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Certificate Update!

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I passed the PowerPoint exam with an 871! I now have certification in all Microsoft Office products! Now I need to figure out how to put the certification info into my resume while keeping it the one page at least half of the people tell me it should be. (Other people say it’s okay to go beyond one page, but others say the opposite. argh)

Once the resume is adjusted, I’m told I should send it to the school’s job resource center. (I had been previously told that the school didn’t do that if you were in voc rehab, but I was told I should. Any extra help would be helpful, so that’s what I’m going to do–send it in.)I am also going to call the voc rehab people to meet with them about the job search plans. I will also be talking to my job counselor guy. But I figure first the voc rehab person, then the counselor guy.

To complicate my plans, there is a huge detour at Glendale and 19th ave. due to them putting in tracks for the light rail. (For getting to the central library. I can get to the clinic for the talking to voc rehab and job counselor people. I could also go to the library at the mall, but the library at the mall is very small.)

I am trying to be optimistic about this latest leg of my job search. This has been an extremely difficult few years.

random things the signs are good at
  • aries:the "beep" test, insults, competitions
  • taurus:singing, doing your hair, winning arguments
  • gemini:debates, making fun of themselves, impressions
  • cancer:apologizing, video games, writing
  • leo:karaoke, trivia crack, oral presentations, theatre
  • virgo:finishing a book in 1 day, memorizing monologues, organization
  • libra:making cute powerpoints, picking outfits, procrastination
  • scorpio:remembering faces, pretending to hate someone they like, drawing
  • sagittarius:hide and seek, puns, vines
  • capricorn:being patient with people they hate, finishing homework at the last minute, making teachers like them
  • aquarius:sports, writing, speaking their mind
  • pisces:acting, choosing gifts for christmas, quick and witty comebacks

My Asexuality and Aromanticism Project

This was a project I did for school, about issues we care about. I’m sorry it doesn’t have everyone on the Ace Spectrum, I didn’t have enough room. I know I didn’t talk about everything, but this was an overview.

You know, when I was doing this presentation, in a classroom full of bigoted middle-schoolers, no one laughed or said anything “funny”. Everyone took it 100% seriously. I liked that.

sinnerspeak asked:

your comic remind me of one of my friends who liked to just walk around and look at nice houses up close, until one day an old man yelled at her :\

Screw that guy. Funny story, my house-appreciation started a few years back when I was in college – I was in an architectural design course and for our final we had to wander around neighborhoods looking for architectural elements of different eras, like Second-Empire Mansard roofs or Georgian acorn pediments. I was worried what happened to your friend would happen to me, except I’d be in a pinch because I look kind of sketchy in person. So I made a badge