So I’ve already made a post on different kinds of RPG characters.  Here’s a reference for different kinds of RPG players!

Actors: Actors get really into the RP part of RPGs.  They tend to have detailed backstories, thoroughly analyzed motivations, and a unique set of mannerisms for each character they portray.  They seek out interactions with NPCs or other party members and tend to stay in character a lot.

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On the Dark Side, Actors can become Attention Whores.  Attention Whores are scene stealers who tend to lack patience when the spotlight isn’t on them.  They tend to talk over players and often instigate problems, often with the excuse of “What?  I’m just staying true to my character!”

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Power Gamers: These players love optimizing their characters, usually for combat.  They tend to be minmaxers and metagamers who play RPGs like something you can win just as much as a story you can experience.  Powergamers do often possess a great zeal for the tactics and mechanics of the game, and live for the moments they can face overwhelming odds and turn challenge into victory. 

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On the Dark Side, Power Gamers can turn into Munchkins. Munchkins couldn’t care less about the story, the roleplaying or the feelings of their teammates.  They want to win, and win harder then everyone else so they can get as much kills, loot, and XP as possible.  Many munchkins cross the line into cheating, by fudging rolls and trying to use exploits in the mechanics.

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Lorers and Explorers: These players are in it for the story, world building and environment.  They will challenge DMs to come up with richly detailed worlds with lots of in depth history and atmosphere. They also tend to be note takers and cartographers, keeping close track of every bit of information they believe might be valuable.  Most likely member of the group to be “writing a book”.

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This kind of attention to detail can be great, but is also shared by Rules Lawyers.  The rules lawyer has memorized the game’s handbook and will generally interject whenever they see something that contradicts it.  Rules Lawyers can be useful as references for how to handle less common situations in RPGs.  But they also tend to argue with the DMs when they disagree with their decisions, even when the DM is motivated to “break” the rules in order to make the game a better experience for the players.

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Deliberators are motivated to come up with creative or well thought out solutions to problems.  They are often fun and well intentioned, but they do sometimes drag out decisions for too long, agonizing over the pros and cons of each choice.

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On the flip side, Firestarters tend to have very little patience for deliberation and are always looking for the action.  Firestarters have a lot of enthusiasm for RPGs, but tend to cause problems or derail stories when they get bored.

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Party Moms: Thus called because they go out of their way to take care of and help their party members, Party Moms are a valuable part of any gaming team.  Whether it’s making sure there’s always snacks for everyone to enjoy, helping others level their characters or smoothing out player conflicts, Party Moms can be relied on to get it done.

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Party Gamers: Thus called because they’re there to party.  These players may be interested in the game, but they’re just as, if not more interested in hanging out with their friends and/or getting wasted.  Fun to have around, but it may not be a good idea to rely on their character in game too much.

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Bored Gamers: For whatever reason, these players just aren’t really into your game.  Maybe they’re just there for a significant other, maybe they don’t like the system.  It’s not always easy to say.  Can often be found using their personal electronic devices and not really paying attention.

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Newbies: Newbies have little experience with RPGs and sometimes lack confidence.  Their unfamiliarity with the rules is often more than balanced out by their enthusiasm and delight in discovering the joys of the game.

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n00bs, on the other hand, talk a lot of trash, but are generally less experienced and skilled then they claim to be.  These players tend to whine a lot when things don’t go their way.  

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Finally, a type the tumblr crowd should be familiar with, the Shippers.  A shipper is often in it for the role-playing, but mostly when the roleplaying leads to romance.  Table Top RPGs can be a great outlet for those thus inclined, just make sure the other player is okay with it. :)

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Please note that these are my interpretations on these types, and that it’s possible to be multiple or none of them.  What other player types have you encountered?

29. D20

D20: Abreviatura de “Dado de 20 caras”, el cual se usa principalmente en juegos de rol.

También se aplica para los de 4, 6, 8, 10 y 12 caras (D4, D6, D8, D10 y D12 respectivamente).  

Ejemplo: D&D utiliza D20, D12, D8, D6 y D4, mientras que el sistema de juego de WOD utiliza solo D10.

How to deal with power gamers and other crazy players.

