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Every single line Adult! Romano has ever said thus far
  • Every single line Adult! Romano has ever said thus far
  • Seriously wtf am I doing with my life

I just spent my whole day compiling EVERY. SINGLE. LINE. ROMANO. HAS. SAID. (Discluding Chibi Romano and Mochi Romano)

Why you ask? Because I have a really weird obsession with this guy’s voice. I dunno man. It’s just really satisfying to listen to!

p.s- it’s in chronological order too! Well, at least until the TWT dub comes out. 


I went to the Osomatsu-San onsen collaboration event. I couldn’t buy any goods because you had to apply in advance and get selected but there was a stamp rally that you got a few things for participating in. Each checkpoint for the rally had part of an original story about searching for Todomatsu’s thingie. The final stamp check point had a short fully voiced drama! The story was something they could never actually show on TV (unless they used a lot of mosaics….) the final stamp illustrates this quite well…. There were also a lot of collaboration foods that came with postcards. I got Karamatsu’s guilt sweets (shaved ice), Todomatsu’s cheese avocado and Todomatsu’s increase your girl power pancake.