I can’t be bothered to write it all down on paper so I am sitting here, sharing it with you instead, while listening to the Russian Orthodox Requiem haha!

Feel free to like & share it to serve as your own reminder. It’s useful as hell.

It is all from the book “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene.

Read on, my friends. For this is going to teach you many valuable lessons!


Always make those above you feel comfortably superior. In your desire to please and impress them, do not go too far in displaying your talents or you might accomplish the opposite—inspire fear and insecurity. Make your masters appear more brilliant than they are and you will attain the heights of power.

Note: Yes. This is so important. Especially when it comes to dealing with MEN. Never outshine the MASTER.. oh boy, but how we do ;)

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Road Trip - pt.1 (M)

Genre: S M U T

Length: 1,200+ words

Kink(s): exhibitionism, Daddy kink 

Originally posted by badgizibe888

Since it was nearing the end of winter, and though it was still a tad cold out the trees were starting to regain the leaves they had lost during autumn. Both you and your group of friends loved this weather; the sky was still gloomy and grey, the chilly wind felt refreshing against your skin and the fresh air was practically rejuvenating. 

For a while now you and the guys had been planning on taking your first roadtrip together and booking a whole week’s stay at this lovely cabin that was about 10 hours away. Due to their almost inhumane freaking work schedules y’all always would put it off- another time..or..there’s always next time- you guys would say. 

Though it took two years, y’all were finally going. Their schedules were clear for the next two weeks, and you weren’t doing anything special or important since you worked from home and were technically your own boss.

The van was packed, everyone was dressed appropriately and despite how sluggish everyone seemed to feel, y’all wasted no time at all and took off- leaving all the stresses of work behind… for a little while at least. 

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anonymous asked:

So I saw your post and even though I'm terrible with MHA character names, it seems as if all or most of your favs are heroes (which isn't a bad thing). But what I wanna know is if you like any of the villains? Also I would like to know who your LEAST favorite characters are( I know mineta is No. 1 but other than him). Thnx

Yeah, I’ve noticed I only listed heroes, mainly Class 1-A students. The Class 1-A students are the main reason I read this series. I love the class as a whole and as individuals. 

I like most of the villains. 

Dabi is one of my favorites because he’s one of the more leveled-headed villains. 

He’s more principled than a lot of the other villains.

I also find his emotionless commentary and reactions amusing. In fact, the banter among the League of Villains as a whole is pretty entertaining. 

Toga is also one of my favorites because she’s Toga. 

In my opinion she’s one of the most hilarious characters in the series. She’s an unapologetic psychopath who’s always happy. 

I also love her Quirk too.

Her Quirk has so many possibilities when it comes to spying and deception. 

I love the Villains Alliance. I also really like Overhaul and his goons as villains. Although, I don’t like them as much as the Villains Alliance yet. That may change. I want to see what they’ll do in future chapters. Overhaul is a heartless and intelligent man, a perfect opponent for the heroes. I’m interested to see what he’ll do. 

I like most of the MHA characters, so it’s hard to pinpoint my least favorites. 

I know a lot of people don’t like Monoma and Aoyama. I personally love both their characters. I think they’re both hilarious, and they make great comic relief characters. They’re also three-dimensional too. Monoma has his feelings of inferiority towards Class 1-A, and he’s also intelligent. 

 Aoyama feels out of place with his class but wants to fit in and would sacrifice himself for his classmates. His superiority-inferiority complex is also interesting. 

Deciding which characters are my least favorite is hard. I guess I don’t care too much for Satou and Kouda. It’s not because I dislike them. It’s just, I definitely like them the least out of all of Class 1-A. They have very little development, and they’re not as interesting as the colorful characters of the rest of Class 1-A. I like them when they do have their time to shine. 

I find Kouda and Jirou’s interactions during the end of the term exam to be heartwarming. Kouda getting over his fear of bugs and thinking how proud he was to make it into U.A. is an interesting bit of character development.

Satou is probably the blandest of the two characters I mentioned. Kouda’s shyness adds to his character and talking to animals is a neat Quirk. Satou doesn’t really have much of an interesting personality, at least not yet. His super strength Quirk isn’t that interesting, even if it is powered by sugar. I do get a kick out of his cake winning the hearts of the girls, mostly because I enjoy seeing Mineta and Kaminari anguishing over it. 

Unfortunately, overall, I don’t care too much for Satou and Kouda. I respect their characters and don’t dislike them. I just don’t like them as much as other characters. 

