Exactly. EXACTLY. Yondu had given up, was possibly in shock from his injury (I don’t know how blue alien space heads with technology imedded in them work in canon, but that looked at least somewhat traumatic), and was blaming himself for the people he watched die for being loyal to him as captain.

Then Rocket reminded him what he still had to fight for, possibly the only Good thing Yondu has ever really done with his life.

Yondu retaking his ship was not about him getting his revenge on his traitorous crew. It was 100% about hauling ass to Peter. Even though Yondu’s preferential treatment of Peter was what sparked the mutiny in the first place. Yondu wasn’t about to leave his boy in Ego’s hands.


Three months on a deserted island was almost worth it to see the look on your face right now.

powerovernothing  asked:

Since the two of us were talking about Yondad and Space Son related angst, how about a small fan fiction full of pain. Where Yondu has to deal with his worse fears brought to light, and a younger!Peter is fatally injured on a mission while protecting Yondu. And Yondu holds him and tries to keep him awake, and alive, and yet he just falls apart BECAUSE WHERE IS THE REST OF THE CREW WITH HELP DAMMIT (Yondu calling Peter "son" or "his boy", and Peter calling Yondu dad optional!)

lmao i finally got to this prompt,,,, time for some angst!!!

Peter Quill is an idiot.

Even at the age of ten, Yondu’s convinced the kid doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing half the time, always getting into trouble for this reason and that. He’s useful for stealing, of course, but when left to his own devices, he almost always manages to stir up some sort of drama, stepping on somebody’s toes for whatever odd reason, prompting Yondu to come save his ass.

And now this job’s a bust, because Yondu’s only crew member present is the boy; they’d been separated from the others in the chaos of the firefight with the Xandarian guards after retrieving the artifact they’d been hired to steal. What had started out as an easy task quickly turned into the clusterfuck it is now, leaving Yondu and Peter running from a handful of guards with no backup.

Peter had been carrying the damn thing they’d stolen when he tripped, of course, because he’s a clumsy ass kid, and Yondu narrowly managed to pull him back up to his feet when one guard got in a good shot, and—

“Yondu, look out!”

Then suddenly Peter’s falling again with a cry of pain, the artifact slipping from his fingers. Yondu catches him with one hand while taking out the few guards still chasing them with his blaster in the other, before he finally gets his bearings straight and realizes what the fuck just happened.

Because now Peter’s gasping for breath through tears, his chest bubbling up red as he clings to Yondu’s shirt.

“Boy, what were you thinkin’?” Yondu scolds, laying Peter down carefully on the ground. He grits his teeth together as he studies the wound. “You could’a gotten yourself killed!

“I’m sorry,” Peter manages quietly through tears, and, and—since when has he been so small? Yondu suddenly feels as if he’s cradling an infant as he holds Peter still, pressing his hand over the wound. “He was gonna shoot you.”

“Shut it, son,” Yondu snaps, but his voice is drained of any real anger, because Peter’s bleeding out, and where the fuck is the rest of his crew for backup? “Keep quiet. Save your strength.”

Within a few moments, Peter’s expression changes, and it’s clear that he’s slipping. His grip on Yondu loosens as his eyes start to flutter. Yondu presses down on his chest harder.

“Stay with me, boy!” Yondu all but yells in his face. An unfamiliar uneasiness crawls up his spine, clawing at his heart as Peter closes his eyes. “Peter!”

Peter opens his eyes, looking at Yondu tiredly. “’M’sorry…”

“Son, don’t,” Yondu says, looking around wildly. “Kraglin! Where are ya? Get over here now!

His hands are completely stained red by this point, the sticky, warm fluid mocking him. Peter’s slipping again and no one from his crew is in sight. At this rate, Peter’s going to—


Yondu snaps his gaze back down to Peter then, meeting Peter’s exhausted eyes with his own. Despite the tears, Peter’s got this small smile on his face, as if he’s proud of what he did, throwing himself into the line of fire like an idiotic fool.

“No boy of mine gives in,” Yondu says strictly, hardening his gaze. “So you better stay with me, son, ya hear?”

Peter seems to struggle to focus his eyes on Yondu, but he mouths something that looks like the word “trying.”

Kraglin!” Yondu resumes screaming, looking around. “Get the hell over here!”

Thirty uneasy seconds pass before Yondu makes out Kraglin and some of the other crew members approaching them in the distance, looking frantic. Yondu glances between them and Peter, whose eyes have closed again as his breathing slows.

