powerful women in fiction is super important to me

One of my favorite things to read in Fallout: New Vegas fanfiction:

The courier as a terrifying determined political powerhouse. I love it when people write her as a force of nature, dismantling the structure of the old world and remaking it in her image.

I love reading about the politics, the after effects of her war and the massive regime change.

Tell me how she deals with the refugees of both Ceasar’s Legion and the NCR. Talk about her taxation policies. What’s her plan for the rash of violent crimes in Vegas? What’s her stance on welfare and low-income housing? How does she deal with food and clean water availability? Since the sewers are currently used for housing overflow, how does Vegas manage its sewage?

Don’t talk to me about flighty nothings or small-scale romance.

Tell me the story of a city in the shape of a woman.