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Peter Tomasi’s Super League coming this April and May covers by the talented Karl Kerschl, Mikel Janin, Paul Renaud & Yanick Paquette


May New 52 Celebration variant covers

Action Comics #52 variant cover by Ben Oliver

Superman #52 variant cover by Mikel Janin

Wonder Woman #52 variant cover by David Finch and Matt Banning



Extra: Christina Aguilera Dishes on ‘The Voice,’ Woman Power, Her Kids, and Her New Album

Superman/Wonder Woman #29: Super League cover Featuring Supergirl by Karl Kerschl

FittedCrown Collection

Being a college student comes with its struggles - one mainly being financially. FittedCrown started off as a ‘side hustle’ that was meant to put more money in my pockets while also serving as a hobby. After committing myself to this project, I realized that this movement goes far beyond just putting money in my pockets. This movement has everything to do with encouraging women to retrieve their crowns and take back the image of a beautiful, strong, dominant, powerful woman. I have come to the understanding that the standards society sets on its women is pressuring and unrealistic. My goal is to encourage women to be comfortable with who they are and find their own set of standards that they are willing to uphold themselves to. Being a Queen has nothing to do with your shape, size, color, or social status - but it has everything to do with recognizing your worth and your strength. Find the crown that fits you, and rock it fearlessly.

Owner/Creator Instagram: wassupbria

Business Instagram: fittedcrowncollection

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Rediscovering the life and work of forgotten bohemian surrealist Leonor Fini.  I am lucky enough to be showing my own work beside that of the ground breaking and challenging Argentine artist and with Paula Rego until the end of June 2015 at the Leyden Gallery in London.  If you have any questions about the exhibition please contact Leyden or myself (sarahmuirhead1@yahoo.co.uk).

On Why You "didn't like" Gamora From GOTG: My Hot Dog Down The Hallway

Dear Dudes,

Hi.  I heard a rumor that your gender “didn’t like” the character Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy.  While I understand it, it’s important for you to comprehend why you are programmed to think this opinion is correct and valid.  You’ve been trained to “like” leading female characters who are attractive-young-and-helpless-ingenues, attractive-and-clumsy-30-to-40-somethings-who-can’t-help-but-fall-into-puddles-and-into-love-on-the-way-to-their-jobs-at-sexy-and-smart-boutique-grocery-stores, or hilarious fatties.  To you, women have always been either in need of saving, props for Vince Vaughn, or hilarious fatties.  It’s okay, you didn’t know any better.

“Gamora was poorly written,” “She wasn’t funny at all,” “When does she sing the song about Defying Gravity?"  Dudes, not every green woman is in Wicked, just like not every   blah blah blah something I don’t care about.  Gemora was well written as a strong, forward moving, able-bodied warrior alien lady.  She wasn’t overly sexualized and she and the leading man never kissed on screen.  Valued as an equal member of her super hero team, her story arch forwarded the plot by including more than just romance.  Not to mention her dry and steady strength throughout the whole movie made her comedy punches land much harder than they would have if she were relegated to Jar-Jar Binks territory.  Turn your mind’s eye to some male action heroes with sparse zingers and strength, think about what it means for their "maleness” to give you permission to non-threateningly “like” them.  Meaning, if Gamora were played by Chris Evans rather than badass Zoe Saldana, you’d like “her” and understand “her” power.

As a newly single, strong, and forward moving woman coming out of a long term relationship, I am experiencing “singles spring.” This pretty much just equates to me making out with hot dudes till they’ve realized they are terrified of me, and is probably why I take such offense to dudes not “liking” Gamora.  Not to say that I am looking for all dudes to “like” me, because frankly, I don’t give a shit.  I’m working on “liking” myself and achieving career goals, not tying myself to another time consuming relationship or being someone’s accessory.  Shake in your boots, fine, I don’t care.  However, do recognize why you are shaking and how, in this brave new strong lady world, you should attempt to overcome your conditioning and see women as true equals in every way.  We are gonna be our true and fierce selves no matter what, so it will just easier if you get on the train.  So, remove your rose-colored glasses and strap in, the world is becoming a better place.  

Love and Kisses,

Katie Johnston-Smith