Cute past!Ardyn with his black chocobo *_*
I want to know more about Ardyn’s past life before he became evil guy…

Armored Lady Monday

First one of the year and also continuing my, my first drawing of the year is gonna be noire trend started last year!

this is also the way im recieving this year, fidgeting confidence, like a “come at me bro…?” 

And first thing this year, i wanna adress something quick here, a lot of ppl, aka 2 persons have asked me “yknow i have noticed that you give noire kinda big arms, why?” not exactly like that but something like that and im just like

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more bodyswap au! varethane requested a scenario where Genos gets sick (because he’s still stubbornly wearing sleeveless shirts despite now having a body that can get cold) and Saitama has to take care of him.

(you can find all of my bodyswap posts here!)

Sakurai apologizes so much that he usually cows other people into forgiving him. Like, one time he bumped into this old guy or something, and the old guy was just tearing into him, right? And I guess Sakurai was on his knees and shouting “I’M SORRY” really loudly, and then saying sorry again for being so loud, and he was causing such a big scene that the old guy muttered something and walked away. And Sakurai literally picked himself off the ground and walked away. I don’t know anyone else who can just pull shit like that in the middle of a subway station. It’s amazing.
—  Aomine Daiki, on Sakurai

I don’t know a great deal about Kesha but reading about her court case is really sad. A contract is legally binding but we seem to live in a society where commercial viability is more important than an abuse victim. Like honestly, what is that shit? 

It’s so disappointing that this current world is teaching kids that money, power and external appearance takes precedence over almost everything else. And if you’re not in the position to possess these things, you’re likely to be thought of as disposable, unworthy and somehow, just less. 

fight club. avengers fight club. we grease up, we pull in. steve and bucky don’t know so it’s, “surprise! we’re going to fight!” we beat the shit out of them. they’re not going to forget that.
—  tony planning steve and bucky’s wedding reception

people who insist on calling comics graphic novels

like son were all reading about guys in spandex and capes and bat ears and what have you like lets just step down off that high horse and embrace what this is ok