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Every single line Adult! Romano has ever said thus far
Every single line Adult! Romano has ever said thus far

I just spent my whole day compiling EVERY. SINGLE. LINE. ROMANO. HAS. SAID. (Discluding Chibi Romano and Mochi Romano)

Why you ask? Because I have a really weird obsession with this guy’s voice. I dunno man. It’s just really satisfying to listen to!

p.s- it’s in chronological order too! Well, at least until the TWT dub comes out. 

Bananas Vs Chocolate

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @kaxpha! Your real gift will be up by this weekend I HOPE! <3 This is a pre-gift bc I can’t do much with the little time I have but well, I tried.

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. Just Tiny Sunshine Rey, that one’s mine.


Lance groans at the calling and rolls over, burying his face on the neck of his husband and hopes the tiny quiet voice by his side disappears.

“Papa, up.”

Maybe if he stays quiet and don’t say anything it will go away?

“Papa, you already failed at being quiet, you’re mumbling.”

Well, Keith has always said that he thinks out loud most of the time.

“Papa’s not here.” Lance mumbles groggily, his hand patting the bed around him until it caught the end of his blanket and pulled it over his head. “Leave a message after the tone. Beep.”

He hears a soft giggle by his side and it makes his heart warm. “Papa, come on! It’s Sunday! And Sunday means Pancakes! Normal pancakes! Not the banana thingy Daddy makes.”

“I heard that.” Keith complains sleepily on his side, eyes still close and face buried on his pillow.

Lance bites his lower lip to suppress the chuckle that threatens to escape from his mouth. “Buddy, it’s Lazy Sunday. Why aren’t’ you being lazy?”

“Because, Papa! Pancakes with chocolate chips and strawberries!” It’s not even seven am and Lance wonders how his son can have this much energy so early in the morning.

“Nope, Papa’s not here. Ask Daddy.” He says instead, huffing when he feels a tiny knee on his stomach over the blanket and tiny hands patting his head.

“Daddy’s offended by the insult on his Banana Pancakes, ask Uncle Hunk.” It’s Keith’s muffled reply.

“Uncle Hunk lives half an hour from here.” Rey says pouting and Lance’s so close to give in but he needs to be strong, because it’s Lazy Sunday, that means no getting up until ten, cuddle with his husband in bed and –

The blanket above him suddenly falls, two small hands pulling it away from him and then Lance’s knows he’s a goner as soon as his blue eyes meet a bright pair of amber ones.

“Hi, Papa.” Rey giggles and Lance’s heart beats happily at the sound.

He smiles back softly and so tenderly at his son as he raises one hand and strokes Rey’s wild bed hair. “Hi, sunshine, good morning.”

“Okay, looks like we’re up then.” Keith says, yawning loudly and big before rolling over and meeting his family, “Hello, hello.”

Rey beams at him and leans down, dropping a big sloppy kiss on his cheek, “Hiya, Daddy.”

“Hi, buddy. You slept well?” He asks, smiling softly when he feels his husband’s lips on his forehead, pressing a soft kiss on it as a greeting.

Rey nods, “Yep!”

Lance shift a little and sits on the bed, bringing Rey closer to him gently and placing him on his lap, “Okay, alright! Tiny Rey Alejandro has defeated us bravely and now we must give him his reward.”

“Chocolate chip pancakes?” Rey exclaims happily, raising his arms in the air and Lance smirks down at him.

“No ~” He sing-songs and shares a quick look with his husband, who smirks back at him, getting the message, “It means…”

“Tickle Fight!” Keith finishes, throwing himself on top of the pair and starting to tickle his son’s sides as Lance holds him down on his arms.

While Rey’s squeals and laughter echoes around their room as he trashes wildly on his Papa’s arms, both parents grin wide at their son’s happiness.

“D – Daddy, no! S –Stop! The p – pancakes!!” Rey giggles and Keith chuckles under his breath.

“Say my Banana Pancakes are great.” He says playfully and Rey laughter grows as Keith moves his hand around, now tickling the five years old’s tummy.

“Now that’s just torture, Keith.” Lance teases from behind Rey and Keith sends him a flat look.

“You’re next, Mister, but first I’m gonna take care of this little fella.” Keith declares and the next thing Rey knows, his pajama top is up and then Keith blows a raspberry against his tummy.

Rey’s laughter just grows at that. “Daddy! N – No!! Haha! Stop! Papa, s – save me!”

Lance chuckles at his son’s plead, “I don’t know, Rey, I say you should surrender.”

“B – But the panca – Haha!! Daddy! The pancakes, P –Papa!”

Lance hums and makes a face as if thinking it over, “You’re right, Rey! We can’t let Banana Mullet –“

“Really, Lance?”

“ – Steal our precious chocolate chip pancakes with no bananas!” In a quick move, Lance pulls Rey out of his husband’s grip and then grins at Keith.