There are characters in the manga who I hate who I know I’m supposed to hate. For instance, I hate Endeavor for the way he treats his family. 

And I hate Overhaul for abusing Eri.  

I also hate whoever is Eri’s caretaker.  (I hate any character who abuses children.)

I didn’t like Bakugou very early in the series when he really mistreats Midoriya. His character was almost irredeemable at this point. 

Thanks to character development, Bakugou is one of my favorite characters, but it took a while for me to start liking him. 

I hope that answered your question. 

(These asks with two part questions are killers.)

For my black SBs that wear wigs:

Don’t you just love when you pass a woman on the street and the smell of her hair literally makes you do a double take?

Well men love it too!

I obviously wash my hair more frequently than my wigs, so I buy a body mist (I use Nude by Rihanna, Vince Camuto, and this Coconut body mist from Victoria’s Secret) and spray down my wigs.

And when I spray down, I basically spray ¼ to ½ of the bottle on them. To the roots to the ends and particularly in the cap and netting.

So find a body mist that compliments your perfume (because remember! Body mist is meant to be layered) and one that’s relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain.

This method works for me because the scent STAYS on my wigs in between uses and washes.

This way, you can be THAT girl with the great smelling hair. 🌬💇🏾

When you laugh with your whole body and your hair flushes your face at a dinner/bar, or you enter an elevator and you’re the literal breath of fresh air, when someone calls your name and you do a 180, or you’re just passing by someone, you’ll make a lasting impression with the people around you.

I DON’T recommend doing this to your real hair for a number of reasons. Please use your common sense.

(I give these tips about scents and fragrance on my blog, particularly because I have had men and women stop me in the middle of the street JUST to tell me how nice I smell. And scent is a powerful memory trigger. )

Junior Year In Queens Would Include...

Freshman Year:


Sophomore Year: 


If you don’t understand some references in this part, read the first two parts in the series.

- After the entire summer you had barely seen Peter, partly because you were avoiding him, and partly because when you tried to hang out, he was busy. (Although you knew from Ned that Peter did indeed talk a lot about Evelyn. Oh goody.)

- Plus side: ….

- Actually there isn’t one. 

- Ahh, junior year is going to be interesting.

-  But at the beginning of school May (you can call her May because you love her and she loves you and she’s like a sister instead on an aunt) invites you over. Obviously you can’t say no, May is just too awesome to say no to. 

- You just wanted a quiet night to watch movies and you almost got your wish. Key word: almost. *sigh* 

- Authors Note: Guys… just-just take a guess to who was sitting beside Peter when you arrived. *Jazz hands* *Confetti rains down from the sky* It’s EVELYN. Yayyy….

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How to Make any Sugar Daddy Like You

Ever heard of the Golden Rule? Apply it.


Should I text back? What should I text? What should I say on the date? How should I act?

If you ever wonder how you should act, respond, or communicate to someone else, always run the situation in reverse in your mind. In other words, if YOU were the guy with the cash and HE were the hot young thing sitting across from you, what would YOU want HER to say/do?

This doesn’t mean ‘give it up for free’. Over the long term, unclear or unfair exchange builds resentment and would end the relationship. So you know what your boundaries and wishes are as well. But consider their side.

This especially applies if you find yourself having powerful emotions (sad, angry, afraid) which cloud your view.

 It’s amazing how simple and yet powerful this is. 

I was going through all my unfinished and rejected text files (there’s… quite a few). So, instead of leaving them to collect dust on my computer, I decided hey, why the hell not. Think of these as the roughest of rough doodles. Doodles that might be missing hands. Or are all drawn in side-profile. Most of these are NOT finished.

This one is actually finished!


Pale skin, scruffy clothes, blue eyes. Human. Your eyes catch and stumble, but he’s already lost in the busy throng of the market. There’s no reason for you to come to a complete stop, but you do, skimming the crowd.

Gone. A beefy rustblood nearly knocks into you into a cart with de-spined slimeslugs. “Walk much?” she sneers.

You bare your fangs on reflex. It’s merely the usual polite half-distracted scorn twaddle, because she moves on and you turn toward the cart.

“Wow, what was her problem huh?”

You start, look to your left and there he is. All elbows and knees, hair like a bird’s nest, sly smiling. There’s no way you’re not noticing that half translucent skin, the blue-not-blue running in clears streaks like fucking targets. With effort, you drag your eyes up to his face. He grins wider.

