for @powerovernothing - hope this is ok, i don’t know how english speaking children talk these days. ;)

Some Peter and Yondu, father/son feelings with: “Just breathe, okay?” 

After a while, little Peter was slowly getting more comfortable on the ship of his kidnappers. But he had bad dreams all night. One day while stealing something for Yondu with his little hands, the Captain of the Ravagers noticed how tired the boy was. “Hoy, Pete, whats up?”, he asked, trying to sound as nice as possible.

The little terran boy answered quietly: “Nothing, Captain.” He already learned to keep his secrets by himself.

But in the evening, back on the ship, Peter visited Yondu in his quarters. “Can I come in?”, he asked while knocking on his door. Yondu opened, looking surprised. “Shouldn’t ye being asleep?”, he asked, but he let the young one in. Peter sat on the bed, looking on the ground. “Wanna tell me now, boy?”

Yondu had to smile. Of course he tried to be tough, because the boy needed to learn fast how the galaxy works. But he couldn’t help himself, he felt some fatherly feeling growing inside him since they picked Peter up. And the boy looked way too sick because of how thin he was and with big rings unter his small eyes.

“Why are you so nice, Yondu? Normally you threaten me with letting the others eat me when i come to you.”, Peter said. He maybe was young, but he already had a quick tongue. Yondu smirked. “Still can do this, boy. Now finally tell me whats wrong or i’ll worm it out of ya.”

Yondu prepared something to drink, he believed it would calm the boy down. While putting some spices in some hot liquid, Peter finally explained. “I have bad dreams since you kidnapped me. Waking up every night is exhausting.”

The blue Captain handed him a cup and filled it. After this Yondu went down on his knees to look him into the eyes. “Wanna stay here tonight? I promise i’ll protect ya, kid.” Peter looked at him. “Really?” Yondu nodded.

Later that night, Yondu waked up because the small creature beside him screamed. “What ya doin, kid?”, he asked drowsy. Peter just whimpered, what made Yondu grunting. He embraced the kid and hugged him tightly. “Just breathe, ‘kay? Breathe and everything will be alright, boy.”

Soon the little Terran sleeped again. The nightmares became less frequent and everytime they came back Yondu was there for him.

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*whispers* I blame you and my best friend for introducing me to Rick and Morty. And now that I've seen most of the episodes all in one afternoon I have a few amount of emotions based around a drunk grandfather and his adventures with his poor traumatized grandson.


There is no avoiding space grandpa and you-doing-me-a-frighten grandson


Three months on a deserted island was almost worth it to see the look on your face right now.

Happy Easter from The Scarecrow!

@powerovernothing drew this for me last year as a gift, and I never got a chance to show everyone. I waited a whole year to post this as a result, I think the wait was worth it. Isn’t he adorable? (~the little designs on each egg correspond to both Mistress and Jonathan, the fox and the crow~)

Sometimes this website is super draining and chock-full of so much drama that it makes me anxious, but then I remember that I have so many amazing friends and followers who support me.

People actively come to me for Scarecrow content, you guys send me the best asks and headcannons. I get so many that my inbox fills up faster than I can answer. (and I have a bunch that I need to address)  It’s constantly a surprise to me that this many people care and it’s what helps to keep my love for Jonathan aflame. I don’t know why I’m being gushy this morning, but I just feel the need to praise all of you. Without Jonathan Crane and all the support I get because of this blog, I probably wouldn’t be here today.

Now please take this ascii scarecrow as thanks:

           | \      _
        ==='=='==  (o>
           \++/   / )
     \----.  : .----/
           \_/\|          ()
           / _ \       _  \/()
          / /|\ \     |/| | \/
        _/_/ | \_\_     | |//
       /_/   |   \_\    \_\|

For Ponnie

Do it for Jon

The only nightmares that can destroy you are found within my toxin
Trust me when I speak these words, My Mistress
The dark knight won’t be the one that breaks you.

I’ve been wanting to make this for a while now, even though it’s kind of a cheesy meme. I did my best to revamp the original template, and give it a more serious look. The walls are stained with toxin and every photo is purposefully of Jonathan instead of Scarecrow. I wanted to capture the human under the mask.