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I always say your core is your foundation so my bodyweight and gymnastic exercises/ movements benefit greatly from exercises such as squats and deadlifts; don’t skip leg day! #fitfam #legday @armyfreshfitness @militaryfreshfitness #fitness #nutrition #bodybuilding #core #exercise #jumpsquats #fitlife #instafit #gains #deadlift #squat #crossfit #power #armyfresh #militaryfitness #bodyweight #calisthenics #gymnastics #pushyourself #hardwork #gym #gohard #gymlife #improve #progress #endurance #workoutmotivation

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idk over the years ive seen a lot of people say “wheeeeh u cant reward komova for her straight legs and arched toe point bc some people just arent capable of that and its unfaiiiiir *6 second long fart noise*” but seriously when i see videos of her doing just a simple stag leap it makes my heart skip a beat, there just arent many gymnasts like that anymore and that deserves to be rewarded. when you have olympic medalists who literally cant hit a fucking full split on beam, and then you have VIKA, and you’re trying to tell me that only a tenth or two in deductions should separate them???? that’s fucking insane.  and as far as the “faaaaaaiiiirness” goes, you could argue just as easily that its not faaaaaair that tumbling on floor is so highly rewarded because some people just dont have the power in their legs to pull of huge tumbling runs like simone and aly and jordyn and a million other “power gymnasts.” but that’s equally fucking stupid because this is a judged sport and unless u wanna give everyone participation medals and tell them that the most important thing is their pathetic little feeeeeelings, there needs to be a way to assign points, NUMERICAL VALUES, to performances to rank them. so im sorry for not wanting to sit on my hands and refuse to reward excellence in the sport because your fave’s feelings will be hurt if they’re told that they need to have a slight oversplit to be an elite fucking olympic level gymnast!!!!! cry me a river


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We search for real pull ups! Full range of motion, all the way up and all the way down. No micro reps, gyrations or spasm pull ups please. Use #realpullup and tag us to be featured!
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anonymous asked:

Probably the last place I'd think I'd find it, but all your Hannibal belly ficlets have made me more confident about myself. I've always been that chub fluff on my stomach no matter how strong I get and how much I exercise, for the longest time

(2/2) I desperately wanted a flat semi-abs belly, but now when my muscles make it stick out I feel good about myself Idk that was too long but thanks for real.

Anon, you made my day so much with this message! I’m really really happy that you’re learning to love your body! I promise you your belly is very very cute and there are lots of people out in the world who think so (I’m definitely one of them)! ❤️❤️❤️

Honestly, the Hannibal fandom has been a really amazing place for me to go through the same thing and realize that there are (a lot of!) people in the world who like people who have cute tummies (FYI every person in the world has a cute tummy, this is a fact). But like, I’ve always had a thing for tummies and for people with some extra chub, and been a little insecure about it, because that is kind of weird, right? So it wasn’t something I ever really talked about (tho tbh my best friend has figured out to always introduce me to guys with what she calls “the Nick Frost aesthetic.” I guess I’m not that subtle.) But then I started to get really into the Hannibal fandom and noticed that tummies are a thing here too, and people actively talk about it a lot. I mean, yeah, there are fanartists and ficwriters who headcanon that Hannibal has six-pack abs, and draw and write him that way, and more power to them (tho it’s not my cup of tea). But there are just as many who actively include and love on his little chubby tummy (and love handles!!! omgggg) in their work, and it’s so nice and refreshing.

It’s not just validating bc it’s helped me be less insecure about what I’m attracted to, but also about my own body. I’ve always been pretty chubby, and even though I’ve lost weight and gotten in shape this year and am physically strong, I also can’t get rid of my round belly. At this point, I really don’t think it’s going anywhere. But that’s ok! And this fandom (and the fat acceptance community on Tumblr in general) has really really helped me with that. Because if a dudes like Mads and Hugh can be strong and sexy and extremely physically active and powerful and do professional gymnastics and carry pumpkins and stuff and also have cute chubby tummies, and not be ashamed of that, then so can I. And seeing people on the internet react to that really positively and support it and include it in their headcanons about these characters is really important to me.

So yeah, I really feel what you’re saying here, Anon, and I’m really glad you shared this. I’m glad all my tummy talk has helped someone (and also you reacting positively to it makes me feel less weird about it too!). There are a lot of super people in this fandom who spread the tummy love and have made this a great place to be, like granpappy-winchester, haanigram, sartorialcannibal, willgrahamed, remy-thibedoux, ter0rr, darkdreamsofhannigram​, and lots more I’m probably forgetting right now, but these are all people you should check out!

Also to everyone, please put tummy headcanons in my inbox anytime! Feel free to be Anon! I live for this shit!

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So someone can kill and rape three children and make it to heaven if they're sorry? Sounds like some mental gymnastics to meeee

I mean God is more powerful than sin. No gymnastics here. That’s not to say they don’t deserve hell, but that’s the thing about God. We don’t always get what we deserve.

Robert Crumb: ‘I was born weird'

He’s obsessed with ‘spectacular rear ends’ and he calls his fans scum. Yet comic artist Robert Crumb is at risk of becoming respectable. As his new show opens, he talks about filth, fetishes and his idea of fun.

The fetish is not with Serena Williams as tennis champion so much as with her “spectacular back end.” His insistence that, “I don’t care what color they are.”

Part of the paradox of Crumb’s art is that the objects of his erotic fixation are often dynamic, powerful women, depicted in gymnastics or yoga or sport. He traces this fetish back to his childhood, explaining morosely: “I was always a contrarian. My wife says sometimes I’m too much so – born weird. I always felt there’s something odd and off about my nervous system. If everybody’s walking forward, I want to walk backwards.

Although he mournfully insists that his work isn’t as fashionable today as it once was, he cheers up when he contemplates the upsides of the new era. Phone cameras, for instance, which allow him and Aline to “capture the commonplace” of scantily clad women waiting in cinema queues or at ice-cream stands. And selfies, “one of the technological miracles of the age we live in.” Read more>>>

Photographs: David Levene for the Guardian (top); Eamonn McCabe for the Guardian (bottom). Illustrations: Courtesy the artist, Paul Morris, and David Zwirner, New York/London