The #aroma is making this coffeeshop a flower shop, a cheese factory, a fruit shop and a tobacco shop all in one. That’s exactly why Monica’s shop is my favorite in Shanghai. And that’s why I came across the river to visit during such a smoggy afternoon. Yeah, I am risking my life for taking caffine. 咖啡的芳香能够把一家咖啡店变成花店+奶酪工厂+水果店+烟草店,这就是为什么咖啡店是世界上最奇妙的地方。Mon的店是我最爱的地方,哪怕雾霾重重我也要穿越黄浦江来喝咖啡。没错,我冒着“绳命危险”在喝咖啡呢!#咖啡 #Coffee #miniachievements #iloveshanghai #powerinme @coffee_hounds

TEDxKids@BC Reflection

Kids tell the truth, they speak honestly and that is why we should listen to them. Today I had the privilege of attending TEDxKIDS@BC’s Fourth annual conference and this year’s theme was “Power in Me.” What this means is that we, in all of us, have the power to change the world by using our own unique talents. 

At the energizer exercise, a ball was thrown around and we were invited to say our “power.” I thought and thought, and discovered that my true power is the power to love everyone equally. Big or small, same or different, I will love you unconditionally. I will listen to your story and share your fears, cook you a meal when your family isn’t here, I will write poems and sing them for your ears, I will hold your hand when you can’t hold back your tears. That is who I am because I believe that everyone, no matter who you are, that we are people. Love, as you want to be loved. Smile, as you want others to smile. Be silly, as we truly are.