Smooth, Karkat, you groan inwardly.

“You don’t look from around here,” he says, winking.

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lol it looks like:

Onii-chan is in charge of baking.

Ichi is suppose to to whipping cream but is also eating it.

Choro is rolling dough.

Jyushi is in charge of melting chocolate but he is eating it as well omg

Totty is the person who shapes the sweet and Kara is… not contributing… HE IS JUST SITTING THERE TRYING TO LOOK COOL. いたい、ね?

EDIT: Yes, I know Karamatsu is suppose to spread powered sugar on the chocolates BUT in this specific screenshot, if you didn’t know what his role was, he doesn’t look like he is doing anything. Thank you for reading! Have a nice day!

Luke Evans - Be My Beauty

Request By: @fandomgirl9193 

Request/Summary:  Hi can I request a luke evans imagine where the reader and him are dating and they arrive at the beauty and beast premier? You can do whatever from there I just can’t wait to read it and if it’s not too much trouble please make it romantic and really fluffy 😍💗

Luke Evans - Be My Beauty 

Chapter 1

Reader’s POV

“Love.” Luke said knocking on the bathroom door. “Are you almost ready? We’re going to be late.”

“Almost babe.” I said, as I kept looking at myself in the mirror. “I just want to make sure I look perfect.”

“But you always look perfect my love.” Luke said as I open the bathroom door and stepping out. “(Y/N) you look..” He smile as he looked up and down. He looked back at me, I can see his eyes soft. “You are absolutely breathtaking.”

“Thank you Luke.” I said, blushing a bit. “But you sure this doesn’t seem tacky?” I did a small spin, before I turn back to him. “I am in a golden dress and going to a Beauty And The Beast premiere.”

“Nonsense my love, you can never be tacky.” Luke said, smiling at me. “I think the dress suits you quite nicely in matter a fact. After all, Belle is your favorite Disney character. But… I’m afraid you are missing something.” 

“What could I be missing?” I said, turning around and looking at the closet mirror. “I have everything.”

“Not everything love.” Luke said. He walked over to me as I turn back to him. “I believe theses are yours.” He opened a box, revealing a red rose necklace and earrings. “Can’t be Belle without your red rose my love.”

“Oh Luke, their beautiful. Thank you so much for this.” I said, smiling as I put the earrings on. 

“I told you before (Y/N), you don’t need to thank me for anything. It’s my job to take care of you.” Luke said, picking up the necklace “Here, let me help you with your necklace.”

I moved my hair and he place the necklace around my neck. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kiss my neck gently. I let out a soft sigh as I lean against his chest. He held me tight as we sway back and forth. I smiled as I heard him start to hum. He was humming the song that was playing when we first met at a small cafe. 

“Baby.” Luke sang as he spun me around and dance with me. “I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the gray. Ooh. The more I get of you. The stranger it feels, yeah. And now that your rose is in bloom. A light hits the gloom on the gray.”

“We’re going to be late Luke.” I said as he started kissing my neck as he kept humming. “Luke.” He started kissing up my neck, making me giggle. “Babe.”

“It’s alright love, we can be be late.” Luke said, smiling as he kiss my lips gently. 

Every kiss, felt like the first time he kiss me. The kiss became more intense with every passing second. Then we heard honking, causing us to break the kiss as we laugh. 

“Will I guess we can’t be late.” Luke said, taking my hand in his. “Ready my love?”


Chapter 2

Luke’s POV

“Alright, everything is set and we should be ready to go.” I said, to the camera crew as they followed me around. “I just hope thing goes as plan or,” I stop and smile. “I’ll be making a total ass out of myself.”

The camera crew just laugh.

“Your laughing mate, but I’m nervous than I ever been.” I said as I started walking around again. “Okay, knowing (Y/N) she’ll be talking to Emma. She absolutely adores Emma.” I walked through the crowd and I spotted (Y/N), right were I thought she would be at. “Look, she’s right over there talking to Emma.” I pointed over at them. “Let’s see if we can get closer without (Y/N) knowing.”

I started moving around the crowd again, trying to get close enough to (y/n). I wanted to hear her answer, when Emma asked her a question for me. I stood behind her a bit and looked at Emma. I nodded my head to her and she nodded back.

“So (Y/N), Luke’s told me you’re a huge Disney fan. I bet you were excited about him getting to be about of this.” Emma said, smiling.

