PowerFX Kickstarter

Aight.  Time for the power of sharing on the internet!

RossCuth contacted PowerFX about a kickstarter idea to help raise funds for a possible Sweet ANN.

Buuuuuut PowerFX can’t do that.  HOWEVER!  They are interested in the kickstarter idea and would rather put this towards a NEW VOCALOID!

Basically, Mr. Ross and the funders would need to pitch an idea.  A VOCALOID with a name, design, voice provider, other further ideas and of course, the funds….. and PowerFX would record, edit, manufacture/market and distribute said project.

We would have to raise $10,000 - $12,000!  And there needs to be pre-orders!


Proof? : https://twitter.com/RossCuth/status/599656175911751680

So do your best and SHARE this around.  Click the twitter link and share thoughts on there, that would be REALLY great!  Tell your VOCALOID friends!  Even consider helping with the funds or even buying this VOCALOID!


Please do this!

I have just wrote one helluva long complaint regarding Rubys’ new design.

If you’re reading this then I’m assuming you’re already aware of what is going down in the Vocaloid fandom, so I’ll keep it short.

Misha (Rubys’ VP), Syo and Natasha Allgri have all been pretty much screwed over by this company. They have spent ages on creating a high-quality vocal for the Vocaloid 4 engine, but today it was revealed that they pretty much took the rug away from under them and forced a new design on them, one which is extremely unappealing and looks pretty much like a recolour of Sonika.

Worst part is, Syo and Allgri designed Ruby to have a darker skin tone which has been bleached by PowerFX. Also she isn’t as cute any more.

What I recommend you do is complain. Complain loud and angrily. Kick up a fuss on all your social media. Write a long af complaint to them through the link above (like I did). Don’t let them get away with this.

If they release it under the new design pretend it doesn’t exist. Draw the old design, or at least draw the new one with darker skin. I’m not saying not to buy the bank as she does have a nice voice, but tear the complete piss out out of the new design. Posting a picture saying you’ve got her? Make a fan-made cover and put it on the box. Making an unboxing video? Describe your disgust at the design.

I am not saying to send PowerFX hate. I am saying give them extremely negative feedback, but try to word it politely. Be rude at times, sure, but do not swear or send death threats or anything.

This has been a PSA

PowerFX Kickstarter POLL

Please take your time and fill out this neat poll regarding the PowerFX Kickstarter VOCALOID.

This would help the team decide on the gender and what sort of VOCALOID fans would like.

Please understand that while it would be good if the fandom likes this VOCALOID…. it might be even BETTER if people outside the fandom (General Western Musicians).  So think of ways THAT could happen.  Think AVANNA and OLIVER~ ;)


PowerFX? PowerFX???? PowerFX!!!!
  • PowerFX? PowerFX???? PowerFX!!!!

May 2007, one of the first public demos of Vocaloid BIG AL in his beta stage. Please hold me.


Music by Alexey Kosolapov and Alexei Ustinov, lyrics by Alexey Yakovlev.


PowerFX, PowerFX, PowerFX
Power, Power, PowerFX

Do what you do with Al
And be the first to know
What do you have to show?
Try something new today!

It’s all within your reach.
So make the most of now
And don’t give up a thing
Control your range and pitch!

Power, Power, PowerFX

542. I feel like the companies are trying too hard to produce more and more new vocaloids instead of focusing on improving the older ones. A lot of them sound exactly the same too! It’s really annoying.

(I chose a picture of YOHIOloid because his company hasn’t made of an upgrade one of their vocaloids so far and people complain that he sounds like an older Piko. -Mod D.)

VOCALOID4 Ruby’s Intended Final Design

Earlier today, Ruby’s head developer Syo posted this image of what Ruby was supposed to look like before the company, PowerFX, created their own white-washed design without consulting or even notifying Syo.

If PowerFX does not give in and get rid of their design like fans are calling for, here’s what I advise: buy Ruby anyway to support Syo and his team, but don’t use or draw PowerFX’s design. Pretend it doesn’t exist, pretend this design is still the official one.

It wouldn’t hurt to yell at them some more though, so here’s PowerFX’s contact page.

PowerFX, can you NOT?

Can you NOT disrespect the people who put all the time, effort and work into this?

TLDR Misha and Syo made Ruby, they got Natasha Allegri, freaking NATASHA ALLEGRI to help with design and art. They’ve done all the programming and development of this Vocaloid to this point, and at the LAST SECOND, PowerFX decides to rip the rug right out from underneath them and introduce a bullshit design. Are you fucking kidding me?

Natasha Allegri’s concepts:

PowerFX’s design:

Meant to “appeal to a wider EDM audience.” You mean a whiter EDM audience?

Please let them know this is NOT okay


The Story of Yohioloid Thus Far...
  • Announcement after email
  • Announcing it will be done with Japanese illustrator
  • Suddenly a contest!
  • Vague contest rules
  • Vague contest rules even after several emails
  • Design accidentally leaked
  • Design accidentally posted on VocaTone official Tumblr
  • Design accidentally confirmed
  • Above things being removed/redacted
  • Voice sample leaked [x]

Do you really blame the fandom for being just a little confused? I don’t.

So, has everyone been waiting patiently for information on the new PowerFX Engloid?

Because information has finally been revealed!

External image

However, this wasn’t a PowerFX only Vocaloid; a new company called VocaTone has gotten involved, and there have been a few members of the fandom (revealed in the post are Chii, Crossfrown, Sango, Mole, dappleback, and Chao♪Freak) that are on board with this new company. If you live in Utah or within driving distance to Anime Banzai, there will be a voice reveal of Oliver on October 22nd.

More information here at VocaloidOtaku as it is able to be revealed.

You can also like Oliver’s page on Facebook to get more information as it comes out.