First of I am going to define what I think a power gamer is. A power gamer is someone in your gaming group that ends up building a build rather than a character, they see a cool new class archetype and build a combat optimal race and class around that design. Now so far not so bad right? Not really. Power gamers at the start are usually well intentioned but this habit of crafting characters on a whim often leaves out the roleplaying aspect required to play in Pathfinder since very little time is put into the characters personality and back story the player is left with little investment in the character and this often gives them little reason to be concerned with the consequences of the story resulting characters that act like this.

Chaotic stupid

Now if you run a campaign where your entire party acts like this and that is the adventure for you go right ahead but for the rest of us roleplayers this can come as a horrible distraction and great annoyance. To prevent this if you are a DM spend some time with the players during character creation get them to really focus on personal motivations and goals for the character have them really flesh them out. If all you get is I want to slay things or be the strongest try to rework it so it is more specific if that won’t work simply tell them it is no good and they need to come up with a better character design, it is harsh method but if your players fear the rejection of a character design by the DM (and players too including them can be even more effective) they will likely put more thought into their character creation. This method will make you feel like this

     although it is sometimes necessary to bring a little order to the party.

Other problems can arise during session such as players that pick an alignment and fail to actually consider it for their characters personality, the best way to deal with this is to make them neutral it allows the most freedom to roleplay and does not put any restrictions other than what would seem realistic for the scenario and your character and if a player wants to be good or evil or anything like that make them sell you that alignment really put it in the roleplaying to show they are the hero and good guy or that villain. Now what if a player wants to play a paladin that has a alignment requirement well have them act with accordance to what the class mandates and if they screw up take away their powers “with great power comes great responsibilities” and all that or do not allow the player to play that lawful good paladin (they are really OP anyways) or maybe consider allowing paladins of other alignments I personally cringe at the idea but less strict DMs will find this is a good way to let players be a paladin but to not be forced to play a lawful good character.

Now I should not be recommending this as a solution to fix unruly players but…

E.X. like ones that stab a sailor NPC in a crows nest for no reason, just because they feel like it might be a good idea. If this happens I immediately put them on a hit list often labeling that action as chaotic stupid and issue that as a warning but if it persists I proceed to immediately kill that player off using whatever I feel like paladins, horde of sharks, demons, whatever feels good at the time I mean if the player acts chaotic stupid is it really so bad if the universe responds in kind?

Of course the more reasonable response would be to ask them to stop or whatever, but slaying them usually with a band of good guys is way more fun. 

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27. Powergamer

Jugador de video juegos, juegos de rol, de mesa o de cartas intercambiables que busca el máximo beneficio al menor costo. Suele ser considerado altamente competitivo y despreciado por sus compañeros de juego.

Ejemplo: Un powergamer diría: “Para esta campaña de rol me conviene armarme un físico nuclear ninja con especialidad en invocar demonios”.

The players: English Muffin

The English Muffin is of British descent in real life. His character, however, is of the Elven race and falls into the Archer Ranger class paradigm. His character is a beautiful young dame by the name of Xera (I think) who happens to be albino. I still don’t really understand his reasoning behind such a trait, but he also mentioned that unlike most albinos, she has phenomenal eyesight. Xera’s backstory is vague, but it includes her forest being burnt to the ground along with her village, thusly causing her to flee home. 

Ranged: Longbow

Melee: Handaxe

Player type: Power Gamer (strives to collect all the finest loot and maximize all abilities) 

Interests: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Chess, Eragon, YuGiOh

Triumph's Case Notes - Billy the Munchkin

A while ago I posted Triumph’s Laws of Roleplaying. These are a series of observations made from years gaming with an exceptionally eclectic group in my younger days. Fortunately these days I know better. Anyway I thought it would be funny and worth explaining the backstory to some of these idioms for cheap laughs.

2) Never wield a weapon you can’t survive.

34) If another player is playing a Mysterious Race that not even the GM knows, it’s time to call it a day.

As it happens both of these came from the same session of the same game. Allow me to set the scene, if you will.