“A course. Soon as he told me he had a part, I told him he better take it or I was going to beat him up.” She said and they laugh.

“You know, they do weddings at Disney World. Would you do one if Luke ever ask you?” Emma said, looking over her shoulder and at me.

“Oh my god yes.” She said, nodding her head. “But to be honest… Me and Luke haven’t talked about marriage. I’ve been too scared to talk to him about it.”

“Why’s that sweetie?” Emma asked.

“Will, he’s Luke Evans for one.” She said and they laugh. “Two, soon as your mention the M word guys take off running.”

“Some do, but I don’t think Luke is like most guys.” Emma said, smiling. “So, if he asked you, would you?”

“In a heartbeat.” She said, nodding her head.

I did a small dance behind her as Emma tried not to laugh. I gave her the thumbs up and a nod before I took off again. I could hear Emma suggesting to (Y/N) to take a walk with her. I slipped into a room, so she couldn’t see me as she took off walking with Emma.

“Okay, time to get this show on the road.” I said, rubbing my hands together. 

Chapter 3 Reader’s POV

“Babe?” I said, stepping outside and looking around. “Luke?” I went down the steps and went over to the garden. “Why did he tell me to meet him outside if he’s not even here yet?” I looked around some more when lights came on, catching my attention. “Luke?”

I went over to where the lights were at, hoping to find Luke. But what I found was a pathway lit up by lights. I stepped closer and saw a single red rose on the ground with a note. I picked it up and I saw the note had my name on it. 

 I turn it over and saw a single sentence on it. “Follow the dancing lights.”

“I swear he better not try to scare the crap out of me like he did last time.” I said as I walked down the pathway of lights. “Luke?”

I kept calling for him as I walked down the pathway. On the way, I kept finding roses, all of them with notes. Each one was saying “You’re getting warmer.”

I finally got to the end of the pathway, that lead me to pinch black area of the garden. I looked down as I saw another rose with another note. I picked it up and it read. “You’re on fire.”

I looked up as lights slowing started to light up. My eyes lit up when I saw chandeliers hanging from the trees above a table, set for two. 

I went over and took a seat when I started hearing footsteps from the pathway. I looked over to see Luke carrying a tray with had a cover on it.

“Hello my love.” Luke said, as he walked over to the table. “I bet you were thinking I was going to scare you again, huh?”

“Actually yes.” I said, as we both smile. “So all this because of your premier?”

“Love, I’m quite ashamed of you if you don’t remember what today is.” Luke said seating the tray down. “Hopefully this reminds you.”

He removed the cover, revealing a plate of food that you would order for breakfast. French toast, berries, sausages, power sugar, orange juice and tea.

“It’s…it’s the same thing we both order that day we met at the cafe.” I said, looking up at him. “You remember?”

“A course my love, why wouldn’t I?” Luke said, taking a seat. “After all, when I heard that heavenly voice of your’s for the first time ordering it was like music to my hears. Then when I heard you order the same at me, my face lit up that you like the same things I do. Your voice, was the first thing that draw me to you my love.”

“Oh, Luke.” I said, looking down blushing

“That right there.” Luke said as I looked back up. “Is the same thing you did when I asked you, if I could join you. If I’m right my exact words were..”

“Excuses me miss, my name is Luke. I don’t mean to bother you while you’re trying to eat but I notice you were alone. And I don’t think a lovely woman such as yourself should ever eat alone. Is it alright if I company you this morning?” I said smiling at him. 

Oh, you do remember.” Luke said, smiling at me as we started to eat. “I have to say, I’m really glad you allow me to seat with you.”

“Why wouldn’t I? After all, your Luke Evans” I said, giving him a wink making him chuckle. “You always have a way with words. And you were really sweet and nice. You’re quite the gentlemen, will, you still are.”

“I’ll always be a gentleman for you my love. A course, in the bedroom that’s a different story, as you know.” Luke said, giving me a wink and making me blush. “I’m sorry, I’m quite greedy with you when it comes to that.”

“You believe me I know.” I said, smirking at him. “You’re always wanting more.”

“I’ll always want more, specially since it’s you that I want.” Luke said, smirking right back at me. I shook my head and smile as I reach for the power sugar. Right as I did, Luke’s reach out of it and our hands met. “Now would you look at this, just like the first time. But if I’m right, there was a certain song playing when this happened.” Then a soft melody started to play. Seal, Kiss From A Rose. He took my hand as he stood up and went to my side. “Care for a dance my love?”