“Cap’n, we’re—“ Kraglin cuts himself off as he skids to a stop beside Yondu and Peter, looking down at Peter’s bloody form. “What happened to—“

“Where the hell were ya?” Yondu yells, glaring at the group of four. “We need to get the boy back to the ship now!

“Yes, Cap’n,” Kraglin says quickly, crouching down to help.

Peter’s head lolls lazily to the side, toward Yondu.

“Stay with me, Peter!” Yondu reminds, shaking Peter lightly. “That’s an order!”

Peter comes to in a bed he doesn’t recognize as his own. He squints against the low lighting for a few moments before the ceiling comes clearly into focus. It’s a familiar ceiling, one he’s only seen a handful of times—

His breath catches in his throat as he recognizes it as Yondu’s ceiling, in the captain’s quarters.

When he makes a move to sit up, a hand on his chest stops him. “Whoa, Pete, I wouldn’t do that if I were ya.”

He manages to turn his eyes to the figure standing beside the bed. “Kraglin, what…?”

His voice sounds all scratchy. Kraglin presses his lips together. “Ya got hurt real bad on the last job, Pete. Ya gotta take it easy now.”

“Am I gonna be okay?” Peter asks, feeling the dull pain in his chest. His memories are a bit hazy, but, but—was he shot? What the hell?

“Yeah, as long as you rest.”

The door opens then, and Peter sees Yondu come into view, holding a cup. Ah, geez, Yondu’s probably about to hand him his ass for getting hurt and losing the thing they were stealing; Yondu doesn’t let crewmembers get away with stuff like this, ‘cause it hurts the reputation of the clan as a whole, makes them look weak.

“I’ll take it from here, Kraglin,” Yondu says simply, dismissing Kraglin from the room. Kraglin leaves with a nod, and Yondu soon takes his place beside the bed.

“I’m sorry, Yondu,” Peter says quickly, swallowing his fear. “I-I didn’t mean to lose the thing, I swear. It was an accident.”

“Enough.” Yondu holds up a hand, signaling for him to stop. “That don’t matter now. All that matters is yer safe.”

And here comes the punishme—wait, what?

“Just don’t pull that funny self-sacrificin’ business in the field again, boy,” Yondu continues, looking at him sharply. “Clear?”

Peter nods quietly.

“Good.” Yondu sets the cup, which probably holds water, down on the nightstand, along with two small pills. “Now take these and drink up and go the hell back to sleep, son. Ya need to regain your strength.”

Yondu turns to leave then. Before he can make it out the door, Peter clears his throat and calls out a hasty, “Thanks, Yondu.”

“Rest, boy,” is all Yondu responds before exiting, closing the door softly behind him.

Peter smiles as he lays his head back against the pillow, relaxing his entire body into the large bed. 

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So I heard the Ravagers have a tailor. 

Please consider: 

  • Yondu going to “have words” with his bio parents
  • Instead finds a tiny old lady who claims to be his “Meemaw” and fusses about how raggedy his clothes are

  •  ya think I’mma let my grandbaby walk around lookin like he just got chewed up and spit out by an Orloni no siree

  • He doesn’t hire her so much as find her having set up a dainty tea room below deck and already done with half the crew’s new uniforms

  • She makes such good food that no one wants her to leave


Gᴜᴀʀᴅɪᴀɴs Tᴀɢ

powerovernothing replied to your post: Okay, but can we please speak about what happened…               

Okay, this is absolutely adorable, and super well written. I love the idea of Yondu just storming his way through the building with Kraglin and the team and just SCREAMING Peter’s name the entire time. It’s something caught between super adorable and just hilarious at the same time. Also the idea of people learning not to mess with Petey, because a very angry captain, first mate, and a hell of a lot of others will be on their ass if they do. Yes. Headcanon ACCEPTED. BEST

Glad you like it that much. I actually think Yondu would do nearly everything to drag Peter out of trouble again - he did it often enough in the movies, and Peter absolutely relied on Yondu coming for help in the first movie at one point - so him storming a police station or prison, kicking the guards down and then proceeding to drag (and nag) Peter out again, happening multiple times in 26 years, is canon for me. XD

powerovernothing replied to your post : Headcanon that Peter was very, very worried about…               

*places hands together* *breathes out* I am a good person and I don’t deserve to have these feelings slapped on my head. I do not. The thought that THIS IS SOMETHING THAT PETER WOULD MOST CERTAINLY DO. Would most certainly THINK. Especially after feeling relaxed and around Yondu IS JUST. HE WOULD WORRY ABOUT HIM DYING LIKE HIS MOM. And I. I am not okay thinking about that. Clingy Peter. Worried baby boy. ALL THE THINGS I ADORE.

