Three months on a deserted island was almost worth it to see the look on your face right now.

I kept thinking of Hawke teaching Fenris to read today and can you just imagine it? Imagine Fenris getting frustrated and irratated the first couple times saying it’s pointless and throwing the book down and stalking out. Hawke sighing wondering if it’s worth it but not wanting to give up. Imagine Fenris steadily improving and feeling more confident the more he learns and Hawke feeling so proud of him. Imagine Hawke teaching Fenris how to write; First the alphabet, then his name, then her’s, onto simple word and phrases and continuing onwards until he can write detailed letters. Imagine Fenris getting a liking for books and borrowing some from Hawke; Reading trashy romance novels because they puzzle and amuse him so much and trying not to let Hawke know but she’s like “You’re taking them from my shelf. How can I not know?” Imagine Fenris discussing books with the other team members and feeling a bit more included. Imagine Hawke looking down at the paper he was practicing writing on and seeing ‘Fenris Hawke’ and can’t decide if he was just writing both their names or if it means more. Imagine Fenris getting tired and cranky one lesson so Hawke just reads to him instead and they fall asleep against each other with the book laid open before them.


I figured I’d make one of these since I keep seeing them and have even been included in some. There aren’t many people on here, because I am extremely picky on who I follow. But I love everyone on this crazy site  and if someone sees this and is interested in ANY of my fandoms then please send me a message, I LOVE to chat. Anyway, along with it…

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powerovernothing answered your post: Watching the cutscenes to…

Sadly, he’s always Hulk in the cutscenes, but you can play as Bruce throughout the game and have Tony and Bruce run around NYC together~

Don’t get me wrong, I AM SO GLAD they added Bruce as a part of the gameplay (so that he can solve puzzles or do things that the Hulk can’t do) but WOW it wouldn’t hurt to at least drop his name in a cutscene??? Oh hey, Emil Blonsky can refer to his own name but god forbid they mention Bruce Banner! Let’s just forget that Bruce Banner is a huge component to the Hulk and use the Hulk as comedy relief once again!!


Anime Banzai 2013 (pt. 3)

Cecil: kames-corner

Calcifer: me

So I got to see my awesome friend that I haven’t seen in a while and he was an incredible Cecil! I took a few pictures despite the fact I haven’t gotten into the series yet (I definitely plan to though!) because he just looks so amazing and as a gift for my friend Ponnie. Hope you enjoy them!  

Funny story about the Carlos–kames-corner grabbed the Carlos for a picture but he was sort of attached to his own Cecil, but later the Carlos got free to take a personal picture with kames-corner. As you can see he was delighted. XD

And this is probably the best picture of my makeup I’ve seen so yay for that

powerovernothing  asked:

♦, ●, ♠~ Because I like pain! 8) Try and make me cry! <3

♦ - Emotional headcanon

Bruce always feels incredibly raw after a transformation, after being exposed, and he’ll often find himself in the shower, sobbing brokenly to himself in an attempt to get the emotions out. He doesn’t want to bother anyone else with his problems, though, so he’s never told anyone.

● - Sad headcanon

Bruce still flinches at loud noises, both from the years of physical abuse, and from the twitchy paranoia he’s had to live with from his years on the run?

♠ - Painful headcanon

Bruce has a bottle of lavender spray, and sometimes when he’s feeling particularly reminiscent or lonely, he’ll spray a pillow with it and inhale its scent, so he can imagine it’s his mother there with him.

Bonus headcanon

Everything is always incredibly bittersweet for Bruce, because he feels as if at any moment, that all of this will be ripped away, or adulterated, corrupted by something, that’ll he’ll break it to pieces.