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ベッドのシーツに血痕が…と思ったら自分の鼻血でした( ̄◇ ̄;)

Power Rangers Living Together Headcanon

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- Two years after the attack, when the rangers graduate highschool, they decide to build a house together in the mountains near the ship.

-When goldar went down billy managed to save a lot of gold
“Like my dad said, you find it you keep it”
Needless to say they’re fucking loaded.

-Kim and Trini adopted a cat courtesy of her brothers. The twins found him and managed to keep him for a week before their mom found out and he was sent to live with Trini.
“Take care of gato for us”
“Wait you named i-”
“GATO, is in great hands”

-The cat loves everyone but Zack and Jason. Every time the cat cuddles up to Billy “traitor” can be heard faintly whispered through the house.

-Zack goes to the kitchen at 1 in the morning and finds the cat just sitting there staring at him, they have a staring contest for two mintues until he slowly backs away back into his room.

-They rotate dinner every night. They all make something thats authentic to them but the weekends are take out nights. It an unspoken rule of the house

-Zack almost breaking his neck doing a double take on Trini leaving from Kim’s room in the early morning

-“ITS NOT A WALK OF SHAME IF ITS YOUR OWN HOUSE” Kim passing by headed to the kitchen “you are definitely doing the walk of shame babe.”

-Billy quietly comments from the back “why are you so surprised, thats the 5th time this week.”
“Billy, its tuesday”

- “Hello, yes, i found your number in the yellow pages i was calling to tell you that MY BEST FRIEND JUST GOT LAID also a large pizza please”

-Trini watches a novella one day outta habit, and suddenly Jason and Zack are addicted. “No, trini you cant change the channel we are watching that!”

-Kim puts pink hair dye in her shampoo to figure out who keeps using it. The culprit was Jason…… and Trini

-“Who the fuck put jello in the toilet”
“You see its not actually jello its this silicone-”
“I’ll take it you’re upset with me….”

-Theyre the hardware stores best customer. The owner thinks they own a construction company. He is yet to be corrected

-One day the boys come back from the store early and hear a scream in the house. They all barge in too kims room and walk in on the girls.
“Oh my god GET OUT”
Billy closes his eyes and runs smack into the wall putting a hole in it while jason and Zack are running out dodging pillows.

-“Steve come here girl” “Zack we are not naming our dog Steve” “what about zordon?” “you wanna name my daughter after wall dad? How dare?” “you were about to name her Steve?!” “Personally i thik she looks like a Steve…” “Thank you billy”

-“Oh well if it isnt satan himself coming to visit my room when it does not belong here!” “Guys the cat isnt that bad”
“Billy do not speak on matters that do not concern you”

-“Who taught you savages to do the laundry?” “Trini relax.” “Relax? Jason, Isnt it bad enough my hair is pink but now my white tshirts are too because Zack put your shirts in with mine.”

-“Hey yellow, pink, your hell cat just attacked steve.”
“Do you dare slander my cats good name?! YOU CAN MEET ME IN THE PIT!!”

-They have color coded bath Towels. Zack likes to steal someone elses each week which isnt a problem until he struts out the bathroom in pink towels when Kim’s parents come to visit.

-“I know DAMN well i had last nights episode of Rupauls drag race recorded who DELETED IT?!?” “Sorry Zack that may have been me, but dont worry i have it recorded on my tv too” “Billy, you are my hero”

-Gato steals steves bed all the time and its the leading cause of argument in the house.

- “Satan’s spawn please, my daughters bed is too big for you and she cannot sleep in your small bed” hiss hiss “Okay that was rude” hiiiisss “TRINI! CONTROL YOUR SON AND GET HIM OUTTA MY DAUGHTERS BED RIGHT NOW”

-Fire alarm goes off at six in the morning. Multiple voices are heard screaming “KIM” from 4 seperate rooms

-She was just making toast.


It really saddens me to know due to people not give The Power Rangers 2017 film a chance that there’s a very small chance or no chance at all to getting a sequel. This film introduced the FIRST INDIAN, LGBTQ, AND AUSTIC POWER RANGERS! When casting for each power ranger the casting directors were not looking for any particular look for each ranger but who they thought was fit best for each character and they image they have portrayed for the yellow, pink, blue, black, and red ranger. The casting directors who picked Naomi Scott as the Pink Ranger, Ludi Lin as the Black Ranger, RJ Cyler as the Blue Ranger, Becky G as the Yellow Ranger, and Dacre Montgomery as the Red Ranger did a fantastic job on casting these people for their rolls. Each person listed here worked so well together on and off screen and even on and off the set.