“I’ll love to.” I said as he helped me up.

He lead my hand to a small clearing as the music got a bit louder. Luke smiled as we wrapped out arms around each other and started to sway. We looked deep into each other’s eyes as he started to sing along with our song.

There used to be a graying tower alone on the sea.
You became the light on the dark side of me.
Love remained a drug that’s the high and not the pill.

But did you know,
That when it snows,
My eyes become large and
The light that you shine can be seen.

I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the gray.
The more I get of you,
The stranger it feels, yeah.
And now that your rose is in bloom.
A light hits the gloom on the gray.

There is so much a man can tell you,
So much he can say.
You remain,
My power, my pleasure, my pain, baby
To me you’re like a growing addiction that I can’t deny.
Won’t you tell me is that healthy, baby?

But did you know,
That when it snows,
My eyes become large and the light that you shine can be seen.

I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the gray.
Ooh, the more I get of you
The stranger it feels, yeah
Now that your rose is in bloom.
A light hits the gloom on the gray.

He kiss me gently as the music continued to play. He broke the kiss as press his forehead against mine.

I’ve been kissed by a rose on the gray,
I’ve been kissed by a rose
I’ve been kissed by a rose on the gray,
…And if I should fall along the way
I’ve been kissed by a rose
…been kissed by a rose on the gray.

There is so much a man can tell you,
So much he can say.
You remain
My power, my pleasure, my pain.
To me you’re like a growing addiction that I can’t deny, yeah
Won’t you tell me is that healthy, baby.

But did you know,
That when it snows,
My eyes become large and the light that you shine can be seen.

I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the gray.
Ooh, the more I get of you
The stranger it feels, yeah
Now that your rose is in bloom,
A light hits the gloom on the gray.

Yes I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the gray
Ooh, the more I get of you
The stranger it feels, yeah
And now that your rose is in bloom
A light hits the gloom on the gray
Now that your rose is in bloom,
A light hits the gloom on the gray.

Luke spun me around so my back was to his chest as we sway. He kiss my neck, making me get lost in his touch. I close my eyes as I kept humming our song. Then he took my left hand, spinning slightly away from him. As I turn back to him, he got down on one knee.

“Luke?” I said, looking down at him in disbelief.

“(Y/N), the first time I heard your voice I knew you were different, that you were special . I wasn’t lying when I said it was heavenly. You sounded like a angel, even till this day you still do. When I first got a glimpse of you, my heart skipped a beat. I never seen such beauty before in my life. When I touch your hand that day, I felt a jolt through my body. It’s like new life was breathed into me. I was reborn with new purpose. That purpose was to love and care for you with every fiber of my being.” Luke said, reaching into his pocket and pulling something out. “When I first kiss your ruby lips, I knew, I found the woman I was met to be with for the rest of my life. (Y/N), would you do me the greatest honor a woman can give a man like me, by becoming my wife?”

He showed me a beautiful ring, with a red rose on it. 

“Yes.” I said, nodding my head as I started to cry. “Yes, I’ll marry you.”

He place the ring on my finger and kiss my hand before standing up. Luke took me into his arms once more and kiss me passionately. If felt just like the first time he kiss me. The first time he told me he loved me. The first time he made love to me. It’s always like the first time with Luke.

We a few minutes longer, till we slowing broke the kiss. We smile at each other as we press our foreheads together.

“I guess we have to start planning our wedding huh?” I said,  touching his face gently as his smile got bigger.

“I already started planning our wedding. In matter of fact,” Luke said, as wrapped his arm around my waist and we started sway. “ I already booked a place for it and set a date.”

“Oh really now? And what place and what date would that be babe?” I said, raising an eyebrow.

“It will be on our anniversary and in Disney World.” Luke said, chuckling a bit when my jaw drop.

“Shut up. Really?” I said, smacking his arm.

“Yes really.” Luke said, laughing a bit more. 

“Is that why Emma was asking me all those questions?” I asked and he nodded his head. “And what if I said no?”

“Then I would hope I could get my deposit back.” Luke said and we both laugh “But I’m glad you said yes.” Our face became serious as we lean in closer. “I love you Ms Evans and I’ll always will.”

“And I love you Mr Evans.” I said, we kiss for a moment as it broke, I smiled at him. “And I’ll always will.”

The End

I hope you enjoy this request by @fandomgirl9193 and I hope you enjoy it hun. 

