witchy thing to do right now

pick a colour

close your eyes

take a slow deep breath in

breathe in white light coming in through your skull, face, forehead, nostrils, mouth, eyes, ears

the white light is filling your lungs like a cup being filled with crystal clear water

hold it there for a second and feel it’s power

now breathe out a misty cloud of your colour. feel it surround your head and then shoulders and then body. breathe it out into your aura or energy field.

do this as many times as you need to feel awesome + charged

<3 u all

Girl Power

Now that all the chaos is beginning to go down in the manga, Sieglinde has now become a vital character in the story. If you recall in the Green Witch arc, She is the only person in the whole series except Ciel and Sebastian (not counting the Real Ciel and Undertaker, who probably knows too) who knows what is behind that eye patch.

And hopefully she will be able to calm down Soma before he does something to harm our Ciel.

evergloriousoverlord  asked:

I've been thinking about this for a while, so I decided to find out your thoughts on the matter. How would you go about creating a good fantasy religion?

When it comes to building a religion, the key things to remember is that religion is tied very much to ethics, the nature of reality, the meaning of life (and anything that comes after), and other deep philosophical underpinnings of what it means to be alive, to be good or evil, what responsibilities do we have in life. Religion offered to the people of the past (and continues to offer to the people in the present) profound comfort, meaning, and purpose for the entire life. So, you have your work cut out for you. But this is not beyond the ability of the aspiring worldbuilder and fantasy writer. I’m going to caveat this: I’ve studied religions, but a lot of my studies were focused on western religions. Someone who has studied more Eastern, African, or Pacific religions feel free to add anything. I acknowledge my limitations and have done what I could be as inclusive as possible, but I am certain there was stuff I missed.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Sebastian is a misogynist? I have spoken to my friend and quite some friends of her agree with this...what is your point of view on this?

Oooh, good question!  It’s a tough one, though.  :)

Part of the issue arises in that what we consider sexist in today’s world would be considered to be normal in Victorian London.  Though the word “misogyny” is quite old, its usage (according to a Google Books word frequency graph) spiked around the late 20th century.

We can retroactively look back at something a historical figure had done or written and call is misogynistic in today’s terms.  But we have to keep in mind the social norms of the day.  Women have been disenfranchised throughout history, and gender roles were quite different in Victorian London than they are today.

Let’s define misogyny first:

—a hatred of women  (Merriam Webster)

—hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women, or prejudice against women. (Dictionary.com)

Let’s look at some traits of misogynists, as written in Psychology Today.  Towards women, a misogynist is:

—cocky, controlling and self-centered


—won’t keep promises to women

—choose a woman as a target and get her natural defenses down by being flirtatious and charismatic, then as time goes on, become rude

—see little value in women

—unknowingly treat women differently than men

—make women feel miserable using anything within his power

Now, some of those things may be jumping out at you as something that can be applied to Sebastian.  Yes, he is cocky—but!—this is important—he’s cocky with both men AND women.  I don’t see him as controlling, or competitive with women, either.  If Mey-Rin did a good job, he wouldn’t put her down and try to be better than her.  (He puts all the servants down—equally—but not because of who they are, but because of their incompetence.)

(If he were a misogynist, he’d be singling out Mey-Rin here.)

Likewise, I think he sees great value in Mey-Rin.  She’s a valuable member of Ciel’s personal army, and I think Sebastian assembled the team, which meant he chose her himself.  If he were a misogynist, he would’ve chosen a male sniper instead.  He’s pretty patient with her; maybe he teased her a bit during the Murder arc, but that’s all—he could be having his way with her if he really wanted to, but he’s never done anything even close to that.

I also don’t see him doing anything to make the women in his life miserable, nor to assert his power over them.  He’s been nothing but kind to Lizzy, and he doted on Sullivan pretty well.  (Maybe he was a little forceful with the whole silverware lesson, but I think Sebastian is just a strict teacher.)  He didn’t treat Irene wonderfully, but he didn’t treat her date wonderfully, either, and Irene also caused trouble at the party.  He doesn’t quite get along with Nina, but Nina is a forceful personality—and her attire for the time was quite inappropriate, and Edward was put off by it, too.  Not only that, but Sebastian disagrees with Nina artistically, to the two just aren’t going to get along.  I think it’s less that she’s a woman, and more that she’s a woman who happens to rub him the wrong way.

In other words—a misogynist has to treat women worse than men.  I don’t see too much of that with Sebastian.

