powerful big cat


Sonic Forces News - Is this PreInfinite - Forces Comic Recap!

people are always asking me "what are some of your hobbies, you handsome and powerful big cat?"

watching every episode of golden girls
flipping tables in restaurants
making and storing sauce for the winter
tax fraud
i dabble in mining
that’s it.

Sonic headcanon: Chaos Energy is the life force of Mobius, flowing through all things, from the animals to the people to the earth itself. A healthy flow is a healthy soul; cutting the flow of Chaos Energy to an entity severs its connection to the world, rendering it “dead”. Even the mountains and the seas aren’t immune to this. Things that die in this way become dark, murky and shriveled, taking on alien appearances, becoming something twisted and soulless that relies on consuming the essence of the living to sustain itself. The Black Arms are beings who survived becoming this sort of entity. This is also why the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald are so cataclysmically powerful- they control and manipulate the very lifeblood of the universe. Misused, they could turn all of the known universe and beyond into a hellish, demonic realm of nothing but darkness and misery.

Things that are particularly in-tune with Chaos Energy can manipulate it within themselves and in the areas around them to a degree. This level of power generally grants special abilities, and if an apocalypse like above happened, they might be able to survive by cutting themselves off from the corrupted Chaos Energy. These powers could be as vast and varied as Shadow’s wide array of powers and abilities, as rawly powerful as Sonic’s speed and spinning, as oddly focused as Sticks’s connection to her Boomerang, or as easily overlooked as Big’s near-invincibility. Even unconscious objects like Angel Island and Little Planet can accomplish this, traveling along the currents of Chaos Energy to move around the planet and the planes of existence… albeit with some help from powerful Chaos Artifacts such as the Master Emerald and the Time Stones.

Super forms require an intense amount of control to enter, and as such can only be used by those deeply in-tune with Chaos Energy. If someone who was unable to control their own power attempted to use Chaos Energy in such a way, they would be incinerated from the inside out, unable to contain the raw life energy and ironically killing themselves with it. Tails and Knuckles decided to stop using their super forms just in case this happened, knowing that they had less control over the Chaos than they did when they were younger. Sonic, being a reckless fool, hasn’t taken such precautions, and as a result whatever consciousness controls Chaos Energy has become incredibly fond of him, granting him many forms and powers and blessing him with incredible luck in the face of daunting odds.