my entry for new leaf’s fanart contest for their panel in la on wednesday. the prompt was to incorporate elements from each book/show there (legend of korra, the grisha trilogy, walking dead, and legend/prodigy), so i just drew alina starkov, korra, and june iparis fighting zombies because WHY NOT

the winner’s chosen by how many notes the work gets and even though i’m not gonna be at the panel i just still want them to notice me ok (especially mike because i want him to see this and i just really really wanna work at nick as a storyboard artist for korra pleeeeease)

Hey everyone! This is my 14 year old daughter’s submission to the FanArt Contest for New Leaf Literary Media! It’s for the panel that includes Marie Lu (Legend), Leigh Bardugo (Shadow&Bone), Michael DiMartino (Korra) and Seth Hoffman (Walking Dead). If she wins, she’ll get a print out of her art signed by all of them! But to win, she needs as many notes as she can. Could y'all do a 14 year old budding artist a favor and like and reblog this? I’ll love you all forever! :o) Thanks everyone!