“It’s time for our come back attack, Rey Alejandro. What is your command?” He says, saluting formally at his still giggling son.

“Tickle Resistance!” Rey shouts between giggles and Lance nods firmly.

“Tickle Resistance!” He echoes and then he tackles a confused Keith on the middle of the bed, laughing loudly as he feels the tiny body of his son on top of him.

“Oh my god – You nerds! Haha – Lance! Watch your knee! Oh my god –“Keith grunts but laughs gleefully on the bottom of the pile, dropping his head back in defeat, “I, Keith Kogane the Second, surrender under Rey Alejandro’s power. Banana Pancakes shall never see the light of day ever again.”

Rey’s head pop out from Lance’s shoulders, meeting his Daddy’s eyes, “Except Thursday’s Nights right? It’s not movie night without Banana Pancakes.”

Keith manages to free one of his hands and scratches his chin as in deep thought, “I don’t know, Mister, my Banana Pancakes feel a little underappreciated right now.”

“No, Daddy!”

“They might never be at our table again.”

“Daddy! No!”

“You’re gonna make him cry.” Lance chimes, slapping his husband shoulder playfully.

Keith chuckles, “Alright, alright, Banana Pancakes will make their comeback on Thursday’s Nights. You’re lucky you’re so adorable, Mister.”

“Why, thank you.” Lance grins and Keith raises and eyebrow at him.

“I was talking to Rey.”

“Why, thank you, Daddy.” Rey says pleased, nodding in approval.

“Are you going to move anytime soon or?” Keith asks after a few minutes in silence, when Lance and Rey haven’t moved from their spot on top of him.

Lance and Rey share a smile between them before looking down on him.


“What a morning.” Keith says flatly but smiles big and wide as soon as his family laugh freely and happy at his words.

It’s a good day to have chocolate chip pancakes, anyways.

anonymous asked:

Are you a waffle or a pancake kind of guy?

I admire a waffle iron’s effort, yet one cannot underestimate the power of the simple pancake. 

Breakfast for dinner

½ cup Kodiak Protien Power Cakes pancake mix + 2 Tbsp vanilla whey isolate + ½ tbsp flaxseed + ½ tbsp chia + ½ cup blueberries + ½ cup unsweetened almond milk.. blend… fry in a tad of flax butter and top with honey… nuke some Maple Sausage TVP…. Pour a big ass cup of cold af almond milk…. Chillz..

Macros: 548cal, 48.3C, 18.2 F, 50.5 P, 1231mg Na (a lot I know sorrynotsorry), 431mg K, 8.8 Fiber

Happy night after a long shelter day.

have you ever imagined (what could have been)

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Wondertrev - Diana x Steve


Words: 1633    

Series Summary: 7 moments Diana and Steve could have shared together after the war (have breakfast, wake up, read the paper, go to work, get married, make some babies, grow old together). And the 1 time they realized they would never get to have them

Chapter: 1/9

Author’s notes: This sounds really depressing but I promise it’s gonna be full of fluff until the last chapter…..Also I will definitely be rereading it tomorrow so sorry if there are any typos, I’ll fix them tomorrow. Hope you enjoy!!!!

The war had ended a year ago. Diana had successfully defeated Ares. Steve had successfully taken out the plane full of poison gas, without having to sacrifice himself. The armistice had successfully been signed between the warring countries. And Diana and Steve had been thrust into living a normal life. And it was hard for both of them.

Steve had gotten so used to living within war that he wasn’t sure how to live a normal life anymore. He got flashbacks. Loud noises would remind him of the bombs that had landed just feet away from him. Bright lights would remind him of how close he had come to losing Diana in her fight against Ares. Any glimpse of a plane would be a blow to his stomach, as he would be reminded of how close he had come to death.

He had nightmares. Of terrible things, he had done. Of terrible things, he had seen others do. And of losing the people he loved most dearly. The worst thing he dealt with though was his distrust of others. He had dealt with so many horrific people, on both sides of the war, that it was hard to trust anybody. As he walked down the street, all he saw in the faces of others were targets and enemies.

However, he did have one good thing in his life. Something that always managed to bring him joy. And that was Diana.

Though Diana was able to bring Steve joy, she had her own demons. She felt lost living an unknown lifestyle in an unknown world so far away from home. She had nightmares of all the lives that had been lost. All the lives she hadn’t been able to save. All the innocent lives she had sworn to protect.

She had learned how horrible mankind could be. And she had realized how right her family had been. But also how wrong they had been. Because though mankind was filled with darkness, they also radiated light. One couldn’t survive without the other. And Diana still had a way to go to fully understand that.

The worst thing she dealt with though was the pain of being separated from her family. Though she knew she had made the right decision, that didn’t stop the memories from forcing themselves into her mind. She would be enjoying a walk in the park with Steve or eating her favorite ice cream when she would be struck with a memory of laughing with Antiope during a training session or listening to her mother in awe as she told her the story of the Gods. But those happy memories came at a cost. She would remember the joy. But then remember that she would never see them again. She would remember the love. But then remember that every single member of her family had lied to her. 

