#AtLast: Favorite #Outkast album & song? Album is easy: #Aquemini, the last music CD I bought more than a decade ago, when in a freak accident I broke it while at work at Upscale. Jumped up, grabbed keys, left work immediately & rolled over to Peppermint Records at the West End Mall to pay an outrageous $24 for the my fave OutKast album. Fave song? That’s hard, like choosing between your kids. But I will say that WABE had me literally jumping in my kitchen this morning behind one of my faves. Here’s a hint: #PowerMusicElectricRevival! <-#IfThisDontGetYouCrunk?!?!?! #OutKastStorytellin #WhatsYourFaveOutKastSongAlbum?

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