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it’s wild because for the longest time we had talked about harry and louis as this dynamic power couple like it was some distant thing, but now in 2017, louis’s got a platinum solo single, and performed at ultra, and harry is an actor, and is about to drop his first single like i’m just so proud of them?? i love them

Headcanon that tom and dick rigged the dance so that Stanley could dance with his crush

Mrs Potts and Garderobe also both rigged it so the nice young man who had a change of heart could find comfort with the handsome crossdresser.

Neither plan worked out but since they ended up together anyway all parties involved take credit for the newest power couple in town

“Ah, Ideas-taster,” said Vimes, as the dwarf approached, “do allow me to introduce the Duchess of Ankh-Morpork… Lady Sybil.”
“Uh… er… yes… indeed… so delighted to make your acquaintance…” Dee murmured, caught off-guard by the charm offensive. “But, er…”
Sybil had picked up the code. Vimes loathed the word “duchess,” so if he was using it then he wanted her to out-dutch everyone. She enveloped Dee’s pointy head in delighted Duchessness.

– power couple, drift compatible | Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant

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I admire how confident you are in your judgment of endgame Klance and it gives me hope but I reeeeeally don't wanna get my hopes up still since I never really had the best experience with otps. But Klance has so much potential if they do take the romantic route for those two it could play out so well. However speaking from an objective lens, their rival to friends to family dynamic is just as strong even if romance doesn't become a part of it. So romantic or not Klance is beautiful either way.

yeah! platonic klance would be the shit tbh??? i just want them to be close, they’re such a power couple (even platonic-wise)

and yeah, i know it’s dangerous for me to have my hopes up as high as they are and all, and i’m fully willing to accept that if i end up disappointed, i let myself get in too deep

but if it actually does become canon you can bet your ass i’ll be screaming “i called it” non stop for weeks on end :’D


UnderFell Papyrus and his s/o are absolutely THE power couple. Within a few months, everyone assumes they’ve been together for years, their ability to read each other and respond so smoothly is uncanny. He treats his s/o with a great deal of respect and courtesy, which makes most other men in the room pale in comparison. His s/o is basically a beauty who has ‘tamed’ a beast and because of Papyrus’ constant nagging and public image anxiety they look hella good(he did their eyeliner for them) which combines with the ability to calm the scream child to make someone very outwardly intimidating whether they mean it or not. Together they outmatch any other couple in proximity with sheer appearance alone, this only becomes a more threatening display as they grow closer

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could we receive some head canons for the power couple that is Garrus and fem!Shepherd raising some kids after the Reaper War?

Spiky husband spiky husband SPIKY HUSBAND

I can’t remember if turians and humans can have bio kids, but I’ll roll with both for now.

Mod Pinks

Garrus w/ fem!Shepard raising kids 

  • If Shepard can get preggers, then the day she surprises Garrus with the news goes down in history
    • Hey? Garrus?”
    • “Hm? Yea babe?”
    • “I’m pregnant.”
    • “That’s gre- *drops everything* WHAT?!”
    • She still wishes she had grabbed a camera before hand to film his reaction.
      • Though she might have dropped it considering how he picks her up and looks up to her with the biggest grin a turian can have.
  • If they decide to adopt, they have a long conversation about it and settle with having two kids.
    • They decide to adopt two kids, a Turian girl and a human male, one 3 and the other one a tiny baby.
      • Garrus is so curious how this potato of a child can even have a chance to be the same species as Shepard, but still. 
  • Remember the Citadel DLC, where Garrus pretty much loses it with Zaveed and basically rig the entire apartment with security measures?
    • That, plus baby-proofing the entire apartment.
      • We could rig the cradle to turn into a shield if there’s danger.”
      • “Zaveed you’re a genius.”
  • Garrus might never admit it, but Shepard will gladly talk about how proud her Archangel is of both their kids.
    • And how he has no problem having a baby strapped to his chest while holding hands with his little girl. 
  • Is on the line of “protective dad” and “Garrus she’s three she doesn’t need to learn how to hold a gun yet!”

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All I want in life is Magnus to put eyeliner on Alec and in a sexy ass outfit and take him to the club and show off his boyfriend to everyone and the both of them dance and just overall being a sexy ass power couple

you read my mind anon. theres nothing i want more in this world than both alec and magnus in eyeliner, grinding on each other while everybody else is jealous

Me and my fiancé have a bond so strong it’s sometimes hard to believe love like we have still exist, I really love him with all my heart, only person who can make me cry and smile and laugh at the same time. He loves me like my parents love me so intangible and unconditionally, I hope everyone finds love so pure it betters them as a person.
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