Gifs were created by giphy and ezgif. Some were found, so props to markers. P.S forgot to put this part in earlier. One of many amazing videos on instrgram by isastillcurious, helped inspired me with ideas/song for this wonderful request.

If you have any request please send them in. Tagging these wonderful people because I’m sure you’ll like this one.

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We had a cool convo with Tiamat about the fake magical girl anime in yowamushi pedal. On how I thought the lyrics “princess pancake” meant she was a breakfast themed magical girl and “with a potion she grow bigger” meant she had the possibility to become godzilla sized and fight huge monsters with the power of sugar and love!! 

But turns out “pancake” refers to her flat chest and the “potion” is to make her boobs bigger… sad. So we decided to design our own Princess Pancake! Here’s mine. She’s usually a bit plain, don’t stand out, and has this heart shaped hair pin that turns into her magical wand and the transformation makes her more colorful. Also the fork in her hair can turn into a big spear-like weapon when she turns godzilla size!

She’s Onoda hero cause even tho she’s small and at first you think she can’t do much, she turn into this awesome princess that no one can stop! He relate to her and she gives him courage in his every day life!

EDIT here’s Tiamat version!

pumpkincalico  asked:

OHMYGOD DUDE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRO if you're not too busy can you give me a quick summary on what happened with the diaboys destroying a chocolate factory in their underwear??? im scREAMING


AHH Sorry I’m responding SO LATE 
Okay basically at the beginning it’s kanato walking through with a TON of candies he bought and well shin came in and took his bag of candies and Kanato was like GIVE IT BACK
and shin responded with NO 
So they both fought for the bag and it broke but shin took a weird candy and ran off and kanato went chasing after him
The mukamis saw the incident but decided to pick up the candy that have fallen and azusa found a rare or… special chocolate called verukta and they said that if your lucky you win a special prize that’s inside the packaging 
The sakamakis came in and where like “ why you guys picking up trash… and isn’t it kanato’s?”
and they were like “ ITS NOT TRASH. and yes, it’s kanato’s but he dropped it” 
So then carla comes in and he takes the chocolate verukta and opened it aND GOT THE PRIZE 
everybody was like WOAH
and carla was like “ well duh, i am a first blood” 
But Azusa was like “ give it back, it’s kanato’s”

so he pissed carla off and basically he did it so carla could also hit him with his powers BUT shin came running in and got hit by carlas power instead and was like NIIIIISANNNNN
and kanato came as well and was like “ what happened” and almost out of breath
Then they give him the prize he won and EVERYBODY also wanted the prize so they offered kanato WHATEVER they could think of 
Kanato said something like “ NO, GET AWAY” 
And kanato said it wasn’t money or anything weird. So he proves that and the prize was a tour to the chocolate verukta factory. But everybody still found it interesting in a way so they followed kanato in the factory
Once they enter a paper tells them to take off any belt or weapon and subaru doesn’t care and reiji told him to obey the rules but subaru was like HELL NAH but of course he got like… COVERED IN WEIRD CREAM BY A MACHINE
Everybody did what they were suppose to do. then they went into the second room which the paper said
Take off your clothes and put on this creme because in the next room are ultra violet lights or something and it’ll burn your skin
Everybody did so and where saying that the creme was oddly sweet and cold
But then they see that their clothes disappear so another paper came in saying that IN THE NEXT ROOM they’ll get their clothes back or something
SO RUKI FOUND THAT WEIRD but even so he was like ‘let’s enter the other room’ 
they do so and they find a pool of powered sugar so ruki was like ‘ yep they want to eat us’ and everybody freaks out and subaru and yuma tried to break the wall but they couldn’t (I love it because when yuma couldn’t, subaru was all like ‘ if it’s punching walls then leave it to me’ xD)
The people who ran the factory noticed that they noticed and tried to crush them between like these strange walls and said that vampires can’t escape since they cant use their powers and the tsukinamis were like HA , WE ARE FIRST BLOODS NOT VAMPIRES
so they used their power to escape.. but then ruki was like ‘ let’s all go get revenge’ sO THEY WENT TO DESTROY THE ENTIRE FACTORY and then went back home uwu 

I KNOW IT SEEMS LONG BUT THIS IS THE SHORTEST I COULD MAKE IT ;;W;; Hope you got the idea ;;;;v;;;;;

a good visual: louis baking cookies and sneezing when flour gets in his face and rubbing his nose with his forearm and accidentally smearing a bit of powered sugar on his nose and continuing on with the baking just like that