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The way things are in women’s gymnastics currently I don’t think it’s a disadvantage to have a muscular build. Definitely at one point gymnasts were punished if their gymnastics lacked a balletic quality - whether due to their natural build, style, or a combination of both - but being naturally suited to powerful gymnastics and lacking the lines, extension, and flexibility of a ballerina is no longer a barrier to being successful at the elite level IMO. It’s great that gymnastics have evolved to this point and broadened its definition of what it means to be an incredible gymnast, but I’m kind of sick of acting like current gymnasts had insurmountable barriers to overcome because of their athletic and muscular body types cause I just don’t think it’s true at this point.

Robert Crumb: ‘I was born weird'

He’s obsessed with ‘spectacular rear ends’ and he calls his fans scum. Yet comic artist Robert Crumb is at risk of becoming respectable. As his new show opens, he talks about filth, fetishes and his idea of fun.

The fetish is not with Serena Williams as tennis champion so much as with her “spectacular back end.” His insistence that, “I don’t care what color they are.”

Part of the paradox of Crumb’s art is that the objects of his erotic fixation are often dynamic, powerful women, depicted in gymnastics or yoga or sport. He traces this fetish back to his childhood, explaining morosely: “I was always a contrarian. My wife says sometimes I’m too much so – born weird. I always felt there’s something odd and off about my nervous system. If everybody’s walking forward, I want to walk backwards.

Although he mournfully insists that his work isn’t as fashionable today as it once was, he cheers up when he contemplates the upsides of the new era. Phone cameras, for instance, which allow him and Aline to “capture the commonplace” of scantily clad women waiting in cinema queues or at ice-cream stands. And selfies, “one of the technological miracles of the age we live in.” Read more>>>

Photographs: David Levene for the Guardian (top); Eamonn McCabe for the Guardian (bottom). Illustrations: Courtesy the artist, Paul Morris, and David Zwirner, New York/London

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