powerful black woman

Because gay isn’t only 17 year old white kids that come from middle to upper class homes. And Black Love isn’t just straight couples that enforce gender roles and women with perfect bodies, a quiet tongue, and a womb always ready to create. This is also the face of Black Love. And its beautiful. -ShiShi

In the superhero film slate from 2017 into 2018 we have already had:

The first LGBTQ+, Latinx, Asian American, and Austistic superheroes on film, directed by an immigrant in Power Rangers

The first big budget female lead superhero film directed by the third woman in history to helm a movie with a budget of over 100 million which was the first written by a gay man in Wonder Woman

The first big budget superhero film to star an almost completely black cast written and directed by a black man in Black Panther

Not to mention what has happened for the genre on television and what else is to come and has come in things not mentioned here. We have to support and push harder for projects like these. Make Hollywood listen.