Porsche Makes the Most Powerful Boxster in History.

On the New York motor show, Porshce has presented the Boxster Spyder roadster – the most powerful Boxster in history. The novelty in 45 hp more powerful, than the charged-up Boxter GTS modification fitted with a 3.4-liter V6.

The new roadster sports a 3.8-l aspirated V6, outputting 375 hp under the hood. The engine is exclusively combined with a six-step mechanical gearbox.

The car accelerates from head start to 100 kph in 4.5 seconds. This is 0.5 seconds faster, than the Boxster GTS with the mechanics. Maximum velocity is 290 kph, while that of Boxter GTS is just 281 kph.

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@MiniCooper Now I’m willing to spend $459-$499 for a power toy #car that will rock a bit more speed power, and it moves and grooves and is the best #powercar that everyone wants — wait wait wait! Does Mercedes have an SL65 AMG toy car?? Yeah, I want that!!