(and all Fauxmancers hearts… Sorry, not at all sorry)

The first panel clearly shows that this is not the Clark Kent that was once involved with Wonder Woman for power reasons (love was never part of the equation, it was all “you’re strong”)

This Clark Kent is journalist Clarkie! Hello my dear, I missed you. No Fauxmance here.

The second has Lois being kind and caring (not catty at all) apologising if her and Clark being together could have made Diana feel uncomfortable as to Lois, Diana and New52 Supes were ‘involved’.

(Also, bonus, Diana admitting that Clark and Lois are true!)

Diana, the true return of Wonder Woman, shows that she is bigger than this, and the third panel shows sisterhood returning.
Praise the Lord!!!

The last panel, this shows to all the haters and doubters, that this Clark and Lois are committed to each other and truly love each other. The return of the true romance.

Come back to DC Comics!!! It’s good again.


Eva Perón: Slytherin

First off, thanks to @carolinebaeman for pointing out in tags that today is the anniversary of Eva’s death and for suggesting we have her be our Slytherin today.

The definition we’re given of Slytherins is that these cunning folk use any means to achieve their end. They’re cunning, they’re resourceful, they’re ambitious, and they’re determined. These are all traits that Eva displays in order to climb from a little no name in a small town to the most powerful woman in Argentina.

In On This Night Of A Thousand Stars, she manipulates Migaldi to take her to Buenos Aires (even going so far to threaten revealing their affair if he doesn’t take her) and Ché does point out:

Seems to me there’s no point in resisting-
She’s made up her mind, you’ve no choice.

Which sets the tune for the rest of the show. When Eva wants something, Eva gets it.  She arrives in Buenos Aires with almost nothing to her name, but one song later in Goodnight and Thank You, she’s figured out the game and how to manipulate it. She realizes that men will get her where she wants to go, and how to get them to do that. This song shows all the men she’s manipulating but without even taking the time to give them a name. The chorus really sums it up-

There is no one
No one at all
Never has been and never will be a lover
Male or female
Who hasn’t an eye on
In fact they rely on
Tricks they can try on their partner
They’re hoping their lover can help them or keep them
Support them, promote them
Don’t blame them- you’re the same

She then sets her eyes on Juan Perón, which is either very good luck for picking a man who would go on to become president or making him into that man. Somehow, as the mistress of a soldier, she manages to maneuver a coup and still stay on top, which is excellent self-preservation.

In fact, in Waltz for Eva and Ché it’s really summed up better than anywhere else:

I’d rather win by admitting my sin than to lose with a halo.

The only other thing worth mentioning is that, where Eva actually a wizard, she might not be a Slytherin because the house does tend to be a big fan of blood purity, something Eva would not display. But then, she fits every other quality.

Musicalssorted official stamp on Eva Perón is that she is a Slytherin!

We’re off tomorrow but we’ll see you on Thursday with a Ravenclaw!

Day 1128 - Hers Abaart Lab — “We were born twins girls. We w​ere raised by a powerful woman. Some of her common phrases to us were; “girls, you must dream it before it comes true”. The idea was to push us to go out there for our dreams. Also messages like “everything will come to you” in order to calm the strength and impatience of youth. One day we met a good friend of hers, a very important woman in Europe, and after a nice conversation she looked at us and said “I can see in your eyes that you are building something important”. From that day, every once in a while we look at each other and repeat those words loud. And yes we are currently fully living our dreams and definitely we are building something important together. Now we are repeating it to our daughters; “dream it, because it will come; so go and build something important!”  

ppl who’ve been following me for a while sorta know the impact pierre trudeau (or, rather, learning about him) had on my interest in politics when i was a youngin

but hillary clinton was probably the first politician who i really connected with, who i really saw myself in. i know WOC don’t normally feel that way wrt to WW, but i just remember learning about hillary in 2007 and being totally enamoured with her story and her career and thinking “damn she did that !!!” she made me feel powerful, not despite my womanness but because of my womanness. for me, she was a pioneer for women in politics

nowadays i have a MUCH more nuanced view of her (obviously) but still, knowing that tonight she’s going to be the first woman to be the presidential candidate for a major political party– that gets me hyped as fuk!! she worries me as much as any politician worries me, but she also excites me more than most other politicians. i think she can do good.

#hillary2016 man. hope america gets its shit together and makes it happen.


She had me in tears. ❤️


what kinda power honestly what a crew she has

⚡  WITCHY ART CHALLENGE ~ Day 11 ~ A Storm Witch ⚡

A Storm Witch~ I already drew her a few times and I love her design, so I named her Teresa and she is my first storm witch oc ♥ 

I hope you’ll like her ♥