It hadn’t taken long after the war ended for Diana to feel anger at her mother and everybody else for the lies she had been told. How they had kept the secret of her birth from her. How she was Zeus’s daughter. A God. At least part god, that is. She understood every lie they had told her had been to protect her, but it didn’t change how betrayed and in the dark, she felt. There was so much she didn’t know. So much she would never know.

As the days went by Diana and Steve learned how to live a normal life. Together. Their nightmares became less frequent. Steve’s flashbacks subsided and he began to feel more in control of his body. Diana’s anger, at her family and her new life, faded as she learned how to pave her own path and create her own future, her own home.

Diana and Steve learned to love the little things in life. Walks in the park. Holding hands. Eating lunch together. Dancing together. Playing in the snow. Just being with each other.

Their days grew more normal. Steve got a job. Diana got a job. And they began to form a life together. Diana moved into Steve’s apartment, finally leaving Etta’s, after months of living off of her sofa.  

And soon Diana was reminded of her question all those months ago, what do people do when there are no wars to fight?

Steve had replied, have breakfast, wake up, read the paper, go to work, get married, make some babies, grow old together.

And when she had asked him what it was like, he had answered, I have no idea.

One day, years later, Diana turned to him and asked him that same question, and this time he had a different answer. He pulled her close, his arms wrapping tight around her and he pressed a kiss to her forehead before saying, “I’d imagine it would be something like this”.

1. Have Breakfast

Steve was a decent cook. He couldn’t do anything fancy, but he could make a mean omelet.

He had learned how to cook at a young age. His mother used to sit him up on the counter as she made dinner and he would watch in awe as she would take a few separate ingredients and make them into one delicious meal. She taught him tricks over the years and showed him her recipe book of all the recipes that had been passed down from generation to generation. However, everything changed when she died. He was eleven when he lost her. And that was the last time he cooked as a child. He was moved out to a relative’s home. And he never saw his mother’s recipe book again.

As the years went on and he grew up, he took up cooking again. First, it was just for survival and to save money, but then the war came and cooking was the only thing that was able to make him feel whole again, the memories of cooking with his mother bringing a smile to his face.

After the war ended and life began to settle into something more normal, he taught Diana how to cook. He would put his apron on and show her how to make some easy meals. Diana loved to help Steve make food. But the omelets were her favorite. So he began making them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Soon though, Diana grew sick of eating them and began to experiment with other recipes herself. She would wait for Steve to go to work and would try to create something magnificent. After a while, Steve caught on to her experiments and bought her a recipe book. She made every single thing. Instead of eating everything she would bring them all to their neighbors. They always greeted her with a smile and offered her something in return, but she never accepted. She told them that all she wanted was to see a smile on their faces.

Steve would watch her cook with a smile on his face. He would often join her in the kitchen, jumping up on the counter to sneak a bite of her ingredients but she would always catch him and gently whack him with whatever was in her hand. And he would just sit there smiling, thinking of all the new memories he was building with Diana.

One morning, Steve woke up in bed, the light shining through the window and onto his face. Squinting away from the bright light with a groan, he rolled to the side reaching out searching for Diana, but he came up empty. He sat up glancing around the room, but it was empty. The light was off. The bedroom door closed. The only way Steve knew Diana had been here was the fact that the blankets on her side of the bed were pulled back. He slipped out of bed quickly and went in search of Diana. Before he could call out her name, he heard a loud bang from the kitchen, followed by a light curse.

He wearily followed the sounds and padded into the kitchen finding Diana covered head to toe in flour. She was wearing his apron, which obviously hadn’t done much good in keeping her clean. She was humming to herself and dancing around the kitchen with a smile on her face, the spoon she was welding in her hand sending off drops of pancake mix over the floor and walls.

She stopped in front of the stove to pick of the pan and flung it up into the air trying to flip the pancake, but she accidentally underestimated her power and flung the pancake a little too hard causing it to fly up and stick to the ceiling.

Diana let out a small sigh as she looked up. Steve followed her gaze and let out a loud laugh at what he saw.

There had to be at least 4 pancakes stuck to the ceiling.

“I cannot seem to get down the flipping part.” Diana said without turning around.

The rest of the morning was spent cleaning off the ceiling, telling Diana that one doesn’t usually flip pancakes but that they could try to figure it out, and finally after hours, eating.

Diana and Steve sat at their kitchen table eating her non-ceiling pancakes. Diana laughed as Steve cut his into the shape of a dinosaur. Steve’s eyes widened as Diana smeared some syrup across his face. And Diana squealed as Steve began to chase her around the apartment with the cup of syrup, ready to drop it on her in retaliation. But when he finally caught her, he instead pulled her into his arms and leaned down to brush his lips against hers. And as she smiled into his kiss, she could taste the syrup on his lips and she knew she was home.