Keeping Charged on Expedition with Powertraveller

Staying connected on my expeditions is a big part of how I choose to travel. Sharing stories from the river, ocean or road means keeping batteries, laptops, phones and cameras charged far away from the nearest town.

Luckily, Powertraveller have the answer. I’ve tried out a bunch of solar panels and portable batteries but I haven’t found anything to beat the combination of Solar Gorilla and Powergorilla, which accompanied me the entire length of the Murray River in 2009 on my first source to sea expedition.

At times I’m on a journey where I’ll arrive at a town (and therefore a standard power source) every couple of days, and the Powergorilla is the perfect pack to ensure that my phone, iPod and Macbook (via a MagSafe connector) keep user-ready in the interim.

On more remote stretches, like on the Murray and Mississippi Rivers, I’ll take along the Solar Gorilla to grab some rays and charge up the Powergorilla when it’s running low.

With a GPS, Smart Phone and other small gadgets demanding constant use, I keep a bank of AA batteries charged up using the super-compact Powermonkey, which plugs into a USB slot (either on my Macbook Pro, or straight into the Powergorilla).

I haven’t yet run out of juice on an expedition, and with my 1000-mile swim down the Missouri River fast approaching it’s great peace of mind to know that our slow progress (I am swimming while towing a raft, after all!) and few opportunities to stop into urban areas won’t impact on the journey’s connectivity.

(Dave is not sponsored by Powertraveller, he just likes their stuff a lot and thinks you will, too)

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