Let’s show the Tomlinson-Deakins how much this fandom loves them

Hey 1D fans

Remember when this happened? 

Remember how Louis especially loved it? 

What if we do it again, but this time in support of Louis and the entire Tomlinson-Deakin family?

Louis and his family is going to need so much support not just this week, but in the months to come. My idea is to take out a full-page ad somewhere — either in Billboard again or in a British paper — to show the Tomlinson-Deakins how much we as fans loved Jay and how much we are all there in any capacity possible to support them through this unthinkable loss.

I don’t know the specifics of what exactly to do, but I’m thinking maybe some of the artists in this fandom can come up with an image for the ad and we can think of a short message to the family to put in it. Maybe we could also list some charitable organizations on the ad so that it not only shows support for Louis’s family but also helps raise awareness and funds for leukemia research.

Then in the coming weeks, we can take out an ad displaying this for the family. If we raise the money to do this by Christmas/Louis’s birthday, that would be cool, but that’s kind of a short timeline, so perhaps we could get this done by the one month anniversary of Jay’s death (Jan. 7).

This is a very preliminary idea, so all suggestions and ideas are welcome. Let me know what you think!


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FINANCIAL/ORGANIZATIONAL: This will require a decent amount of organization. We’ll need to decide on a publication for the ad, call that publication, find out how much it will cost and figure out the best way to collect money from donors that is safe and guarantees that money will go to the right place. If the idea takes off, I’d also like to set up a small website for the project so that people can get updates/donate/give feedback easily. If there is anyone who has experience in this or is interested in helping out with this aspect, please message me ASAP and we can talk further about how to coordinate. 

ARTISTIC: Calling on all fan artists or people who are friends with fan artists – we need an image to use. If you can draw one up and are willing to submit it, perhaps we could display all the artwork on the potential project website and have people vote on which image to use. Or we could do a giant collab? Again, if you have interest in this, please message me ASAP

WRITERS: We need a message for the ad. We’ll want to be concise and find a way to be representative of all fans behind this project. If you have an idea for written content for the ad, please message me. 

Listen to me. Steve taking Louis out tonight after what most certainly must have been an emotionally draining few days, making sure he’s surrounded by his friends and upbeat music and giving him the hug we’d all like to give Louis right now. He’s a literal angel. Can we shower him with gold and make sure he never leaves??

It just hit me. Like. Everyone didn’t just go to London just because. Everyone dropped EVERYTHING TO GO TO LONDON. And not just because they had time. They dropped things that were once in a lifetime opportunities, and they went to support Louis. They went out of love. And they went happily. Not a single person that dropped a thing for Louis said a word about it. It wasn’t for flash or for the idea of being there. It was all out of love for Louis and Jay and his family. And it takes a special kind of someone to create that much love.

I don’t know how to thank @steveaoki for everything he has done for Louis? Like? Louis is going through something that no one will ever be able to understand. He just performed his heart out for her. And he had Steve by his side who keeps pushing and supporting him. A man who dropped everything for Louis. And he just keeps showing his love for Louis. And. I just hope he realizes that we’re all so happy to be introduced to his heart, and this man. And he obviously has the biggest name in EDM right now, but we’re all ready to add to that total. Because he just deserves it so much. He has been supporting Louis in a way that we wish we could right now. And I’m so thankful for him.

Louis' Voice

Today when Just Hold On was playing on my phone, my son asked me if it was a new 1D song because “it sounds like them” and it gave me the biggest smile. Because Louis’ voice is so unique, so beautiful and so distinguishable. It was always a crucial part of 1D’s sound, providing depth and giving it an identity of its own. So much so that even in the absence of the other boy’s voices, my son still recognized it and immediately placed it. This post is not meant to diminish the voices of the other boys because I truly believe that they all have lovely voices. But Louis~the boy who started out without solos~who’s confidence took a dive because of it~has just showed the world that he does have a voice. And a very worthy one, at that. I’m quite sure that this is exactly why Jay pushed him to go forward with his performance. It was his tribute to her, but in a way, it was her parting gift to him as well. She knew that this would be pivotal for him, that it would give him increased confidence. She was always so proud of him~ I have no doubt she was smiling at him from heaven. I’m so SO proud of him for giving such a flawless and beautiful tribute performance and I hope he feels empowered to take on the world. He’s going to do so SO great and I’m just really overwhelmed with pride. 💗💗💗