long ago.
  • the professor is talking about STD’s. your math class is very strange.
  • the powerpoint is in comic sans. you suspect that your economics professor is an extraterrestrial being after all.
  • “communism,” the man serving you lunch insists. wearily you nod. that’s what everyone says.

i need someone to make one of those like comic sans slideshow/powerpoint posts about why queer tumblr should love Stephanie Rice. That’s what I need. 

Why you should read the Bartimaeus books: A presentation by me

I’m not going to make a powerpoint with comic sans or anything, but I would like to call a series of books to your attention.

They were a trilogy back when I was younger, although I believe there’s a prequel out now that I never got my hands on. They’re written by Jonathan Stroud, and while the thickness of their spine might put you off (it took me a few tries to get through the first one, since I was a lot younger) they’re worth it. 

Have you ever found secret magical societies like the one in Harry Potter suspicious? If people had special powers that set them above the rest, would they really slip away and hide? Where there is power, it will be abused. Stroud takes that to extremes. The British Empire is ruled by a class of magicians, who use their powers to keep commoners down and run things to suit themselves (while they’re not politically scheming and trying to stab their rivals in the back). Their power comes from spirits from the Other Place, who they summon, bind, and command using complex spells and rituals. The spirits don’t like this, and they seek any way they can to escape their bonds, but mostly they are bound to the magicians’ will.

The first novel, the Amulet of Samarkand, follows an ambitious magician’s apprentice, Nathaniel, as he summons a djinni to get revenge on a magician who humiliated him. Events soon spin outside his control, and he is sucked into a mess of mayhem, murder, and political plotting. The following novels (The Golem’s Eye and Ptolmey’s Gate) include more political maneuvering and attempted coups, although Nathaniel has since risen to a place within the government himself. The books also follow a rising tide of rebellion among the commoners, until everything collides.

The characters are all compelling, if not always likable. Readers get to watch as Nathaniel slowly becomes corrupted by the government. (A particularly clever naming convention hammers this home. Pay attention to when he’s called by which name. For bonus points, check out who refers to spirits by it vs he/she.) He’s a pretty big asshole for a large portion of the novels.

His favored spirit, Bartimaeus, is also kind of an asshole, but he’s a fantastic one. Years of serving humans has made him view most of our race with a jaundiced eye (save for one notable exception), and his commentary on human foolishness is hilarious and frequently on point. He schemes to thwart his master’s wishes while also saving his own skin, but beneath his constant stream of witty observations and snarky one-liners, he shows some shreds of decency.

Kitty, who appears most often in books two and three, is a well-meaning rebel who gets in over her head, but I don’t want to say too much about her. Spoilers. Suffice to say, she is the most moral of the three, despite her tendencies toward acts of domestic terrorism.

The worldbuilding in these books is fascinating and the plots move quickly once you get into them, but the real draw for me is watching the characters bounce off each other. There is no romantic arc (which I appreciate), and watching characters struggle with resentment, disdain, rivalry, and eventually grudging respect is lots of fun. Plus, Bartimaeus supplements his sections with footnotes that are not to be missed. Trust me. The guy is a riot… until you hit his tragic backstory, anyway.

If you’re into fantasy or really any book with amusing characters and action mixed with humor, give them a try.  

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headcannon that enjolras is a really emotional. like someone will ask if he's okay and he's just like "no, not enough people love feuilly"

Enjolras would be a freaking WRECK about Feuilly. Imagine a meta Enjolras, on tumblr, seeing the lack of Feuilly posts and writing a 1K essay about how awesome Feuilly is, making a powerpoint on how great Feuilly is in comics sans because that is serious BUSINESS :

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We need a xiulay vs pigeons prompt 👀 something where pigeons are trying to take over the world (or so they think) and since everyone else it's useless it's just xiulay against the birds from hell and they're really scared the whole time.

“That wasn’t so bad,” Yixing takes a deep breath after running thirty miles away from the pigeons, screaming every step of the way.

“Pure evil,” Minseok comments, shivering at the thought of the birds flying dangerously close to his beautiful face.

“Have you ever noticed how desensitized pigeons are to humans?” Yixing asks. “They aren’t afraid.”

“Maybe because,” Minseok gets closer to Yixing’s ear and whispers, “we should be afraid of them.

Yixing and Minseok turn in unison and the camera zooms in on their faces.


“And so that is why pigeons are trying to take over the world,” Yixing concludes a powerpoint presented entirely in comic sans titled, Pigeons:Fowl or foe? he and Minseok prepared for their leader.

Junmyeon sighs seven times, one sigh for each year of strenuous training he endured for–this general thing. Jongdae stands up and claps, knocking over his chair.

“Guys,” Junmyeon rubs a hand over his face, “Pigeons are not trying to take over the world.”

Minseok screams, “He’s with the pigeons!” Yixing flips the table over for dramatic effect and runs out of the room, only to return and right the furniture because he feels bad.


Yixing and Minseok eye the pigeons across the park resting near the fountain. “We’re just going to tell them we know their plan and we know they can understand us.”

Minseok agrees, “After you, Yixing.”

“No, no. After you.”

Then they stand there for six hours because neither are brave enough to approach the flying creatures. Eventually, Junmyeon sends Kyungsoo to collect them.

“Look,” he tries after Minseok and Yixing hide in the nearest bush away from him. “The pigeons care about you. Sometimes people, or in this case pigeons, don’t know how to convey their emotions and wind up pushing those they are deeply fond of away.”

“He’s with the pigeons too! Twitter? Tweeting? All part of the pigeons’ plan! Wake up people!” says Yixing in alarm. Minseok adds, “Is no one safe?”

Luckily, Kyungsoo came with a plan B. “What would you say if I knew how to keep the pigeons out of your space?” Minseok and Yixing slowly emerge from the leafy covering, adhering to caution.

Kyungsoo fetches Baekhyun and leads him toward the pigeons. Then Baekhyun opens his mouth and before he can even make a sound, the pigeons scatter and fly away. Then they all give a group high five and go get pizza or something and that’s it.

alternative insults you should use instead of shitty ableist terms:

  • wet noodle
  • bad 2006 naruto fanfic
  • annoying uneven flooring
  • wobbly table
  • soggy loaf of bread
  • middle school powerpoint presentation about canadian history
  • human embodiment of the comic sans font
  • meninist


sexydowney and shakespearee present you the French meme!

What is it?

Margot and I recently realized that France was not very well represented on Tumblr and we decided that it was about time to be proud of our country! TFM is dedicated to all the French but also the non-French tumblr users around here! We feel like our country may be a little mystery so this could be a way to discover it!

What does it consist of?

You can post an image / edit / gif (no repost please!) / fanart / video / song etc. … of:

[1] comic sans powerpoint about France  
[3] french movies
[1] french comedy
[1] french dramatic movie
[1] french male actor
[1] french female actress
[3] french songs
[1] french male singer / band
[1] french female singer / band
[2] french artists (sculptors, painters, writers etc.)  
[2] french art pieces / monuments
[1] french athlete
[3] french towns
[3] typical french places
[3] french dishes
[3] french pastries / pies / candies
[4] french facts 

I like the idea! How do I participate?

Simply tag the meme with “The French Meme” within your 5 first tags and we’ll check your stuff out! 

I’m not French but I still want to do the meme, can I do it?

Omg, yes absolutely, of course! We’d love to see some non-french point of views!

Please, reblog / like / share this post to spread the word to our French fellows! 

Any more questions? Drop them here or here!