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Hell if shit on Citadel dev keeps constantly focusing on nothing but powergamers and metashitters and basing the entire concept of balance on those only, I’m seriously going to propose changing the server into “NO ITEMS GREYTIDE ONLY FINAL DESTINATION STATION 13″

And there will be nothing but just an unbreakable empty room to punch each other in.

today’s dnd session:
  • Mostly traveled (dm took a long fucking time to describe walking through the blighted lifeless woods)
  • Came upon a desolate wasteland strewn with fallen trees and huge pits in the ground that lead down to forges too far below to see
  • Saw a shiny, glossy black tower from miles away in the distance. it had tentacles.
  • Powergamer hit it with earthquake and cloudkill. The tentacles kept it from falling down, so I blasted them with 15 lightningbolts in a huge storm
  • As I was gathering the storm we noticed a storm of exactly equal power and size gathering above us (the warlock flew into the air and dispelled it after five tries)
  • as the clouds cleared we saw hundreds of wingy thingies descending on us and ended the session there

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vriska for ask meme

do i like them: no as a person, yes as a character
5 good qualities: strategic and gaming sense, probably subject to remorse, probably genuinely cares about people on some level, adaptable, doesn’t stand for bullshit
3 bad qualities: all-consuming ego trip, abusive and manipulative, narrow-minded powergaming
favorite episode/etc. with her: her post-death adventures with meenah, they really contextualize and round out her character in addition to being hella cute

all of the pairings presume post-sburb vriska, otherwise she has no pairings because she’s awful.
otp: redrom meenah, blackrom rose
brotp: if this means moirails then tavros probably
ot3: sollux auspisticing for vriska and aradia
notp: redrom john because they both have better things to do and i don’t see him getting past the murder thing, and anything quadrantwise with terezi bc they’re just better as regular frenemies
best quote:

VRISKA: What was it you do again?
MEENAH: i make fuckin m$ney bitch
VRISKA: I see.
VRISKA: Sorry for dou8ting you, Meenah. That’s, um…
VRISKA: I’m sure that’ll come in real handy.

headcanon: vriska (and the other serkets, for that matter) is substantially more responsive to the environment she lives in than the other trolls, as shown by her capacity for (non-sobriety-induced) serious personality changes. while trolls come loaded with a good deal of knowledge and habits genetically, serkets take more influence from society. vriska ended up taking on the worst traits of alternian society – hella violence, general antisocial behavior, the works. as the alternian trolls were grown by doc scratch and the handmaiden to be powerful warriors, vriska naturally epitomizes this, being the most consistently powerful and game-competent troll. her behavior during the game continues in this vein, but her experiences with affection and remorse suggest alternia wearing off on her. after her death in the alpha timeline, we see this fully manifest: humiliated, aimless, and in a loving redrom, she does a 180 to settle down and become ‘soft’. her situation with her lusus, too, is a microcosm of the wider situation in alternian society – ruled by fear, trained from birth to murder.


28. Pay to win

Modalidad de estrategia predominante en los juegos de cartas intercambiables y MMORPG que consiste en mejorar el mazo o las características del personaje comprando cartas o ítems nuevos, dejando en desventaja a aquellos jugadores que no pueden pagar por estos suplementos.

A la larga, aquellos que invierten más dinero en el juego son quienes terminan ganando.

Ejemplo: Dentro del juego de cartas intercambiables Magic, cartas clave que han constituido mazos campeones mundiales como “Cursed Scroll” o “Black Lotus” cuestan cientos de dólares.

Skara. Would you look at her, she looks so badass yet lovely! ♥

Seriously considering starting a third file with her, Lunatic Newcommer, and play it more powergamer-like because her current army can’t defeat my husband’s army and that’s frustrating. I also made several not really wise class changes because I didn’t care that much about stats. xD

This would mean another bunch of hours spent by very meaningful thoughts about OTPs and which-father-to-get-the-right-hair-color-on-child Because I’m still not content with many couples I made in my current Hard Classic file. (And still torn about GaiusxMaribelle OTP versus GaiusxSumia-red head Cynthia u___u).Yay.

it’s honestly kind of scary just how many of the characters I made for my old server ended up being reflections of my feelings regarding the toxic culture on there, and by “most of them,” I mean “every single one.” 

Like, honestly, can someone let me vent to them about the high priestess who hid her face under a monstrous mask, because despite being a person of incredibly high status, she was a member of a race that was so consistently dehumanized, she decided she would garner more respect as a fearsome stranger. 

or about the princess whose entire character arc consisted of being tossed and pulled and manipulated every which way by anyone with a political agenda, utterly ruining her childhood in the process, as even the people sympathetic to her plight never bothered to let her simply live and be herself. 

or about the serial killer who only existed because I was so frustrated at the rising culture of hyperviolence and powergaming that I simply lost all patience and shouted “fine, I’ll just kill off all these overpowered characters MYSELF!” 

The whole thing was like, such a Commentary…