I know that and I feel very guilty for making you suffer, but I just HAD to share this, because I think it’s very, very important. I mean… even if they both didn’t understand until it was (almost?) too late, Peter and Yondu are family for each other. They would also worry over each other like family does. And the life of a RAvager is not exactly a peaceful one, so getting hurt, sick or in danger may have been common for them. Peter worrying over an injured Yondu, too young to understand himself if the Captain was going to make it or not and fearing that he would lose his only (substitute) family he had, probably happened a lot more often than we know off.

(I actually plan to write something about worried Pete and injured Yondu… when my finals are over and my arm’s okay again. So much to write!)

Sometimes this website is super draining and chock-full of so much drama that it makes me anxious, but then I remember that I have so many amazing friends and followers who support me.

People actively come to me for Scarecrow content, you guys send me the best asks and headcannons. I get so many that my inbox fills up faster than I can answer. (and I have a bunch that I need to address)  It’s constantly a surprise to me that this many people care and it’s what helps to keep my love for Jonathan aflame. I don’t know why I’m being gushy this morning, but I just feel the need to praise all of you. Without Jonathan Crane and all the support I get because of this blog, I probably wouldn’t be here today.

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So, guys, let me pull up this scene again and ramble a bit about why and how I think Peter’s immediate reaction of shooting is so amazing, and why I brought Yondu into this mess in the first place.

Peter’s reaction differs a lot from what an average person (from Earth) would do in such a moment.

First of all, he was deep into the vision of Eternity that Ego showed him. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the concept of eternity in itself is not something the human mind is really able to comprehend, it goes way beyond our imagination and understanding. While it’s already a miracle that Peter did not lose his mind under that barrage or fall into an euphoria, it’s even more amazing that he snaps out of it in the blink of an eye after Ego’s words and immediately is that much back to his senses that he is able to grab his blasters and start shooting with the clear intent of killing his opposite.

Then, there is the fact that Peter just got the knowledge that his biological father, which he had just found, was the one who doomed his mother to a slow and painful death, and afterwards talks so calmly about it as if he is talking about the weather.

That’s a shock in itself and hard to process. An average person’s reaction would be to start processing it, unable or not willing to accept this fact. Many would go numb or feel like the world has just slowed down as they struggle to piece the new and old information together to get the full picture. Only after that process would there be anger, because beforehand, they would still try to understand.

Peter, however, says “What?” and then immediately goes into autopilot and starts shooting.

That’s a reaction I would expect from a trained pro, a pro who is able to skip that initial reaction of shock and numbness and immediately go back into fighting-mode – a pro like, an agent, or a soldier…

… or a former battle slave.

What I’m trying to point out here is that this is not only Peter’s love for his mother that is steering his actions here, but also Yondu’s training. Angry and hurt, Peter is able to kickstart what he learned, what he was taught, acts on reflex and goes straight to fighting and killing the jackass in front of him, whereas an average person would have frozen and done nothing, or just started yelling in anger and shock.

If it hadn’t been for the training itself, Peter wouldn’t have been able to go straight back to fighting. And if it weren’t for the love for his mother and the resulting anger, Peter would probably still have been frozen - because we have seen him react slow and hesitant before, like when the Collector’s lab exploded in the first movie. Gamora had to pull him away then because Peter just stood frozen in shock.

This scene shows absolutely beautifully the different parts of Peter’s upbringing and his personality – on one hand, big, kind heart full of love, on the other hand, the reflexes of a fighter that were honed over years.

Both things are what Peter needs to survive in this galaxy, and what make him special.

So big shoutout to Meredith for being such an awesome Mum that even 26 years after her death, Peter still loves her from the bottom of his heart, only thinks the best of her and is freaking ready to kill for her because losing her was probably the most terrible thing one could have done to him.

And big shoutout to Yondu for, while not being the best and most loving father figure, doing his goddamn best to raise Peter in a way that would make sure the boy could survive out there. Yondu didn’t know how to give fatherly, familial love, so he just did what he knew best and taught Peter how to defend himself, and that really saves Peter’s ass here.

(Lots of thanks to @powerovernothing​, since they ramble with me about this kind of tiny things that I can scream about for hours – your inputs are so amazing as always, at least three-fourth of this post are basically yours.)