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I am excited to finally announce that the Oh Yeah, Stick and Poke blog has been given the opportunity to work with powerHouse Books to create a book all about SNP tattoos!

The best part is that you, all my lovely little Pokers, will get an opportunity to have your snp tattoo(s) featured in this book through a submission process.

•Full page images should be about 300 dpi (or ppi) or higher resolution, at a size of roughly 8x6 inches.
•File size should be around 12 MB
•Use HDR setting if shooting with an iPhone.
•Even lighting and in focus images are preferred.

ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE EMAILED TO ‘sticknpokebook@gmail.com’ and will be required to sign a release form in order for any submissions to be featured in the book.

I honestly can’t wait to see how this turns out! Message/email if there are any further questions! 😁


Steven Hirsch (American, b. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, USA) - 1: Rhode, 2014  2: Phorcys, 2014  3: Paros, 2014  4: Aura, 2014  5: Charybdis, 2014  6: Asteria, 2014  7: Thetis, 2014  8: Chronos, 2014  Photographer Steven Hirsch found beauty within the notoriously filthy body of water that is the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn.

Powerhouse Books: "The Forty-Deuce"

So much has changed since these photographs were taken.  We’ll let Powerhouse give you the rundown on one of it’s latest releases.

In the 1970s and 80s New York was internationally renowned for its seedy underbelly; the world capital of leisure, luxury, and sin. And the epicenter of New York vice, hands down, was 42nd Street-Times Square—a.k.a. the Forty-Deuce. On any given night on the Forty-Deuce you could take in the latest blockbuster, B- movie, or skin flick; cop drugs or cop a feel. A playground for the perverse, as well as a destination for thrill-seekers and partiers from every borough of New York City and beyond, Times Square was the electric heart of the city that refused to sleep.

this month ended the design & media internship i had with powerHouse books in dumbo, such a nice place, but i usually was there just for work. one of my last days at the indie publisher i decided to go farther and appreciate the beautiful morning light hitting the brooklyn bridge and manhattan

nikon d300

DUMBO, brooklyn, ny