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When Louis' free and able to share what he's been working on and his future plans, I'm gonna be front and center with my pen and paper, listening happily as he does his PowerPoint presentation with fancy green and blue lasers ...

Oh me too. I can’t freaking wait to see what he’s got in store. So excited.

I think I finished the report on my internship holy shit

it’s three pages long and I feel like I could’ve talked about more stuff but I dunno. could be good like that too

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I'm trying to come out to my parents as ace and my therapist recommends a PowerPoint or something that answers all the questions you'll know they will ask, and help those with anxiety who might freeze when questions are asked. So maybe this could help anyone else who wants to come out to others too.

that sounds like a cool idea!

- Alex

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Trisha... I was in my war and terrorism class and we were talking about wwii and our teacher used a picture of Nix looking lovingly at Dick in his PowerPoint and I freaked out omg

Omfg I would have freaked out too, man. It would have been…startling? To see my faves in such a random way? But cool at the same time!!!! (I often forget that the BoB guys were actual people before they became characters.) What was the context? 

im doing a really brief powerpoint abt sylvia rivera and marsha p johnson for hell feminism class and im like. trying to figure out how much information i need to be giving my class abt them because i dont think theyre ready for the full scope of these two LMAO

Some days I just feel like

Happy, well adjusted fans: *select a favorite character* *finishes a 20 slide PowerPoint* …and that’s why nothing bad should ever happen to my baby, up to and including the plot of the canon

Me, some sort of fucking literary sadist: gosh that sure is a nice character you’ve got there. It’d be a shame if… I… happened to them. Hah hah haha… *fire and brimstone, seventy billion pages of misery* AHAHAHAHAHAHA

i have so many papers to write and powerpoints to edit but there’s just so much going on and i’ve worked 10 days in a row between 2 jobs im so tired

Today i found a random USB in the IT room while working on a thing and decided to leave a surprise, basically i made a dumb PowerPoint talking about how cool their usb shit was and added memes and the stereotypical white family images and at the end a added: “btw i got a virus in your folders, to delete it you must find it first” and theres like TEN THOUSAND copies of the same image all over the folders, and the image is just a cartoonish looking virus with a grumpy face, and tbh i just hope the owner of the usb has a fun time with my surprise.


some of you might recognize this as not being the same post- i changed fixed some bits and stuff (i made the first one when i was 13 ngl) so i know it looks all weird and inconsistent but the info is better i swear