I’ve talked to many friends about Power Rangers film and some gotten negative and positive feedback from those people. This film has so much potential for a sequel and not only do I want a squeal but many other fans of this movie do as well. As for someone who is part of the LGBTQ community and know people who have autism it makes me so proud to know that the directors and writers of this film incorporated something so real into the film. A potential love story between Kimberly and Trini is someone many people want as well as I do would make it real due to best friends ( even if they just met not to long ago) developing feelings for each other whether it be the same gender or not.

I hoped to see more of these five amazing people who did such a wonderful job with the roles as Trini, Kimberly, Jason, Billy, and Zach.

These five people deserve to be back together on set for film a sequel for Power Rangers. Due to us not getting a sequel at all or very small chance at it proves that one, y'all won’t give a film a chance and two you only like diversity in a film as a thought.

To my fellow power ranger fans and followers please give this movie a chance and buy the DVD as well. YOU WON’T REGRET IT.



nobody “allows” themselves to be abused, you think abusers are waiting for the fucking permission? they’re not waiting for anything they’ll jump at any chance to abuse and then fucking pretend nothing even happened! or that the victims deserved it by just existing! victims have a  lot of better things to do than to make sure that in their entire lives nobody gets the chance to abuse them, and it’s impossible too because abusers generate those chances, they make sure the chances are there, they make sure victims are unable to escape or even realize that abuse is going on! victims are victims precisely because they get no control over what’s going on! nobody sure as hell asks them for permission! It’s insane to blame victims for merely existing in a hostile environment where all their energy and time is spent on desperately trying to protect themselves! blame abusers for being predatory opportunist hateful narcissistic pieces of shit and generating that kind of inhumane environment!

  • Jason: Can I have some of your water.
  • Trini: *looks around suspiciously* What is this?
  • Jason: What's wrong?
  • Trini: *panicking* Where is she?
  • Jason: Who? I'm just really thirsty and forgot my water at school.
  • Trini: *starts pacing and whispers to herself* Nope. No. This is her. *stops and turns to Jason* How did she convince you to help?
  • Kimberly: *walks up to Jason and Trini* Hey. Sorry it took me so long.
  • Trini: Here is your damn water. *throws her water a Jason knocking him over then turns to Kim laughing like shes won* Not this time! *jumps off the cliff towards the ship*
  • Kimberly: *laughs at Jason* That water bottle is kinda a soft spot for her.
  • Jason: *rubbing his forehead* What the fuck?

“Imagine the earth to be a bag of rubber filled with water, a small quantity of which is periodically forced in and out of the same by means of a reciprocating pump, as illustrated. If the strokes of the latter are effected in intervals of more than one hour and forty-eight minutes, sufficient for the transmission of the impulse thru the whole mass, the entire bag will expand and contract and corresponding movements will be imparted to pressure gauges or movable pistons with the same intensity, irrespective of distance. By working the pump faster, shorter waves will be produced which, on reaching the opposite end of the bag, may be reflected and give rise to stationary nodes and loops, but in any case, the fluid being incompressible, its enclosure perfectly elastic, and the frequency of oscillations not very high, the energy will be economically transmitted and very little power consumed so long as no work is done in the receivers. This is a crude but correct representation of my wireless system in which, however, I resort to various refinements. Thus, for instance, the pump is made part of a resonant system of great inertia, enormously magnifying the force of the imprest impulses. The receiving devices are similarly conditioned and in this manner the amount of energy collected in them vastly increased.“

–Nikola Tesla

“Famous Scientific Illusions.” Electrical Experimenter, February, 1919.
  • Trini: Kimberly is too tall for me to kiss her on the lips. What should I do?
Zack: Punch her in the stomach, then, when she doubles over in pain, kiss her.
Billy: Tackle her.
Jason: Kick her in the shin.

Siiiigh I’m gushing over the cuteness!
These little Marimo algae balls have stolen my 💜
This little water garden features Celestite and Rose Quartz!
Ready to go home soon.
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