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How to study when you don't listen to lecture (because it's boring and you just cannot focus?)

i think listening to the lecture is the only way to study though… unless you have a powerpoint or a textbook with all the same information. the teacher is legit telling you what you need to know / what will be on the test, so i’d suggest removing distractions and having a cold bottle of water with you so you can keep your focus and stay awake. 

u know ur procrastinating when ur planning an outfit that’ll go with the slides on ur powerpoint instead of working on the actual content of the powerpoint

bukas na yung research defense namin shet kinakabahan ako tapos ano ngayon lang kami gumagawa ng powerpoint presentation anuna bat ganito groupmates ko malas


some of you might recognize this as not being the same post- i changed fixed some bits and stuff (i made the first one when i was 13 ngl) so i know it looks all weird and inconsistent but the info is better i swear



Just a thing I wanted to make representing the different boarding styles in SU

…(i may have gotten a few wrong)

so you like fall out boy now? cool! here’s some fun facts about the band!


  • forgets lyrics all the time
  • sweetheart! 
  • is probably great at sex
  • ghostbusters & prince


  • used to be emo but now he’s happy u can tell bc his hair is bright 
  • probably a fucking furry
  • patrick is his #1
  • meme king


  • literally probably the funniest dude you’ll never meet
  • im so serious ive never seen anyone so skilled with deadpan humor
  • LOVES star wars
  • gets paper plate award for not participating group photos


  • xvx
  • sunglasses emoji
  • crossfit
  • comic books