Nina is a strong woman, yes, but to counter this, think of how Sebastian treats Frances: he respects her, and during the Campania arc he seemed worried for her safety.  He seems to have no trouble in dealing with her–in fact he’s a bit afraid of her (there are schools of thought that misogyny is a fear of women–but Sebastian, I think, is only afraid of Frances because she is Frances.  So is Ciel.)  If anything, he’s quite passive and timid around her–look at how quickly that hair goes back when she’s within a five-mile radius.  If he were a misogynist, he’d be telling her a woman has no right to tell him how his hair should look because he’s a “man” and he knows better.

Also think of how other male characters treat women in the story and think if Sebastian treats women any differently than they do…nothing is quite jumping out to me.  (If there’s one person Sebastian picks on and asserts his power towards—it’s Soma.)

The one thing that complicates everything, of course, if the whole incident with Beast.  She was, for whatever reason, the one he used in his scheme to get information about Kelvin.  Did he single her out because she was a woman?  Perhaps.  Or did he single her out because she was the most emotionally vulnerable, and therefore, the easiest target?  Would his charms have worked on a male character?  (That probably would’ve been a harder sell, given that Joker and Dagger are attracted to women.)

He could’ve threatened the information out of any of the other members—but that would’ve blown his cover, and picking on someone like Dagger or Doll would’ve made him look like a real jerk.  Having him seduce a woman shows us first hand the idea that demons can seduce humans—a concept Will brought up earlier—plus I’m sure there is the fanservice aspect to it, too.

So let’s say he did choose to use Beast because she was a woman.  He didn’t have the opportunity to interact with her later, but according to the above list, he should be rude and hateful.  The one scrap of evidence we have about his thoughts on that incident is this:

He looks down at her scarf.  His expression is open to interpretation, but I don’t quite see hatred there; I’m not really sure what it is.  What I see is a demon who had to follow an order, couldn’t do so because a grim reaper got in the way, and he wound up using a woman for information as his backup plan.  (And did any of the Circus members get treated any better than her?  Joker got his arm cut off and suffered on the floor, bleeding for quite a while.  I think Beast fared better than him.)

Now, on top of all this (the fact that we have little evidence, the fact that we are judging a 19th century character with 21st century morals,) is the fact that we are judging a non-human by human standards of morality.  If Sebastian is amoral (has no morals,) or follows his own “morality” (if demons have morality,) perhaps his treatment of women, and humans in general, isn’t “wrong” in his mind—it’s just what he knows.  After all, a demon’s signature ability is to seduce prey.  This is what demons do.  It’s akin to saying, “a cat stalks things and eat them” and then saying the cat is wrong for killing a mouse and leaving it on our doorstep–the cat just doesn’t get it, and keeps doing it.  We as humans may consider the taking of a life to be morally offensive, but to the cat, it’s just in its nature: its instincts are telling it that it needs to kill things to feed itself and its family.

I assume demons have this ability to tempt their prey because they need this ability to lure humans into contracts, and then take their souls, and therefore, be able to “eat” and continue existing.  Asking Sebastian not to lure his prey into contracts would be like asking a lion to stop sneaking around in the grass and surprising gazelles.

So, in summary, I don’t think it’s fair to label Sebastian as a misogynist.  I see no singling out of women.  I think he would use anyone—male or female—if he had to, and Beast just happened to be the easiest target.  He’s treated Mey-Rin, Nina, Lizzy, Sullivan, and Frances in keeping with Victorian social norms.  It’s also hard to accurately judge a non-human character who is from a different time period than us.

Is he the guy you’d take home to your parents who is a perfect gentleman?  Maybe not.  But I don’t think that makes him a misogynist.

Thank you for the question!  I hope my answer is helpful.  :)

AMD E-350, Linux and AMD PowerNow..

AMD E-350 is a lovely CPU, tiny, fast, lowpower - but - under Linux it doesnt change CPU frequency based on.. well anything, it just runs at full power all the time.

That aint economical all the time is it?..
to fix it we must install cpufrequtils, but the current build has some problems.

This guide takes step in Debian, any other OS is different (Maybe not any Debian based anyway)..

Open terminal and do the following commands

apt-get build-dep cpufrequtils

apt-get source cpufrequtils

cd cpufrequtils-007/debian

nano cpufrequtils.loadcpufreq.init

go to line 120 and look for 


                    # K8



after |17 add |20 so it looks like the following image:

External image

Save and do cd .. twice
then apt-get source -b cpufrequtils

and lastly

dpkg -i cpufrequtils_007-1_i386.deb

And voila!.. You can setup the CPU via cpufreq-aperf cpufreq-set and cpufreq-info

i advice you to do cpufreq-set -c 0 -g ondemand and cpufreq-set -c 1 -g ondemand